Friday, July 6, 2012

Hello, Weekend!

THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!  Here's to hoping the weekend is better than my Fourth of July.  (I'm sure it will be!)  Here are a few highlights from the last week:


This is one of the outtakes that she posted on her photography Facebook page.  Amelie and Boone were terrified that there was a stranger in the house!  Amelie tried to make a run for it, but I got her!  I love how calm and serene Mr. TBS looks while I'm on the verge of laughter.  More photos coming soon!


I met up with Meg & Whit last Saturday despite the downpour and thunder.  Even though I live pretty far from most Houston bloggers, I'm glad that these two are within 30 minutes of me.  What wonderful gals they are!


I had the biggest grin when I saw Kristen's tweet about my 300th GFC follower.  Thanks for getting me over the 300 hump, girl!


After my Fourth of July disappointment and the crabbiness that ensued, I got a really sweet e-gift from Bobbi and proceeded to cry a few relieved/thankful/"I don't know what to do with myself"/happy tears.  Yeah, it was that kind of day yesterday.  Hahaha!  What a mess I was!

B, thank you for taking the time to send an e-gift to me, even while your dreamy English boyfriend is visiting you!


I saw this to-do list on Pinterest and couldn't stop laughing!  I really want to do 1, 4, 6, and 10.  Who's with me?

And now... Peace out, love bugs.  HELLO, WEEKEND!

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Clare said...

I am glad it's Friday and am sorry you had a rough 4th :( I love that you got to meet up with Whitney and Meg, how fun!!! Bon weekend :)

Jess said...

Hahaha DYING over that "to do list"...please do these and then blog about it, pretty please?! ;)

CONGRATS for hitting (and surpassing!) 300 GFC're out of control!

Still convinced that I need to make my way to Texas to see you & Meg. YEP.

And last thing...I have never thought about sending e-gifts...I need to get with the times it looks like!

Love you sister, enjoy this weekend!

Leigh Anne said...

That picture of you two and your kitties is ADORABLE!!!

Nilda said...

That is a really cute picture of you and your family. :)

I love the to-do list. I would love to actually do number 6. Not sure if I have the guts, but it would be hilarious.

Megan said...

That photo of you two with the kitties is so cute and natural! Love how you're laughing.

Also, how fun that you had a blogger meet up! I would love to do that.

Darby Hawley said...

ooo I cant wait to see the rest of your pictures! Hope this weekend is better than Wednesday!

Unknown said...

i really like that pic of you and MR. TBS/ kitties! cant wait to see the rest!!!

IM SO GLAD I GOT TO SEE YOU TOOOOOOO! I always love hanging out! have so much fun at the meet up! One day I wont be a nomad!

happy better weekend!!

Ashley @ embracing the everyday said...

Yay for a blogger date! That sounds like so much fun!! And oh my gosh, LOVE the to do list! I totally want to do #4 & #6. :)

Holly said...

Hahaha I love that funny to-do list. I totally need to re-pin that for another good laugh!

Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

Blogger dates are the best! Hope you're having a great friday! New follower here :)

Bree said...

Bahaha I loveee that to do list. Seriously, you should make this a blogger goal. Do some and then tell us all about them!! :)) hehe

Happy Weekend!! xo

Kat said...

Hi there! Following you from the H54F! Look forward to reading more! I would appreciate the follow back. Well, at least come check out my blog! :) Have a great weekend!

Joy said...

Ahahaha the pinterest is hilarious! Let me know if you end up giving them a try!

bobbi said...

I hope you're feeling better! Until we can actually grab coffee in real life, this'll have to do! :D *Ryan waves*

- Bobbi.

Jenn said...

The elevator joke is hilarious. I do not think I would have enough courage to do that though. My uncle is famous for saying "I have really bad gas" (even though he doesn't) in a crowded elevator and people have a look of complete horror on their face.

Rebecca A. said...

Love #4 and #6!!!!! By the way, I think its of those weeks! :/

Aunie said...

oh wow. all i needed was that list. i need to do the pudding thing to daniel. he would just DIE. hahaha

Angie said...

Hope your weekend is amazing friend!!!

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

I love the family photo! I think I might just need to invest in her taking some of me and my little family! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

Love the picture from the Blogger Date! We will all have to meet up for HH sometime soon since we all live pretty close to each other (bummer not living downtown by a lot of the other H-town bloggers!)

I REALLLLLLY need to figure out how to use Twitter... I am soo behind the times!

Hope you day is getting better!!!! :)

(Let me know my e-mail thing works now!)

Unknown said...

What an adorable blog!
I am not your newest follower!


Little Lady said...

Oh wow. That list made me laugh so much! I especially love the last one...I would so do that.

Unknown said...

I'm glad things have improved for you, I hate to see people feeling down. I love your photos (and really want to go to more blogger meetups). Have a wonderful day :)

p.s. I was a Philosophy major and what I learned is to question very little about most people ;)