Thursday, November 15, 2012

Random Thoughts

+ I was soliciting denim advice from anyone and everyone on Facebook and Twitter, and Meg saved the day.  LOFT petite denim for the win!  (Hence, the photo.)

+ Songs that fade out really annoy me.

+ Anna got me thinking about toasted coconut.  I'm hungry.

+ Parting hair in middle is never an option for me.  Never.

+ I really want to play in the snow.  Texas, get some snow up in here!

+ Waterproof mascara is the only thing that can stand up to my stick-straight lashes.

+ I love my friends.  I got a just-because "I love you" note today.  Also, another friend ending her novel-length e-mail update to me with this: "Ok, that is more than enough for me right now. Tell me what is happening with you! I love your blog and it makes me feel like I'm more up to speed but I also feel like I exploit the easy access and don't return the information. I will work on that <3"  I knew she was stalking me.  I appreciate her honesty.  ;)

+ My only doppelganger is the cartoon version of Pocahontas.  How sad (or awesome?) is that?

+ I know I sound like a broken record, but my home internet is a heap of junk.  Yup, it's out again.

+ Who is excited about Thanksgiving?!  *raising hand*  I don't even have Thanksgiving plans, and I'm looking forward to it.  Weird.


Jasmine said...

Loving those jeans. And that photo for that matter.

Why are centre parts not an option for you? I'm quite curious...

I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving. I am so bummed right now, you guys just had Halloween and now you're having Thanksgiving. We had Melbourne Cup Race Day and that's not even a real public holiday! :(

Flip side: I'm going to try Pumpkin Ale for the first time tonight. My excitement level is disproportionate to the activity and I don't care!

Hope you're well,

Unknown said...

I love that your friend sent you that lovely long email in response to the 'information' she'd gleaned from your blog. I live away from most my friends and family, and I know they stalk my blog, but I never get a comment or email from them - that was a really lovely thing of her to do!

And now I want toasted coconut... thanks!

Sam said...

Ooh love the jeans! I can never find mine long enough. And girl, you could totally rock the center part. Just sayin'.

Angie said...

I'm pretty excited about Thanksgiving too even if we are just going to my parent's for dinner! Snow on the other hand, I'll send you all we get in KY up to Texas if you want. I'm NOT excited about snow!

Jess said...

Aren't LOFT jeans THE BEST?! I am obsessed with that place, solely because they have a petite section. Power to the small people ;)


Kirsten Wiemer said...

i love the LOFT i have a pair of jeans from there. my favorite jeans however are from nordstrom in the bp section, love vigoss, if you're ever looking again. haha


Michelle said...

Baby got BACK! Dayyyyum ;)

I can't ever part my hair in the middle. I have no desire too, either. It would look awful. My hair won't even let me part it, so I just go with the natural part. So much easier.

So pumped about Thanksgiving! My plans are super low key.But it's 2 days off work :)

Jenn said...

Whoop Whoop - look at that arse!!

Oh and I am super excited for Thanksgiving. No plans here either, we may not even make a turkey - say what?!

Steph And Laura said...

Those are some mad photo skills! LOL! I love it! :)

Alana Christine said...

Cute jeans and awesome picture!
I can see the Pocahontas resemblence. lol

Bri Buzali said...

Thanks for the denim tip! I'm pettite as well and it's time for new jeans, just didn't know where to start! looks like i'm headed to LOFT!

cynthia said...

No T-day plans here either but I am soooo looking forward to extra days off!
And Pocahontas? Awesome.

Gesci said...

I need jeans... Does LOFT also recognize girls with butts? Because I'm rocking some there. That's usually my biggest problem!

And I just realized I implied you have no butt, when, in fact, you have a nicely toned one. Mine is just a little more... "peach" shaped than proportional ;)

You look cute, though! I'm glad you found some- and jealous!!

tara said...

SNOW?! are you crazy?! i can't handle cold weather like that!

Whitney said...

You and Pocahontas? CANNOT UNSEE.

I love that picture! You look precious. Girl, let me tell you: I went to Plato's Closet and got a pair of Michael Kors jeans for $20. I am convinced that they were heaven sent. They fit me PERFECTLY!

Anna {} said...

I am SUPER excited about thanksgiving!

Thanks for the sweet shout out! You have to, have to make some! It is so easy and such a fun thing to put on... well every-thing! Yogurt, Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Toast.... is that weird? hehehe

Hope you have a beautiful week ahead friend!