Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Am an Excellent Surprise Ruiner

I've never had a surprise party thrown for me, but if I had, I'm sure I would have ruined it.  I've always loved my birthday.  When you're a kid, it's just plain fun!

Slumber parties!
Chuck E. Cheese's!
Pool parties!
Goody bags!
Ice cream!

Who wouldn't like that?  I may be older, but I still love my birthday.  I don't take the day off from work, I haven't had a party since I turned 21, and I never have plans with my friends.  It's always low-key, but secretly, it's still a special day for me!

Let me tell you about how I ruined my birthday gift from Mr. TBS... twice.


A few weeks ago, I brought the mail in after work.  In my usual fashion, I started emptying my lunch bag and putting things away.  I opened the mail, which included a package, to sort through it (and recycle almost all of it).  Without looking at who the box was from, I opened one end of the box and slid the contents onto the table.  I didn't even touch anything.  I saw the cookbook that changed our lives, so I was happy about that!  I left it there, knowing that Mr. TBS said he would order it from Amazon.

Five minutes later, Mr. TBS held up Bridesmaids on Blu-Ray, and said, "So you saw your birthday present!"  I was surprised!  I didn't see it, because it was under the cookbook.  Oops!


A few days later, we got home from work and started settling in.  He was changing his clothes to work out, so I unpacked his lunch bag for him.  And then I found the cutest cupcake card -- my birthday card!  I didn't have the heart to say anything, so I left it on the table next to his wallet as my silent way of letting him know, giggling the whole time.

Five minutes later, he saw the card on the table.  We were both laughing, because I ruined my birthday gift again!  Double oops!

Moral of the Story: 
I'm an excellent surprise ruiner.

Silver lining:
1.) We died of laughter watching the Bridesmaids special features.
2.) He doesn't have to write a card!

Have you ever ruined a surprise party or a gift for yourself?


Darby Hawley said...

hehe You're so funny. Second moral of the story, don't unpack things after work ;-)

bobbi said...

Even though you won't, you really do have permission to open my package! But, you'll probably just accidentally open it tomorrow anyway ;)

Also, I really want to check out the vegan cookbook! Can you email me the link??

Gesci said...

I ruined two different proposal plans of Paul's. He still teases me to this day! Glad to hear I'm not the only one!

Bre said...

I always go to work if my birthday is during the week. free lunch!
hope you have an awesome birthday :)

Micaela said...

My favorite part of this post is imagining Mr. TBS waiting in line to check out with that pink cupcake card.

Joanna said...

haha that's so funny! I've ruined surprises, but i kept them secret :)

Myra said...

You are so cute! I think you should stop unpacking lunches & bags from now on :) I'm horrible at surprises & ruin them EVERY TIME. I was proud of myself for making it to the day before hubs birthday before I by mistake spilled the WHOLE birthday surprise I had been working on for a MONTH!

Empirically Erin said...

That is hilarious!! Apparently hubby needs to step up his surprise game! :) When is the big day?

Unknown said...

i am a total surprise ruiner too! it's horrible.. our poor husbands! at least we can all laugh about it :) i don't think there hasn't been any sort of surprise that i haven't ruined for mr. b, my friends OR family.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Whitney H said...

I haven't ruined birthday plans but I kind of, sort of took the surprise of our my engagement... (DON'T TELL NICK! He has no idea! =X)

Jenn said...

That is so funny! Don't worry, I semi ruined my engagement. I told him I knew he was going to propose because I had seen the ring. Well in fact, I had not seen the ring and I did not know he was proposing. Oops, way to ruin the moment!

Anne said...

Oh girl, I've not only ruined a surprise birthday party...but also ruined my (now husband's) first surprise engagement plan.

Needless to say, he changed the plan and didn't propose for another THREE MONTHS.

But hey, worth the wait.


Unknown said...

Oh Linds!
When is your birthday? Obvi soon!

Good thing Mr. TBS loves your despite your nack of ruining surprises!

Anonymous said...

I love that movie! Sounds like you had a fun birthday week all the same!
My family recently tried to organize a surprise party for my cousin. But she has a motion sensor camera on her front porch and it automatically sent her pictures of the family gathering at her home while she was away! The surprise was on us but we all had a good laugh!

Megan G. said...

Whoa Bridesmaids and a cute card?! Even if you ruined the surprises, he sure picked some great gifts for you to find!

tara said...

lol!! i love ruining surprises on purpose because i hate surprises!!

Kristen Victoria said...

Hahaha! Thats awesome! Josh has gotten really good at keeping secrets for suprises, but I hateee being surprised so I drill him and drill him but he never gives in... Lol