Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Filling Bobbi's Shoes

Happy Tuesday!  I'm ready to attack this work week after a fun weekend of some rain, the farmers market, watching "Dexter", catching up with my parents (who just got back from Italy!), and meeting up with my fellow Houston bloggers (more on that soon)!

Today, I'm filling in for my dear friend Bobbi, who is abundantly wonderful, over at Today, I'm Bobbi!  She has a very special guest visiting her (read: dreamy English boyfriend), so she's letting me take over her blog world share my thoughts about a past passion (as in a skill, not a juicy affair -- sorry to disappoint, naughty friends!) and how it fits into my life now.

SIDE NOTE: Can I tell you something funny?  I thought my guest post was going live yesterday!  Oops!  Wrong-o! -- which is why I was post-less yesterday.  I guess I better start confirming things like this the day before to make sure I know what I'm doing.  #bloggerfail

Hop on over to Bobbi's blog with me!

today i'm bobbi

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