Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hi! My Name is... (Not What You Wrote)

Names matter.  Spelling.  Pronunciation.  They both matter.

I understand that it takes some people longer to remember names or spelling; however, I get annoyed when people don't try and then give the "I'm so bad with names" excuse.  You get a Get Out of Jail Free card for, like, the first ten interactions with that person, but you really need to know how to say and spell his/her name after that.


Lindsay is a Scottish surname.  The Lindsay family lived in Northumberland in North East England.  (Source)  Eventually, Lindsay became a male given name, but since the mid-20th century, it has become a popular girls' name.  Many credit this transition to Lindsey Wagner who played The Bionic Woman in 1976. Although I was to be named Ashley Nicole, many babies at the hospital had the same name, and I was named Lindsay Marie.  I believe Lindsey Wagner influenced the new name choice.

Over the years, I've gotten expected misinterpretations and some really interesting variations!  If it's a co-worker, it's annoying.  If it's a barista, it's highly entertaining!

Spelled: Lindsey, Linzy, Linsey, Lyndsay, and Lyndsy
Said: No errors there.

** Mid-day Update: I don't know how I left this off the list, but I get Leslie a lot, especially when I first meet people.  "Hi!  I'm Lindsay."  "Leslie?"  "No, Lindsay."  I thought Lindsay was more common than Leslie, but that appears to be false.

Spelled: Lynn, Lin, Lyn, Lynne
Said: Gwynn, Gwen, Wynn, Glenn

 * You've probably only ever seen "Linn" on this blog in this post.
** I'm not particular about Linn, because it's a name I got in college that just stuck.  People continued to introduce me to others as Linn, so the ripple effect resulted in everyone calling me Linn.  I'm used to Linn and Lin.  I am not used to Glenn or Wynn.  ;)

I received this fax last week.  (Posted to my Instagram)

Hey, things could be worse.  You could get called the cat's name by your own mother, like my little brother. The cat's name wasn't even a common human name.  His name was Big Paw.  (I guess that's the "mommy brain" that all of you mommy bloggers refer to.)  Don't worry, Gary.  I know your name is Gary.  :)

Also, my boss is having an identity crisis.  I guess this was his way of telling me that I should call him Me instead of Doc from now on.

Instagram'ed earlier this week.

Is your name commonly misspelled or mispronounced?
Are you good with names?


Jeannie Leigh said...

My name is CONSTANTLY misspelled and mispronounced. You'd think it looks pretty straight forward: Jeannie. Jean-nie. (I often add, "As in I Dream of Jeannie" or "Like Three Wishes" for people to understand that it is NOT Jenny) But I get called Jenny, Janine, Jean, Annie, Janae, Ge-Annie. And it gets spelled Genie (not even close) Jeanne, Jeanie, Jennie, JeAnnie (huh?!) and my personal favorite Geanny.

Still, I love that I have an old fashioned name. I never run into anyone under the age of 55 with my name, so I could always be just "Jeannie" instead of Britney M. or something. So that's nice I guess.

Rhiannon said...

My name is constantly mis-spelled and not pronounced properly.

I am pretty sure Rhiannon is not uncommon and I am pretty sure there is only ONE correct spelling of the name Rhiannon.

People always call me Rhianna and Brianna. Even when they know me. Steve's Grandmother still calls me Rhianna...after 5.5 years.

Darby Hawley said...

haha I like this post girl! I guess I get Darbie written, and Hawley as Holly....but what I really hate, is being called Barbie.....yuck! Please do not compare me to a pencil stick modern marketing tragedy which promotes an unhealthy lifestyle and giant boobies!

Rebecca said...

I have a friend who is Lindsey, so whenever I email you I always double check before I send to make sure I've spelt your name with an a, I don't like getting people's names wrong. My name is never pronounced wrongly, although people can sometimes get confused with the amount of b's and c's and I will get 2 b's and 1 c. Apparently it's my dad who spelt my name wrong, my mum says it was meant to be Rebekah, my dad says she never told him this and so he didn't tell people and when the cards came flooding in with it spelt Rebecca they didn't want to have to tell everyone they spelt it wrong. I told one of my friends this once and now she always spells my name with a kah. I get loads of shortenings of my name, most people call me Beccie, people who don't know me will spell it Becky and I really dislike that spelling.
It made me laugh that your mum used to call your brother the cats name, when my brother was born my dad kept calling him my budgie's name Peter, his name's Christopher!

Unknown said...

Obvi we have already had this conversation and obvi I feel really bad when I miss spell one of my kids names BUT SERIOUSLY I have 5 Makaylas... all spelling different and 3 Shelbys all spelled different.

But if it does make you feel better I always feel bad!!

Happy Thursday!

Jess said...

You're VERY generous to give people 10 free passes to get someone's name right ;)

I guess I got lucky and my name is VERY easy to remember/ spell! Usually people don't butcher my last name too bad either.

Your boss' handwriting cracks me up, ha!


Leanne said...

Leigh Anne, LeeAnn, LeAnne, Leane, LeAnn, Lee Anne

You get the idea...Totes know how you feel! While the mispronunciation isn't that common, the misspellings happen on a regular basis...with both friends, family, and strangers.

It could be frustrating, but I just take pride that I have a unique name/spelling. So rock that unique-ness girl! :)

Tyler said...

I am horrible with remembering names! But once I remember them, I make sure I learn to spell them right. People always ask me to spell my name.. I guess because I am a girl they think I spell Tyler differently.. Or I get called Taylor because a girl named Tyler is just too much for some :P And my last name ALWAYS gets misspelled, even from people I've known for years... I guess I am just used to it now though ;)

Meg O. said...

Gosh, Lyndsy is the worst spelling EVER. I am so sorry. LOL.

