Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm Being Suffocated By Stuff.

When did I become that girl?  That girl with so much stuff?

I ask myself this question every year, and I swear I'll rid myself of clothes that I never wear, shoes that have been worn one (or 50) too many times, and general clutter.  It's not like I'm one step away from having my own Hoarders episode, but I feel like my life is being suffocated by stuff.  It's making my life... stuffy.

How many more times can I say stuff in this post?
Stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff.  OK.  Done.

Source // God bless my English Lit. professor who tied Fight Club into the class in college.  I love this movie!

Here are a few ways I irrationally justify keeping things I don't need:

"I need that."
Occasionally, this is true.  Most of the time, it's not.  This is where I (need to) exercise self-control and truly prioritize.

Everything has sentimental value.
I am incredibly sentimental.  I blame my parents.  We have always treasured photo albums, home videos, scrapbooks, art projects, trophies, certificates, and childhood belongings.  I love those tangible pieces of the past!  Unfortunately, it is now difficult for me to part with anything under the sun.  I'm working on it.

With clothing, I worry that I'll accidentally get rid of too much and then be left with nothing.
I have a difficult body type to clothe, so I cling for dear life to things that I don't really like anymore if they even kinda fit.  Also, I continue to buy inexpensive, lower-quality items to get more "bang for my buck" (enter "that's what she said" joke for cheap laughs here) but then end up disappointed in the quality.

All in all, it is high time I clean out my life!  It's time to donate, recycle, repurpose, and throw out.  I need so much less than what I own.  (Side note: I'm still keeping letters and cards.  Those are not up for discussion.)  It's time to make my life what I want it to be: Purposeful and light yet fun and plentiful.

Goodwill, you're welcome in advance.  Here I go.  Wish me luck.

Are you a borderline hoarder?   ;)


Unknown said...

This was me a few months ago, and I just went for it. I got rid of twelve boxes of clothes, and it felt amazing! I got to spend the summer rebuilding my wardrobe with clothes that I love. I've definitely learned that it's better to invest in some nice pieces, but don't be afraid to buy inexpensive clothes that are more trendy. I promise you'll feel so much better!

Good luck Lindsay!


Amy said...

I'll be going through all of my stuff as well! Just moved rooms, and I have a lot of stuff that just has got to go!! Good luck!

Kate said...

Oh I have the same problem with clothing! I always get rid of things and end up with a pile of clothes I'll never wear that matches nothing.

Display Name said...

I'm pretty terrible about keeping all of the stuff with "sentimental" value. I'm stationed overseas and will be for the next few years, and it seems I'm always hanging on to anything and everything that my family sends me. I grew up with parents who kept albums, trophies, schoolwork, etc., and I definitely inherited that tendency to hang on to all of that as well. :) I'm getting to a point where I'm finally limiting it to cards and pictures though~

Unknown said...

This is my life.
I am WAY too sentimental. Its a major problem!!! My mom always jokes that even gum wrappers have meaning to me!!


Whitney H said...

I have to say, movnig across the country has really helped us cut down on our clutter! We have a few boxes of things that we don't need anymore, but overall I think we have done pretty well! As for clothing, for some reason I seem to keep getting rid of them via Plato's Closert and not refilling my wardrobe so I have about 50 cotton t-shirts and nothing else... yikes!!

Kristin said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!! You can do it girl! I've had a major decluttering year (still with a ways to go) and it feels so goooooood. More power to ya!

Jenn said...

My husband is the same way, he has some kind of memory tied to everything he owns. I grew up collecting anything that was a collectable. Now I want my house to be empty but I have to compete with my hoarding husband!

Unknown said...

Yes, sometimes I am too- you aren't alone! I have to get myself at least a few times a year to get rid of stuff or give away stuff that I don't use as much as someone else could! Good for you friend!

Unknown said...

I just remembered, last year I got together with some of my friends and we did a jewelry swap of old jewelry we didn't want. We set a price minimum (of what we could remember) and went to dinner and swapped- there was only 1 necklace that no one wanted out of so many!

I came home with so many cool new things (well new to me). That was fun, and a nice excuse to catch up with friends!

Bre said...

I love Fight Club. I have a Fight Club tattoo and no less than 2 Brad Pitt posters in my apartment.

You know what's hard for me to get rid of? Notebooks and cards. I'm a paper hoarder. I rationalize it by saying soon everything will be digital and I'll be left to teach people how things used to be done after the machines take over.
The robot revolution is coming.

I'm sure none of this has helped you. I'm not sorry :)

Ellie said...

I've moved so many times I've gotten really good at this. My basic rule is, if I haven't used it in a year or longer, it goes away unless it's a specialty item that's only meant to be used on occasion. For clothes, if I haven't worn them in at least two seasons, toodles. As far as sentimental stuff goes, I have learned the ability to look at something and determine if it is really going to hold any sort of sentimental value, or if it's just stuff (like when I cleaned out my mom's garage and threw away a slew of things like old tests from elementary school, but kept things like my report cards and the receipt from my mom's hospital stay when I was born). I used to be like you when it came to that stuff, though. I keep cards, but only if there is a hand-written note in them (like the one I got today :D ). Otherwise, they are recycled. I know that I still have a crap ton of stuff, but it has made my life easier to clean it out. Good luck!!

Michelle said...

Girlfriend. I COULD'VE WRITTEN THIS POST. I'm dying to purge my crap, but then I always worry I'll need it or miss it. And I'm incredibly sentimental too. It's obnoxious and I can't help it. But I've been totally working on paring down as well. My closet is the next place I need to hit!


Rebecca said...

I was thinking this morning that I need to start having a good old clear out as I also have a lot of "stuff" and, that way I will all be ready for moving in the new year, I just need to find the motivation. I'm with you on not throwing out cards and letters, I have books full of them!

Gesci said...

Umm... you should definitely *not* come help me unpack in NC :)

Megan G. said...

I always go through a stage like this, too! My community is actually having a "fall clean-out" for people to get rid of stuff. Super handy! :) Good luck with getting rid of stuff and de-cluttering!

The Arizona Russums said...

I go through my closet ALL the time and I still feel like there is always stuff to get rid of. Now I'm trying something new. I am making myself wear every single item in my closet before I am allowed to buy new clothes. If I don't want to wear it, I give it away or sell it. I've never done it before, but so far I'm liking it!

The Arizona Russums said...

I go through my closet ALL the time and I still feel like there is always stuff to get rid of. Now I'm trying something new. I am making myself wear every single item in my closet before I am allowed to buy new clothes. If I don't want to wear it, I give it away or sell it. I've never done it before, but so far I'm liking it!

Audrey said...

Hi Lindsay!

I have been that girl before. Now, that I work from home, I find myself not needing those things anymore. I guess it's different from you go out everyday to the office and meet a lot of people. Still, making life simple can sometimes be a struggle, LOL!

Empirically Erin said...

This definitely spoke to me! I have the same problem. I am far too sentimental about things and then I have a crazy amount of STUFF! It's hard to let go of some things, but after being in our house a year and having a couple boxes shoved in a closet, I figure those boxes probably aren't too important if I haven't even found out what's in them in a year!!