Monday, August 13, 2012

The Theatre, Dahling

Hello, friends.  :-)

I would be remiss if I did not extend a virtual hug to each of you for the incredible words of comfort and encouragement regarding last Friday's post.  Writing it was extremely cathartic, and it is a piece of writing that I'll always treasure.  Please know that every single comment, e-mail, text message, and tweet mean the world to me.

In case you missed it, yesterday was my ravishing mom's birthday!  Have you ever seen such a young 56-year-old?  She's a walking fountain of youth!  Also on this weekend's agenda was:

Sickness!  Yipee.  I cannot remember the last time I was sick -- at least 1.5 years.  At least.  This is the first time Mr. TBS said he has seen my really sick, although there was one time back in 2008 that I actually slept in warm-ups and the layered combination of tank top, T-shirt, and hooded sweatshirt, but he doesn't remember that.  My body feels great, and my energy is normal, but I have an undying runny nose.  It's annoying more than anything!  I wouldn't have minded much except that... we had tickets to see the Broadway tour of The Lion King yesterday!

I brought a plastic bag and a full box of Kleenex in my purse and mentally prepared to discreetly tend to my nose during the show.  To my great surprise, I never had to use Kleenex!  I think I was so entranced that my body forgot it was sick!  Oh, good God!  It was such a freaking fantastic show!  The cast, the costumes, the music!  Oh, my!  It was designed so beautifully, and those harmonies and that dancing.  I just wanted to squeal, and it may have gone unnoticed considering the amount of children in the audience.  The audience was kind of distracting, but hey.  It's great to see kids exposed to the arts, and they were so darn cute.

We couldn't have hoped for a better day trip.  The drive to and from Houston was smooth, and the show was amazing.  There is a really great touring season in Houston for the next year, so I can't wait to go back!

We did see a few other interesting things this weekend:

An employee vacuuming the produce (which Emily told me is standard practice in Canada) and a car that was up in flames (which the driver escaped).

How was your weekend?


Katie said...

What a good weekend! (minus the sickies). My mom and my sister just recently went to see The Lion King as well and I'm a little jealous of all of you!

And so glad the driver got out of that car, oh my gosh!!

Unknown said...

WELL sounds like you had quite the weekend little miss!!
Glad you got to see Lion King (Its on my to see list) but we sure did miss your sunshiney smile this weekend! Love you!

Crystal said...

Glad that you got to enjoy the show, even through being sick. Man that car fire looked crazy, glad that person was ok. And very interesting vacuuming the fruit, that a new one. Happy Monday!

Jess said...

So you're feeling better right?! I hope sooo :)

And The Lion King...oh man. I have such ties to that show! It brings so many memories to the forefront of my brain! So glad that you enjoyed it...I'd love to see the Broadway version of it someday!

Guess what? I was actually in a play in 2010...we did Lion King and I was baby was pretty awesome. That's pretty much the extent of my acting glory ;)


Megan said...

Vacuuming fruit?! How weird!

I hope your runny nose is better, that can be so annoying :(

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Vacuuming produce?!?!?! What the what?!

I love love love theatrical Lion King. So glad you were able to enjoy it despite your sickness.

Empirically Erin said...

Feel better soon!!! Shoot, I don't have time to vacuum my produce... I don't even have time to vacuum my house!!

Gesci said...

So the Lion King is my absolute favorite movie ever. I have a Lion King tattoo. Seriously. But back when we were in college the Broadway tour came to Atlanta, so Paul got me 4th row seats for my birthday. No joke, I started crying (just tears coming down, no hysterics!) during "The Circle of LIfe"!! I LOVE that movie.
I want to see it again, and tried to in London, but Paul said he has a one-time-only limit on musicals. I've dragged him to Phantom, The Lion King, and we just saw the original production of The Wizard of Oz (I'll see ANYTHING with Michael Crawford!). Glad to hear you loved it- whew! We can still be friends :)

Feel better!!

Caitlin C. said...

I loveee the Lion King on broadway - one of the best shows ever! And so sorry you're sick... feel better soon!!

Michelle said...

I KNEW you would love the show! I want to see it again!

I hope you're starting to feel better! I feel like everyone I know has some sort of cold right now. Ick.

Vacuuming produce?! That's hilarious. And slightly alarming?

Megan G. said...

Sorry you were sick, that is no fun. But I'm glad you were able to enjoy the show, The Lion King is awesome!

Whitney H said...

I'm soo jealous that you got to see the Lion King and I hate that you aren't feeling well! Hopefully you'll be good enough to go yoga tomorrow! (and yes, I made yoga a verb.)

Katie Price said...

Sorry to hear that you are sick. A year and a half without without being sick is an awesome track record though! And I'm glad that you got to see The Lion King, it's a great show. Feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Lion King and Wicked are my absolute favorites - glad you enjoyed the show!

Meg O. said...

The Lion King is probably the most visually beautiful show I've ever seen. I adore Julie Taymor's work!

Courtney said...

Love Lion King - saw it in Vegas and adored it!!

Have you seen Wicked?!

Janna Renee said...

That is the BEST show! Everything about it is amazing! The hubs isn't really the type to go to plays, but he agreed to go to that one!