Monday, October 1, 2012

Five Unusual Things

Happy October!  I had a weekend sprinkled with golden birthday specialness.  Thank you for the blog love too!  Your golden birthday occurs the year that your age matches the date of your birthday.  In my case, I turned 28 on the 28th.  Allie informed me that this is called a champagne birthday in Canada.  Gold, champagne -- either way, I'll take it.  If you're golden birthday occurred when you turned, like, 3, well... sucks for you!  (I'm kidding.  Nothing markedly spectacular happens.  It's not like you actually get free gold.  Oh, if only.)

Two favorite snapshots from the weekend:

Here are five unusual things from the weekend:

1.) We had dinner at a local restaurant that we frequent almost weekly.  On Friday nights, there is a pianist who has a knack for jazzing up recognizable tunes.  I love piano!  (Side note: I always seem to be the only one who acknowledges that Disney songs sneak into the mix from time to time.  The Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World" never sounded to lounge-y!)  There was a replacement pianist on Friday, and he... was... not good.  I was embarrassed for him, which filled a void, because I think he thought he was legit.  Not only did he play, he sang.  And homeboy was flat 30% of the time.  It was so entertaining, just not as a result of impressive skill!  Bless his heart.  Who am I to stifle one's creative abilities?  Play on, brotha!

2.) I had the most epic phone conversation with this deary and her English dream boat.  We discussed a mandatory trip to England in 2013 and laughed a lot -- mostly about how ridiculous and adorable I think they are.  Also, Ryan is now educated in how stellar my first impressions are.  I cursed a number of times for the sake of a joke.  Classy lady in the house!

3.) It was a wonderful rainy weekend.  Autumn is giving Houston a run for its money!

4.) The rain may have had something to do with it, but I slept in until 10 a.m. on Saturday.

5.) I stepped way outside of my comfort zone and did a yoga photo shoot for Grow Soul Beautiful yesterday.  I am positive that every other yogi model is a teacher or a seasoned veteran, but I had fun anyway!  I am also proud to say that there is photographic proof that I can rock the Side Crow pose!  The series is debuting in January, so consider this my ploy to make you be my blog friend and stick around.  ;)

How was your weekend?
Did anything unusual happen?


Allie @ Between Dreams said...

Woot woot! Glad you had an awesome birthday! (and thanks for the shoutout... haha:)

Megan G. said...

Ohhh, I have never heard of the golden birthday before! Very happy birthday to you! Even if the piano guy was flat the majority of the time. ;)

Congrats on the photo shoot! As long as you had fun, that's all that matters!!! Have a great Monday! <3

Michelle said...

I know 3 people (including you) who had a golden birthday last week. Crazy!

Your kitties are so cute. I love it!

Hahaha...aww poor piano man. That's hilarious. And I wherever this restaurant is, I NEED to go.

Steph And Laura said...

Ha! I died laughing when I read "If you're golden birthday occurred when you turned, like, 3, well... sucks for you!" - You KNEW I would read this today bemoaning the fact that mine was when I was THREE didn't you?! ROFLOL


Unknown said...

I'm so glad you had a great birthday weekend- sad that it was rainy! But cheers for extra sleep! I took a long nap yesterday after watching some friends complete a triathlon. They did the running etc, but yes, I took a nap. :)

Looking forward to our rock climbing adventures! Can't wait to meet you Lindsay!

Unknown said...

p.s. if you go to England, can I go too?! F-U-N! ;)

Darby Hawley said...

Can't wait to see your yoga photos!!! I love that picture of your cat "hiding" lol

Ellie said...

So, that means that while you're making your mandatory trip to England in 2013, you will be hopping a flight over to Germany, ja? I'm currently leaning more toward the suck it up and take advantage of the situation I'm in for the two years that I have left on my term. Nothing is set in stone. But, I know it could be worse. Plus, it gives me time to figure out where my next path is going to lead...I don't like grown up decisions.

Whitney said...

I had my golden birthday when I was 2, so... thanks for that. =P

Those yoga pictures look AWESOME. I wanna snuggle your kitties so bad!

Laura said...

Finally catching up on all of my favorite blogs! I adore the two kitty pictures.