Friday, November 16, 2012

High Five For Friday

1.) Jeans that fit!  LOFT for the win!  It's going to take awhile for the excitement to wear off.  And hey, are those hips I see?!  Yeeeaaah!  Maybe I'll look older than 18 now.  Yeah, right.  Who am I kidding?

2.) After reading that Betsy's blog came up in her job interview, I was curious to know what a Google search of my name brought up.  Surprise, surprise!  My headshot and bio are up at Grow Soul Beautiful already.  I did a photo shoot in September for a 2013 series.  I'll let you know when my articles are posted!

3.) I love the LC Lauren Conrad blazer I got this summer, and although I cannot get on the trend wagon and call it "oxblood," I can tell you that I intend to wear my burgundy/maroon blazer as much as possible.

4.) Problem: No internet at home.  Silver lining: First red Starbs cup of the season.

5.) How gorgeous is @estefmartin's #YogaADay photo?  It's so beautiful and sexy!

Happy weekend, friends!

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Unknown said...

Due to my children thinking their world was ending because I was MAKING them redo all their work from the week in correct sentences (gasp) I did not get a chance to comment on how glad I am that you tapped into the pure WONDERFUL ESS that is LOFT! Petite girls (eh women?..look at those hips) UNITE!

All your yoga stuff is so beautiful, opposed to my ruff gruff gnarly warehouse work outs!!

Love you friend!!!! Are you working all next week? I have the whole week off and would LOVE to meet for lunch if it fits into your schedule!

Sam said...

I'm with you on the 'oxblood'. Burgandy/maroon all the way!

Lindsey said...

Oh dear lord, I am afraid what will come up if I google my name. What a scary world we live in these days.

I just tried on Loft jeans yesterday and LOVE them. I have to order them online though becuase they were too short for me. Dang legs!

Michelle said...

DAng girl! This hips are killer! Lookin' good ;)

Oh jeepers. I googled myself several different ways and my blog has yet to come up. I certainly hope it stays that way! The only thing that came up was Pinterest, which is interesting because I specifically set it to not come up in search engines. Oh, irony. If my blog was brought up during an interview I would die! It would totally be my fault, but still. ;)

HAPPY FRIDAY LOVE! We need a Skype sesh asap.

Devon said...

That's so awesome you're on Grow Soul Beautiful. That picture is beautiful! Have a great weekend Lindsay!

Rebecca said...

I love your maroon jacket and the necklace you are wearing with it.
I went on a young people and Internet seminar yesterday morning and was told about young people googling their workers, as well as prospective employees etc, this freaked me and I did google myself after, thankfully I have a very common name (the only time I've been thankful about it) and their is also a fashion designer with the same name so my blog did not come up, that didn't stop me from going and deleting my "totally honest, tell all about my past" post though, it was maybe a bit of a dramatic thing to do but I got scared, it's not for the eyes of my service users or prospective employees, maybe I'll re write in at some point and not be quite as honest!

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

I am OBSESSED with Loft jeans! The only jeans that I can find that actually fit me well...

Miss you :)

Kristin said...

Hooray for jeans that fit!!!! That is a serious life highlight in my book :-)! Look forward to reading your series on the yoga blog next year - congrats! That's exciting Linds! Oh, and I'm with ya. Oxblood? No thanks. Makes me kind of ill just to type it. Burgundy, merlot, wine, all those works make me smile. :-) Happy weekending girl!