Monday, October 29, 2012

Houston Nostalgia

We put up those lights last October... and kept them up until we moved at the end of March.  I loved them!

A colleague of mine was in Houston for the weekend.  Other than my two weeks of training at our corporate office in Las Vegas 16 months ago, our relationship has existed over e-mail and phone, but she is wonderful. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to hang out with her, especially outside of work.  I had so much fun with her, and I wish we worked at the same office!

Driving down the I-45 and into Houston that afternoon made me feel nostalgic.  My days of driving 35 miles one-way for work are long gone, and I don't miss that at all, but I felt a sort of happiness thinking about living in River Oaks in Houston.

When we lived in that apartment...

I explored our new city on my own since Mr. TBS was rarely home.
I got a career-changing job.
We often walked to Ruggles Green, Whole Foods, and Petsmart hand in hand.
We got in our first fight in five years and learned from it.
My case child was adopted.
I tried yoga for the first time.
We had no idea it would be Tolly's last home.
Our plan for living in Houston changed.
I started using Skype.
We learned how cold Houston can get (and we loved it).
I became a vegetarian.
I had my Starbucks that I would drive through every once in awhile on my way to work.
I became a pro at driving through the pothole-laden streets of Houston.

I know our brains have a way of mostly remembering the good and doing away with the rest.  If I dig down deep, I'm sure I could rattle off the things I didn't like about living there, but that would be useless.  That time has passed, so why even bother?  Houston has been good to us!  So much in my life changed in the time we lived in that apartment, mostly for the better.  I never thought I'd say this, but I feel the same nostalgia for Houston that I do Downtown Manhattan, another former "home."  The cities are hardly comparable, but sweet memories were made in both.

I love those breezes of remembrance and temporary longing for good times past.  Even better is knowing that as good as those memories are, now is wonderful.

Are there places that make you nostalgic?

NOTE: I went to the Whole Foods in my old neighborhood while I was in Houston, because we don't have one near our house now.  I spent an hour there... in one aisle.  Whole Foods in my Target.  I can spend forever wandering around, and I want everything.


henning love said...

wow that is some commute 35 miles each way. wowzers! and i like whole foods and could spend a lot of time there especially int the bulk section sampling the chocolate peanut butter malt balls. im glad you had a great weekend!!

Rebecca said...

I just read the posts about Tolly which you linked to and now I have tears in my eyes, the video of him saying hi, adorable. I am dreading the day I have to say goodbye my boys.
I love whole foods, the biggest one in the world is in London, I don't go to it often but when I do I spend a good couple of hours just looking around.
The Cotswolds hold a sense of nostalgia for me, it was where my first job out of uni was, I had some of my best times and some of my worst times there but I always think about it with fondness and it will always be a place that I hold close to my heart.
I'm glad you were able to catch up with your friend.

Unknown said...

awwweee I love the nostalgia!!!
Man I would have totally put a million dollars on it being the Whole Food tea asile! Although I am glad you got some new shampoos and conditioners I love all that stuff... bath product junkieeeee!!

Love you!

Gesci said...

We just went to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods yesterday. I'd been in a Whole Foods a couple of times before, but Paul hadn't been to either and I hadn't been to T.J. Let's just say we'll probably be making that 35 minute drive a couple of times a month...
and I finally felt like I ate a real meal at home afterwards. YUM!

This was a sweet post- and so true about how a place- whether you like it or not- becomes such a part of your past and shapes who you are today. Happy Monday!!

Jess said...

This post put a smile on my face :)Even though I didn't really like living in Tampa, I still remember the good things about it when I'm driving out there.
I love how you included so many links to other posts in here, tooo!

I just love you a whole dang lot. YES I DO.

Michelle said...

This is so sweet! I have a handful of places I could write a tribute to.

A lot happened to you in that one little space!

Sam said...

Totally with you on Whole Foods! I also love Fresh Market. Can I just say that I read 'became a vegetarian' as 'became a veterinarian' haha

Bev said...

Those are some life changing events at your old hood. I love remonessing especially when I come across pictures of old "homes" and places I used to work. Makes me even more grateful than I already am of how far I have come. That's the beauty of having many chapters in life... to reflect back at the good bad and ugly which helps us all appreciate the now ;)

And I'm so glad you're not making a commute for work now... I've many commutes in my time, and pretty sure I will in the future. But today I am not commuting... which makes me GRATEFUL!

Happy monday friend!! xxo

Laura Darling said...

I love having white twinkle lights! They make everything so cozy! I had them in my college apartments and miss them!

Devon said...

I love a good trip down memory lane (or traffic-y highway;) You've accomplished a lot since that time. It was fun checking out some of your old posts!

Kristen Victoria said...

I was just thinking back to a year ago and how much has changed. My strongest nostalgia lies in CT - everything I knew was in one small town! I always put down Utah because it's nothing like my praised hometown, but I have a feeling if we ever move out of state I will miss so many things and treasure all of the good that happened to us here!

Denise Lopatka said...

love this post lindsay! and i totally agree with you on the fact that why remember the things that you don't love about somewhere? time has passed so lets cling to the good memories!


Lindsay said...

I know exactly how you feel! I moved from Houston to Katy earlier this year and I always get nostalgic when I drive into Houston. I lived by River Oaks also and I miss having so many shops and restaurants so close to my house. Although, there are definitely things about Houston that I don't miss also!