Friday, September 21, 2012

High Five For Friday: One Word Edition

Since I overloaded this piece of the internet with photos yesterday, we're going to play a little game I call "High Five For Friday: One Word Edition"!  (But I broke the one-word rule for #3.)

What I really mean is that I didn't take pictures this week, so I've got nothing to show you. 

1.) I had a blast at the Houston Blogger Symposium over the weekend!

2.) Remember how I told you about that grad school thing?  It started this week.

3.)  The name might sound scary, but that shit is goooood.  Sorry for cussing in such a public way, Dad, but that shit is just that good!  Recipe HERE.

4.) I went to sleep before midnight twice this week.  I felt like a new woman when I woke up.  Imagine that.

5.) I'm so happy that Eliana and Chehon won So You Think You Can Dance!  There were so much great talent this season!  Also, I think Eliana and I would be fantastic friends.  Eliana, call me.  I'm sure I can fit you into my schedule somewhere.

On a serious note, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and personal stories in response to the most therapeutic piece of writing I've probably ever written.  I am humbled and grateful beyond measure and thankful to have this space to encourage others.

On an even more serious note, make those brownies (and send me a Thank You card).  You'll be saying "Dat shit is goooood" in your best gangsta voice in no time.

P.S. I'm sorry I used the word shit three times.  Well, now four.

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Empirically Erin said...

Hahahah I love that you apologized to your dad...I totally would too!! Sounds like a fun week, Lindsay!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! Too funny!

I read a few of the recapps of the blogger weekend thing (I'm so lazy so scroll back up to spell synops-something)... They all sound so cool! I wish there was something like that near where I live. I would definitely go! Glad you had such a great time!

And I don't think I'm brave enough to try those brownies. Kudos to you for trying them, though. And glad you liked them! :)


Michelle said...

Hahaha you're cracking me up! I'm totally going to try the brownies...just for you. I'm intrigued!

I thought about you and school this week! How is it going??

Love you!

Unknown said...


Courtney said...

Eliana and Chehon are SO amazing! Eliana's legs/extensions are to die for!!

Jess said...

I just love you.
And I need to hear about school, please :)

Darby Hawley said...

Those brownies sound interesting! I've got to try that out.

Please tell me about school!!!! I'm dying to hear how this week went and what your thoughts are for the new semester! Spill it!!!

Megan G. said...

black bean brownies?! i must try them sometime!! sound odd but i'm trusting you here. :)

Whitney said...

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.

There you go.

(Sorry Lindsay's dad!!)

Janna Renee said...

I'm so jealous about the symposium! I saw the pics on Meg's blog and it looked sooo fun!

Bev said...

Hey I LOVE this one word (almost for all five items) for High Five for Friday! Way to be innovative... must be the grad school education you're getting during the first week!!

Speaking of, how goes it thus far?? Glad to see you're getting good rest. Any time sleeping before midnight is great in my eyes!

xxo, Bev