Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why I'm Always Internet-less

It's about time I come clean about this on-going internet fiasco.  Initially, my tweets about lack of internet at home were received with sympathy (because honestly, what kind of life is that?). Now I am at the point that if make any mention that I have no internet, I get:

"What is up with you and the internet?"
"How far out in the country do you live?"
"Again?  What is going on over there?"

Guys, I ask myself the same questions!



Our house is one of two homes on a 1.5-acre property.  When we moved in, our neighbors offered up their internet until ours could be hooked up.  However, the connection was strong enough for both houses, so we've split the bill and been sharing ever since.  It was fine and dandy for the first month, but one stormy night ruined the whole deal.  The router blew out.  Our neighbors bought a new one... and then it blew out again.  That was about the time that Mr. TBS and I suspected that they had a bum surge protector (if they were using one at all) or a bum outlet.  Either way, it seemed insane that two routers blew out within one month.

Another storm.  Another router replaced.  For those of you who have lost count, our neighbors are on router #4!  Now the issue is Comcast.  They can't seem to keep a signal in this neighborhood to save their life.  If Comcast wasn't the sole provider for this area, we would have moved on long ago.

So this is where we are now:
  • We're still sharing internet.  
  • The neighbors have a brand-new surge protector, and the router is two months old.  
  • Comcast losing signal is it so much as sprinkles outside. 
  • We know it isn't an issue of the four of us sharing one router, because either we all have a strong connection or no connection at all. 
  • I text our neighbors 1-2 times per week to ask them to reset the router.  I can only imagine the Pavlovian response they have when they receive a text from me now!

Surprisingly, I've learned to love our internet-less time at home.  Now I remember how much more free time I had before this wonderful life of blogging started.  I say that jokingly but with a pinch of truth!  I feel so much more available, present, invested, and focused at home.  However, it makes blogging, e-mail, paying bills online, checking our bank account, and looking up restaurant hours and directions really difficult.  This is 2012, after all. 

Let the truth be known.  I'm fighting an internal battle of basking in the glory of simple life and living in the Dark Ages.  It's a love/hate relationship.  Please forgive my sorry internet-less ass!  I love all of you!  I love this blog, and I hate to see it idle for days.

Dear Internet Gods,

This one is for you.

Source: boska.pl via Lindsay on Pinterest


Melissa said...

Ugh. That sounds frustrating but I know what you mean... we went to Big Sur for our one year wedding anniversary and there was no internet, no cell signal, nada. It was anxiety provoking at times but overall really nice to not have to be checking our phones all the time.

jessi bridges said...

I have been in that however many percent that had to go to McDonalds to use free wifi. Because of a storm in Texas!! And it was on Easter. I had to submit an essay for school and everything was down. Ahhhh! I thanked the people at McDonalds for being open and having internet so fervently. Being without is the worst!!! What the heck did we do before the internets??

Gesci said...

Our router has to be reset 3-4 times... A DAY. Yep. And our internet is painfully slow. When we were in Cadiz and trying to watch the Olympics online (so it was in English) we didn't even have to wait for it to load. Paul would pull something up and I'd automatically go fix a snack or go for a pee, and the video was ready! INCREDIBLE!

Country life is great, until you're trying to be in the 21st century!
Also, that pie-chart graphic is hilarious! I don't know how many times the internet has gone out, and I'm all "Oh, no problem! I can do OTHER things!" and next thing I know I'm trying to google something...

Angie said...

In this little small town of po dunk I live in there are still MANY areas without internet available. Like your area, there is only one provider around here so there isn't much you can do about it. My poor SIL has tried forever to get service and they just don't offer it.

I'm not sure not having internet would always be a bad thing though. I spend way too many hours on this darn computer when in all reality I probably should be doing some "real life living"

Empirically Erin said...

Oh man that sounds so annoying!! I think I would go crazy!! Would a life without google be worth living at all?? ;)

Allie @ Between Dreams said...

The horror!!! (haha:)

Unknown said...

People still use Comcast? Get U-Verse and pay for your own!


Michelle said...

Oh girl. The duplex I lived in during my last year of college had the exact same issue. I feel you! And only one internet provider.

I know what you mean..so nice to disconnect, but so nice to have internet.

Hahaha, those pictures are hilarious! The last one...nothing personal. EXCEPT IT IS!

Unknown said...

oh girl... the saga continues!

yay seeing you tonight!

Katie Price said...

I totally understand your frustration Lindsay! But of course, I was living in a 3rd world country.. It's hard to believe in America though having reliable would still be this big of a problem. Shame on Comcast!!

.. you can always move back to ca :)

Ellie said...

I understand the frustration, but you start to get used to it after a while. It's rare to find anywhere in Europe that has free wifi to use in public, including in hotels a lot of time, so I've gotten used to not having it when I do a lot of traveling. It can be annoying, but it's also really nice in its own right. It helps me to keep my FB addiction in check at times as well as remember that I don't (usually) need the internet (unless I have to pay bills or whatnot...). Enjoy the simplicity of life!! Remember, we were in jr. high when the internet, cell phones, and pagers came out, and we survived just fine. Kick it old school and remember the good ol' days :)

ComcastCares1 said...

Hello there!

I apologize for the trouble. I'd like to help in getting this resolved for you. Please feel free to contact me, provide your account info and a link to this page as a point of reference.

Thank you,

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
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Bri Buzali said...

My parents had comcast and it ALWAYS would go out with the tiniest little storm. They were in the same boat though because Comcast was the sole provider in their area, they finally switched to dish and it's MUCH better! I hope your problem gets fixed :( so sad!

Whitney H said...

I feel super 'in-the-know' since I knew about this already! :) I can't believe it's still going on! I hope things get fixed soon. I need to know what's happening in your life! (Except I can text you since we're RL friends yaaay!) (yes, I know that comment really made no sense at all but I have 5 minutes left and I'm so ready to LEAVE and see you!)

Anonymous said...

Aww yes, there are definite pros and cons to limited internet use. Hope you enjoy this peaceful time while waiting for it to be worked out :)

tara said...

eek!! i don't know if i could survive! lol

Janna Renee said...

I think I would have a major meltdown at first...and then be thankful to have my life back! Haha. Have you looked into a cell provider hotspot? Just thinking that might be an alternative!

Diana Marks said...

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