Well, I have the simplest spelling of Megan but people sometimes even mess that up.... with Meagan, Meghan, Magen, etc. I mean, seriously.

Gesci said...

Ummm... yes. But I understand that good dose of the name-confusion is my own fault :)
That said, if I email you from MY NAME @gmail and you spell my name incorrectly in the reply, you're stupid. That's all I can say about that.

I also spent a good part of the 80s answering to "Jenny" or "Jennifer". Oh, and my mom viewed all four of her daughters' names as interchangeable- and if she was yelling at you, you'd better not correct her on your name!!

Gesci said...

Oh- but my name auto-corrects to hilarious things now, so that's pretty fun. Sometimes it's boring "Gracie", but I've gotten "Gucci", "Great", and the funniest: "Glowy".

Jenna // The Life of the Wife said...

Hehe all the comments above made me laugh. I think we've all been there obviously. Plus people just suck in general at spelling ANYTHING...let alone someone's name. I mean let's be honest :) Luv ya L-I-N-D-S-A-Y!!

Whitney H said...

For some reason, I have always had a real knack for remembering people's names and unique spellings. I knew that the girl in my sorority's name was spelled Meagen and not Megan. I know that Katy Perry's name is just that, and not Katie. Britney Spears isn't Brittany. I just have always been great at remembering it. I think misspelling someone's name shows that you just don't care enough.

We've talked about how difficult my last name is to pronounce, as well as my maiden name!

Also, I was going to be named Ashley Nicole too!

(and so ends the longest comment ever!)

Michelle said...

Hahahaha, oh gosh. This is so great. I'm dying over Glenn & Wynn.

Oh do I have a story. We all know my name is Michelle. My maiden name is Collier, pronounced like you're saying "call-yer-mom." The first day of 7th grade the band teacher was taking attendance. He called out "Michael Coiller (like coil-er" I finally realized he was reading my name. I had him as a teacher from 7th-12th grade, and he would still occasionally read my name as Michael.

If people don't know my name, their default is to call me Melissa. Every darn time.

jami lynn said...

My name is mispelled constantly, my own grandmother still spells it wrong. I think it's hard for people to wrap their head around a Jami with no e. For this very reason I like to think I'm good with names, I make a effort to remember peoples names and the correct spelling.

To make matters worst my step-sister is names Jamie (with an e), this has caused some confusion in the last 20+ years.

In short I think it's in bad taste not to take the time to get a persons name right, especailly when their a friend, family member or co-worker.

Unknown said...

Hi, nice to meet you Glen, I'm Carla/Kyla/Kaylee/

There have been emails at work that I may or may not have replied to the person calling them some off variation of their name at the end with a nice "Thank you _____ :)" in hopes they will get it, but see that I'm not really upset...that's what the smiley is for. Heheheehehe.

Ellie said...

It's so weird to think about when you used to be Linn to me!

My name was never one to be misspelled until the last year of my life, and I'm ok with it. I now have to specify Elizabeth with a 'z' because in German, the letter 'z' is pronounced as a 'tz' sound, but 's' has the English 'z' sound, so my name is usually spelled Elisabeth here. It never made sense to me in the states why I would see that every once in a while until moving here.

However, Ellie gets misspelled all the time: Eli, Elli are most common, but I can't get too mad at that since I'm still in the transition phase of it :)

The Life of Clare said...

I've just acquired a surname that is unusual spelling here in Australia, Reilly, like O'Reilly, but without the O, I get that it's different, unusual, but it's mine now, deal with it!

My first name, Clare, not Claire, mine has no 'i'! Now I understand if you don't know me, or you're just lazy but if you're replying to my email or writing in my facebook wall, or have known me for years, you can get it right!

RadiantKristen said...

There are a hundred different spellings, variations, and nicknames for Kristen. I'm used to it. I don't really care. I worked with people with disabilities and the elderly. I respond to anyone who's attempting to make eye contact and gurgling some sort of name at my general direction.

My last name? Oh girl... it's long, it isn't pronounced like it looks, and there are some people I've known for my whole life who still don't say it right. Having an impossible name makes you realize that there are a million things to get mad about... but if you did, you would go through life an angry person. So I smile, tell people they're close enough, and move on. This is also why I made the strategic decision to marry someone with an easier last name than my own.

Megan G. said...

I hate when people don't spell my name correctly. To me, 'Megan' is the most common way to spell the name, so stop adding extra A's and random H's. Then people ask if it's "MAYgen" or "MEHgan". I didn't even know there were different ways to say my own name...

I think it's funny that you get Leslie sometimes. :)

tara said...

yup. i get mispronounced and misspelled all the time too. hmph.

Lins @ Country Roots City Living said...

I'm in the same boat with ya sister! I'm not sure how Leslie and Lindsey sound the same but I get it often. My family and close friends call me Lins or Linzer. At times mom calls me Linny which I'm cool with that. :)


Rachel said...

I consider myself pretty good with names--because the kind of people who always give themselves the excuse "I'm really bad with names" annoy me too!
I'm not so bothered by having my name misspelled--so many people spell their names differently these days, I think it is genuinely difficult to remember which spelling goes with each person! I get "Rachael" a lot...sometimes from close family members, which is strange.

Kristen Victoria said...

This is so funny!! Mine gets messed up all the time... Most common is Kristin. I think the worst was someone trying to spell it over the phone, Chrystin. I was like wow are u just throwing out letters there? Why the Ch???

Unknown said...

I get this all the time...mostly with spelling.

My name is Bailly. I get Bailey aaaallll the time! It erks me the most when people write and email or post on facebook where my name is clearly spelled right there for them and they still get it wrong.

I also get "Hailey?" a lot when I introduce myself or the tired worn out joke of "like the liquor/irish cream"