Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Like Free Stuff, and I Cannot Lie.

Dear Fellow Specs Wearers,

I've fallen madly in love with  It lured me in with the promise of a pair of free glasses, and so began a passionate experience... of lusting after multiple pairs in their online store.  
I'm usually not the type to invite others into my love affairs, but this is an exception.  
Please jump on this love train, and get yourself some nice, free glasses.  

You're welcome.

Your fellow four-eyes,

Once upon a time, I had really ugly glasses.  Round, metal, hideous.  Oh yeah, with Transition lenses.  Yikes!  That was my first pair when I was 15.  Thank God I didn't have them for long.

I've been very careful in choosing my glasses since then, and I've loved every other pair.   I've always gotten "safe" glasses.  You know, a pair that blends with everything.  That usually means black or tortoise with standard rectangular frames.  They have always served me well, because they work in a professional setting or with cute dress and flats.  There are so many cute pairs out there, but at $100-$400 a pop (no joke!), who can afford more than one pair?

Well, some of my blog friends have talked about Firmoo recently, and it sounded too good to be true.

Online store.
Wide selection of glasses and sunglasses.
A virtual try-on tool.
Starting at $8.00/pair.
High quality.
Low price.  (Their high end is your optometrist's low-low end.)

This is not a joke.  With those prices, I could finally get some "for fun" glasses!  Color!  Wahoo!  It took me a long time to narrow it down, but I finally chose the pair you see above.

I love them.  They have an over-sized retro shape, and they're purple!  I now have three very different pairs of glasses, and the collection will only be growing now that I have  Glasses are like a piece of clothing.  You wouldn't want to wear the same outfit every day, so why wear the same glasses every day?

What makes even more fabulous is that you can...

Get your first pair FOR FREE:

1.) Click any eyewear you like on the site and view the details.
2.) Click on "New customer? Get your first pair free now" under the photo.
3.) Use one of the sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail).
4.) Once you share it successfully, you'll receive a voucher of equal value.  (Shipping excluded)

Are you sold yet?  You should be.  Join this love train, and check out

Don't make me tell you twice.
But really.  You won't regret it.  :)


Empirically Erin said...

I've been thinking of trying a site like this lately too. My glasses are about 5 years old and I could definitely use an update. Did you have to go to your eye doctor first to get your prescription?

Unknown said...

A. I love your new glases
B. Very studious... fitting for grad school... even if it is just online@
C. Now when I see a solo pic of you I think of Mr. TBS awkwardly squating and /or sitting on a bench while taking it!


Jess said...

I'm actually wearing mine right now :)

You're beautiful.
But it's not like that's a surprise.


Ellie said...

Perfect timing since I lost my glasses in London! I'm going to check it out tonight!! Thanks!

Aunie said...

i looooove these on you! purple and awesome!

Jenn said...

Ha - love your title. We all love free things, right?

Darby Hawley said...

You are so pretty! I love that last picture of you with your glasses on!

Danielle said...

LOVE these purple specs on you! The shape is perfect and so is the color. Just one question...did you have to go to your optometrist first to get your prescription?

Megan G. said...

Free frames sounds wonderful right now. Loving your purple glasses!!

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

I've used sites like this but it always asks for my pupillary distance (??) and I always forget to go to my eye doctor and ask (or set up an apt because it's been over a year since I was last there, eek!) Do you know if this site asks for it? Love your glasses though!!!

christine donee said...

free stuff is my best friend. for life.

Unknown said...

They look great on you! I've just placed my order with Firmoo - can't wait to see how mine are on!