Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Get It, Girl!

Let's get one thing straight.  I'm not a "working out" kind of girl.  Never have been.

I started dance classes when I was 4.  Dancing five days a week in a studio and P.E. classes in school did the trick for me.  We even ran and exercised in show choir in high school to build our stamina.  (Singing in harmony and dancing and doing lifts and trying to look graceful isn't exactly easy!)  All of that was exercise by way of doing something fun and competitive with groups of people.

This is the first time in my life I've ever worked out with the intent to work out, and sometimes, I need some motivation!  While most are using Pinterest for recipes, DIY projects, wedding planning, nursery designing, and fashion, I've started using it for exercise motivation!  Does anyone else do this?  

Here are some recent pins:

A good reminder.

Oh, good!  It is working.  :-)

Working on it!

(Also, hyphenate "30-minute", and we're in business.)

Hey!  I just met you.
And this is crazy.
But can you show me how to get your derrière?

The burpees are the most difficult for me!

Amen, sista!

Always look at the whole equation.

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

I will do this one day.

I got a lululemon swag bag with this print on it last year at Free Day of Yoga Houston.  
Powerful words!

What helps you stay motivated to exercise?

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Shelby said...

I've been trying to get in shape lately, so I LOVE this post!! Thanks so much for sharing these!:)

Shelby xoxo

Jasmine said...

I love this, thanks for sharing! Very motivational - so much so that I now feel motivated to get back into my training!! :) you're a gem!


Jess said...

Obviously I am obsessed with this post.
YES. I am. :) Super obsessed with the first pin.

I'm also very proud of you for getting your work out on, sister!

Like you said, GET IT GIRL!


Kim said...

While I do love working out, I also really love sitting on my couch eating things. Motivation is always hard, and I always need a goal to be working toward, whether it's a wedding, vacation, or photoshoot--knowing there's something in the not so distant future that I will have to look good at helps.

I'm obsessed with Pinterest, it's totally the new Facebook.

Sam said...

Love this! Also if you follow Lisa Marie's Bodyrock facebook page - she posts inspirational stuff all the time!

It really does the trick when I'm wasting time on my computer instead of working out :)

Steph said...

Pinterest is full of motivation, definitely a great wake up call! I think my problem is more discipline though ;)

Unknown said...

Those are some great motivators. I can usually stick with it for a couple weeks, and then I get bored. I've gotta get more creative.

Artista said...

Cute gym clothes! I love to buy cute workout gear. It motivates me to workout! I love the pins idea. Favorite is the butt pic! Do butts like that really exist? I recently started crossfit. Its a life changer. Highly took me 3 yrs to finally check out a class!

Jenn said...

I agree with [Sam] above. and Zuzana Light on Fb are my go to exercises. Also, any of the exercises I find difficult (like you said, burpees), I add those to the workouts every day until they become easy to me. Right now my weakness is diver bombs - oh so weak shoulder muscles!

Now let's all go work out.

Jenn said...
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Nilda said...

Perfect timing girl! I have been lacking in my going to the gym skills, so this is perfect motivation for me.

My boyfriend motivates me by reminding me that I am a winner and that I never give up on anything!

Unknown said...

what an awesome post! so much motivation! i just wrote a post about how nothing motivates me to work out.. haaa. but you go girl!! :):)

Gesci said...

1. You just caused me to learn what a "burpee" is. Thanks?

2. This is my work-out pin on Pinterest:


Jenna // The Life of the Wife said...

Thanks for some motivation! I need a good kick in the buttbto get going!

RadiantKristen said...

I pretty much only get on pinterest for exercise motivation anymore. Just not enough time for the other stuff.

I love that alarm! I'm going to think about that the next time that I don't want to go for a run =)

Martina // Spunkyrella said...

Yes I do that as well! And I love it! And can we please talk about that ladies fanny?! I can´t stop looking at it, you´re killing me, ha! :)