Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Gear

I learned something very important.  I look like a completely different woman with a hat on.  Well, I don't think so, but Boone does.  That poor little guy froze in his tracks, contemplated why my voice was coming out of some foreign object, and then exited the room like a ninja.

I'm sorry, Boone.

That aside, can I tell you about Striped Shirt?  Striped Shirt is based in Houston.  Laura Beck created the company in an effort to provide cute, stylish, and fitted options for girls to support their sports teams.  I've never been one for the pink, glittered, and rhinestone-enhanced jersey shirts, so I understand that battle!  My fan gear options always seemed to be pastel hues & fitted or actual team colors & boxy.  Striped Shirt solves my problem!  I got a navy and white shirt for my hometown baseball team (and former employer), the San Diego Padres!

A few things I love about these shirts:

- Stripes are always in, so I can wear this shirt whether I'm at a sporting event or not.
- It contains 5% Lycra, so it fits much better than a T-shirt without being skin-tight.
- It isn't a paper-thin screen tee that I have to wear a tank top under.  Amen to that!
- I love the length.  It's long enough that it's not a belly shirt, and I'm not swimming in it either.

Check out Striped Shirt!

Striped Shirt
Use code Houston for 30% off through 9/30

Found HERE

P.S. I really want to buy the Maroon & Gold shirt, so I can have a Harry Potter shirt without it screaming I LOVE HARRY POTTER.  It's seems like a sound investment to me.


Unknown said...

Cute shirt! I like the Harry Potter colors too!

Jess said...

Hahaha an undercover HP tee...I like it ;)
And amen to not wearing a tank under tees...WAY too hot for that.
Blue is a good color on you, sis!


Megan said...

Haha, you look cute in a hat! My cat always gives me a sideways glance when I have a hat on too :D

Love the striped tee!

Jamie said...

You're so cute! I actually got the maroon and gold one, but not for Harry Potter (even though I'm a huge fan) but for Texas State. I think you should go for it :)

Bev said...

You are ROCKIN' that navy striped shirt girlie! I love it! It looks like it must feel amazing and the fit is just right, as you said. Not too short and you're not drowning in it!

And I LOVE hats!!! Especially when we're not up to doing our hurrrrr on the weekends! ;)

Happy Monday love! xo, Bev

Darby Hawley said...

You are so cute! You look great in those stripes :-)

Whitney said...

You look SO cute in your little Striped Shirt! Guess what? I've got the Gryffindor shirt coming in the mail. DON'T HATE. =P

Unknown said...


But seriously you look so cute!... and I'm with Boone you look super different with a hat on.. super cute just different!!

Love love

Michelle said...

I LOOOVEE stripes! Seriously. James teases me all the time wheneve I buy another striped shirt. I can't help it!

It looks so cute on you! I totally want one now.

Kristin said...

Ahhhh!!!! I love the HP tee. You know, since I'm such a closet fan and all...heehee....

Anonymous said...

I've never read the Harry Potter books. Brian has them, and has said a few times that they are really good. I think I'm going to have to give them a try! I've been in need of new reading material!

And love the shirt! It looks so comfy but still so cute! :)