Monday, July 30, 2012

Off The Beaten Path

We went off the beaten path this weekend, hiking trail not included.  I always know that weekends will include chores put off during the week, the farmers market, grocery shopping, a movie, nap or the pool, sleeping in, and going out to lunch.  It's what we do, and I enjoy it immensely, because it's so relaxing.  (I did not include exercise in that list, because I didn't do that this weekend.  I better read this post again.)

Mr. TBS mentioned on Friday night that he wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to buy paint supplies.  Have I ever mentioned that he paints?  Because he doesn't.  Without questioning his sudden urge to paint, I endorsed the trip by saying I needed something too (meaning want, not need, of course).  He had seen some tutorials online and thought, "I can do that!"

We hit up Hobby Lobby after lunch on Saturday and walked out two hours later, maybe more.  I didn't even make it through the sliding doors before a beautiful secretary desk caught my eye.  I want one so badly!  Once we finally made it through the entrance, it was over.  Autumn decorations were on display, and after walking each aisle, we saw that winter arrived at Hobby Lobby too!  Back To School sales aren't even over in other stores, but they were stocked for Christmas.  Crazy, I tell you. 

We  navigated our way to the regular, non-festive part of the store, and the hunt was on.  He attacked the paints, canvases, brushes, and kits.  I just wandered... down every single aisle.  I didn't know what I was looking for, but I was searching for it anyway.  I picked up and put down so many things, and ultimately, grabbed blank notecards.  I had ribbon, twine, stamps, and paper doilies at home, so I decided to make some cards.  Have I ever mentioned I'm totally into card making?  Because I'm not.  But whatever.  I love rubber stamps, so I wanted to put mine to good use.  (I can't walk by rubber stamps without looking at them.  Love them!)

If you know the size of Hobby Lobby and I'm telling you that I walked every aisle, you know that a lot of time had passed.  I returned to the painting section bearing the measly fruits of my labor (one pack of blank notecards and envelopes for $3.49), and he was still picking out supplies.  When this man has a decision to make, he does his research!  By the time we made it to the register, I was kind of exhausted by the amount of time we had spent there.  Is this what boyfriends and husbands of shopaholics feel like?  It must be.

Saturday night was spent painting and card making, and suddenly, it was 11:00pm.  We had fun with our separate projects!  It was unlike any other Saturday night we've had in this house.  It turns out Mr. TBS can paint so well that it just makes me want to say the F word and slap my own face.  Who the Hell just thinks, I want to paint, and busts out a gorgeous mountain landscape?!  I showed my mom on Skype, and she said, "WHAT?!  He did that?"  I'm telling you, this husband of mine has serious artistic ability.  I learned that he does paint, and I am into card making.

That was our Saturday night off the beaten path.  I'm no painter, but I was pleased with my cute little cards.  So take that, husband.

Lindsay, this is not a competition.

Except it kind of is.  And you're losing.


Melissa said...

Those cards are adorable! I would buy them off Etsy. I'm not even kidding. Please consider making some and selling them!

Gesci said...

I love your cards! Paul is also wanting to pick up painting after we move (movers won't move oil paints or the various media types for oils) and I'm pretty excited- but yeah, it would suck a little if he's some sort of savant!!
So where's our view of this mountain landscape?!

Empirically Erin said...

Don't you hate those people who are just good at everything?? My husband is the same way!!

Unknown said...

Your cards are so cute! Very good job my dear!!
Did I mention that this post made me laugh out loud...because it did

Love you

Katie said...

Your cards are beautiful and anyone would get a smile from receiving one! So cute!

I pretend in my mind that I'm really crafty and could pick up a project and rock it. But in reality....hahaha

Hope you have a good Monday! :)

Tyler said...

Those cards are awesome! And oh, I am so jealous of your husband. I cannot paint/draw to save my life! Love this post :)

Jess said...

Well look at you two just being ultra crafty and everything...YES!
Those cards are the cutest things I've ever seen! The one with the doily...makes me SMILE :) so I guess it's working...I had to.

So glad you enjoyed your weekend, sister!
And HELLO it's okay to take a break from exercise for a day or 2...YEP I said that.

I love you!

Megan said...

How fun! Your cards are so cute. We did something similar on Friday night - after dinner I scrapbooked while my husband sketched. It was nice and relaxing :)

Leigh Anne said...

I love, love, love the cards you made! So craft Lindsay!!!!

Have a happy Monday!

Darby Hawley said...

Your cards are great; you're so creative! And to get your hubby into HL?! I'm very impressed LOL

Whitney H said...

Those cards are so great! You did a great job with them (and you could totally sell those on Etsy!) What farmers market do you go to? I'm trying to find one to go to on the weekends but I didn't know where to find it!

Jenn said...

I love Hobby Lobby and I love that you both did 'crafts' on a Saturday!

The cards are super cute and I am a little jealous that I do not know you better and cannot expect seeing one of these cuties in my mailbox!

RadiantKristen said...

You made the sweetest cards! And between pinterest and hobby lobby, I think everyone can craft these days... glad you had a crafty, relaxing evening!

Bre said...

I love the idea of arts and crafts lol. I'm a very semi-homemade person but I still love Hobby Lobby. that sounds like a great Saturday night. and I agree, those cards are too cute.

Clare said...

This is really fun :) I love that y'all had craft time. Your cards are great, such a fun little surprise to send to someone special. And who knew Ms. TBS could paint?!? That is too funny!

Nadine said...

Those cards are beyond adorable. I always wonder if I'm really really talented at something totally random and I just haven't discovered it yet. Looks like Mr. TBS found his hidden talent!

Kristin said...

How cute is this! I love the idea of having an "off the beaten path"'ve got my gears turning....I adore making cards w/ rubber stamps too (and sell them actually!) isn't it so fun and relaxing?! Such a therapeutic hobby for me. - Hope your week is off to a great start!

Joanna said...

Cute cards!!! i love the first one

from a new follower!!


Michelle said...

Haha! Linds this totally cracked me up! James is the same way...he looks and researches until his eyes bleed. And he sews better than I do. Sometimes he even cooks better than I do. He whips up awesome, unique things all the time. So I know how you feel ;)

BUT OMG I love those cards! The blue hearts! So freaking cute. I better see one in my mailbox ;) Kidding. Kind of. Now I'm going to go to Hobby Lobby ASAP and make all the things I can think of!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the first card you made! It's so cute! You should sell them on Etsy!


Anna {} said...

I've never been to hobby lobby but it sounds amazing! You will have to take me someday! I'm afraid that if I go by myself that I will get the feeling I get in bed bath and beyond of being so overtaken by so many things in one room! :) ha!

These cards turned out so so beautifully! GREAT work Lindsay!

Guess what I installed on my work laptop today? FITBOLT! Love it already.

Hope you have a beautiful rest of the week.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I think you could have a job at Hallmark in your future! I like to think that people who whip out a talent like his secretly practice for hours before to make it look effortless.