Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Girl Behind The Blog #5: Begin, Accomplish, or Change

It's one of my favorite days of the blog month!  Welcome to round 5 of The Girl Behind The Blog!  

Ashley and I are crazy excited to watch your vlogs and learn more about the goals you've set for yourself.  I've always found that posting things to my blog holds me accountable.  Have you ever done that?  I feel an extra push to follow through once I put it out there publicly!


If you need to grab the button or see the prompt again, click HERE.  Be sure to follow Ashley and me (the first two videos)!  Our blogs will be interlinked, so you only need to link your video on one of our blogs.  I love getting to hear the words of other bloggers in their own voices, and I can't wait to watch all of your vlogs!  On with the show!

 Ashley, thank you so much for inviting me to co-host this month!
** Thanks for sharing the desktop app with me, Jennifer!
*** This link-up is how I met my Blog BFF, Emily, back in February.
**** In regards to exercise, I just want to be toned and fit.  If I happen to get ridiculous abs like Jess, I'm totally fine with that.
***** Big thanks to Michelle for encouraging me along my grad school journey.  I also extend a hearty "thank you" to her dad who works in the industry and answered my questions via e-mail!


Martina // Spunkyrella said...

You are so brave. I don´t do vlogs, I feel silly recording myself but - of course - I love to watch ´em :)

Mae said...

I LOVE your Vlogs!!!! You're so articulate and make such great points. Regarding grad school, I got my master's while working full-time and now I'm working on my doctorate. I recommend having a set "study schedule" outside of class time. For example, if you know you'll always be studying at your house on Tuesday nights from 7-9 and/or Saturday mornings from 10-12, you can plan other activities around those hours far in advance. Second, make your study area/time as enjoyable as possible. For me, I keep my favorite highlighters, sharpened pencils, and notepad by my side. I also like to keep my materials organized in a bag, so that I can quickly grab it and go enjoy studying in the backyard or on the porch or at my favorite cafe very easily. Lastly, drink lots of coffee. Lots and lots of coffee :) That's exciting!!!!!!

Morgan said...

i'm totally going to have to check out fitbolt! my office is my house since i'm a stay at home mom so i have no excuse to be embarrassed by someone walking by - just a toddler attacking me doing mountain climbers.

& good luck with your very busy journey ahead!! i'm truly excited to see you succeed & know you will! :)

Katie said...

You are so sweet and WAY better at vlogging than me! haha Great goals! I struggle to workout in a good routine at home. What helps me is planning out my workouts way in advance (like months haha) or following a plan of some kind (p90x, couch 2 5k).

Excited to follow your grad school journey on the blog too :)

Unknown said...

You so sweet Lindsay! Great Vlog!

xo Kayla

Rachel said...

Wow, you are going to be busy! My husband is starting grad school in a few weeks and he'll be working full time and even that makes me nervous!

Unknown said...

You are so stinking good at volgs! Although i am pretty spoiled cause I get to hear you in real life too!

Part of my change is kicking my butt into shape too!
YAY grad school! One day I will think about doing grad day!

LOVE YOU! Glad you got to be the hostest with the mostest for this fun link up!!

Michelle said...


I just got really excited about that. I love your vlogs. You are so gorgeous and cheerful. And I'm also working on a fitness routine. I wish so much that I had an office so I could close the door and do my thang! Oh well ;)

LOVE YOU GIRL! We got this grad school thing! And we'll be figuring it all out together!

Darby Hawley said...

You are super cute! I do love vlogs because, just like you said, I get to hear a voice :-) What kind of career/degree are you wanting to pursue? You were at UH for something, right?

Unknown said...

how is this the first time i've come across your blog???

either way, i'm so glad i did! you have such an encouraging heart and i'm so looking forward to getting to know you better!

also, grad school. dang. i'll be done with my bachelors in december and can't even begin to think about grad go girl!

Anonymous said...

Grad school?? That's so exciting!! I wish you the best of luck!! Thanks for hosting with me friend <3

la la Love, Learn, and Laugh said...

YAYYY today is the day for vlogging it up! First off, I don't think you'll have any trouble with your exercising at home goal... you're a determined gal and I know it'll get done!

Secondly, I'm glad you're still thinking about pursuing grad school... no matter how expensive it may be :/ I thought of it as an investment.... yes the money bothered me, but you always find a way, and you can't stress about anything while you're in school... so you learn to deal with it. Just like I'm learning to deal now that I'm done. It is what it is, and it'll get paid one way or another!

My advice to dealing with a FT job, school, blogging, and LIFE is to remember priorities, and focus on what's in front of you.. if you're at work, that's time for you to focus on work and not your paper that's waiting for you at home. You're dedicating yourself to the job, which means they deserve your full attention... same goes for school and for life! Just remember that the chaos won't last forever... the quicker you get through school, the quicker you'll be "normal" or so they say ;) Good luck girlie, and sorry for the novel!!

Thanks for hosting this awesome link up with Ashley! A blast I tell ya!!

Jenn said...

Ambitious little one, are we? Kidding! I would also love to hear other people's advice for going to grad school part time and maintaining a someone normal lifestyle outside of that.

You are awesome!

L said...

Grad school!!! How exciting!!! =) I'm sure that will be a whole new adventure for you and can't wait to hear all about it.

