Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let's Get Acquainted!

Raise your hand if you're fairly new to these parts.

A lot of you should be raising your hand, because I realized that at least 150 of you stumbled across this blog in the last two months.  150 complete strangers!  That is incredible!  Thank you for coming aboard this pretty little tug boat of mine.  I hope you're enjoying the ride!  I feel so encouraged by your e-mails and comments, and I'm learning so much from you just by getting to know you a little at a time.  Thank you!  This blogging journey just gets better and better.

Since almost half of my readers are new and still getting acquainted, I invite you to hop over to my friend Mae's blog to read about an important piece of me.  You may remember her guest post two weeks ago about her journey of being an adoptive parents.  She's a fantastic woman!

If you've already read about this part of my volunteer work, well, what's another read going to hurt?  ;-)  Come and leave me some love, sugar pies.  Please visit me at Two Hoots and a Holler today!

Two Hoots & a Holler


Sadie Crookston said...

This post is perfect, it's your first post I read! Love your blog, so glad I stumbled upon it.

Heidi said...

Read your post on Mae's blog, made me cry. We fostered a teen for about a year who's been in the system since he was five. He was so angry and bitter at "the system" and felt like he had no voice. Wish he had had a CASA. Thanks for spreading the word!

Janna Renee said...

{Raising my hand} ;) Happy to be here, of course!! xoxo