Much Love,

jessi bridges said...

I was just thinking this morning about how I'm going to get exercise in because we're in Vegas and it's WAY too hot to go outside right now! And I don't have a car most days so I need to do something at home. I'm with you on that one :)

And good luck with grad school! That is an exciting goal.

Janna Renee said...

You are so well spoken and so cute! I want to work out at home too! We have all the tools, but I just don't utilize them! That website sounds cool too...Thanks for hosting and choosing a good prompt!

Jess said...

OKAY I don't know how it's possible, but your smile gets prettier and prettier each round of these vlogs!

Moving on...
Thanks for the shout out of my abs in progress ;) You'll be passing me before you know it! I'm seriously so proud of you for keeping up with your at home exercise're so right, we only get 1 body so we had to take care of it!

And grad school! GO LINDSAY! I just can't even begin to think about the great things that you're going to accomplish. Blows my mind!

You have one proud little sista ova hereee! JUST SO YOU KNOW :)

Love you a ton and meeting you has made blogging worth every second that I've put into it!


Unknown said...

You're gorgeous! Good luck with grad school! You're going to be amazing at it, I'm sure. I'm so excited to check out fitbolt!

jami lynn said...

I look forward to your Vlogs because you're so good at them!

I'm curious to know how the FitBolt app works for you, I had never heard of it. Gotta give it a try!

Lena said...

Thanks for co-hosting such a fun link-up! I loved what you said - "you only have one body..." - I think it's important to stay active as well as be mindful as to what's going into our bodies! So, good for you! And yay, for grad school - my only tip is to use your time wisely...try and stay organized as much as possible! You'll do great! :)

Lisa @ MMT said...

I can't wait for fall either! It will be so much easier to get out and be active. We have had heat advisory's every week, which has made it super hard to go on runs. I am so waiting for fall!

Also, I think it's awesome that you are wanting to go to grad school! That is such an amazing goal and I know you will do just great!

RadiantKristen said...

Trying to balance, school, work, a relationship, health... it's really hard. Really, really hard. I do my best to set aside one day a week for really focused, intense studying, plus 2 evenings as well. It gives me time to get my work done, plus time to not go insane as well! Also, morning workouts make the whole studying thing easier, because it's one less thing to have to cram into just a few hours!

amanda said...

Sounds like you have wonderful goals, are very ambitious and will achieve whatever you set out to! I also admire women (and men!) who make time for grad school while working and living life, however, my advice is to research and soul search thoroughly. I got excited and did a couple semesters of grad school, but then decided I was going in the wrong direction at the wrong time. I've now doubled my student loan debt (I luckily didn't have much from my BA)and still want more education, but in a different field. Jobs are hard to come by in a lot of fields now, and it seems easy to be over qualified for many positions in this market. Make sure your grad school is in a field you see yourself in for the long haul, and make sure the advanced degree is needed for the specific roles you want in the future. As for advice on balancing, the most common advice I've gotten is that the hardest part of grad school while working and living is just to finish. It will be overwhelming at times but you just have to keep taking course after course! Good luck!! :)

Katie Price said...

Grad school - you go girl! My recommendation is to consider an integrated online program. Being able to take a few of the classes online will definitely help ease your time commitments. I'm sure you've already considered this, but just thought I'd encourage you that online courses are not a 'joke'. Often times they are more focused & project based. Good luck with finding the right program!

Erin James said...

Okay, you are THE sweetest and have such a kind and loving demeanor :)

Girl, I can so relate to you - I am now living out in the country as well, and so I've been trying to work out at home and start a routine as well.

My dad just finished grad school getting his PhD while juggling work and a family, and I know it was crazy busy but he really is so glad he did it! :) I'm sure you will do wonderfully and I wish you all the best in that, can't wait to see where you end up!

Thanks for hosting, sweet girl!

Leanne said...

I love your vlog! Very similar goals as to what I'm thinking about accomplishing.

Is it too late in the week to link up?! Tuesday was not nice to me and then Wednesday snuck up.

Happy Thursday :)

Anonymous said...

First off, you seriously have the best vlogs! You have such a pleasant voice and charisma when you speak :)

Your commitment to exercise and continuing education is inspiring! Unfortunately even though I had started regularly going to the gym, I tore a ligament in my ankle and even after healing never got back into a routine. I'd love to hear what works for you!

I'm also getting my Masters this fall! It is expensive but I'm looking forward to the challenge and going to classes that I'm actually excited about. Prayers that you'll find the right opportunities and balance for it all!

Where did you move to? My family is from a small town near Houston (ish) so I relate to country living problems :)

Megan said...

I loved your blog! I so need to integrate exercise into my home that I have a baby I has limited my time to my favorite: pilates!

Also, that is so great that you want to go to grad school...I have been thinking about doing it too...but don't exactly know where and what to study either. Best of Luck!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for you sweet comment! Thanks for hosting GBTB this month with was great getting to know you! :)

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Okay I know I'm ridiculously behind on this....but I'm hoping for grad school in Fall 2013. Hoping to get some support from my employer as well...but yeah, need to study for GRE's and apply and all that shizz. I did an MBA info day at UCLA, but I need to do one at USC and possibly one other school as well.

Maybe we can be accountability buddies...haha.