Friday, July 27, 2012

Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend

(Rhianna's voice is stuck in my head now too.  Sorry.)

It's Friday?  And it's the 27th of July?  When did this happen?  I just can't keep up, not that I mind that it's Friday already!  This week, my work life was very busy this week (which is a very good thing), and my personal life was all about friends. Here are highlights from my week:

ONE: Within 11 days, I visited my doctor, dentist, and optometrist.  Check, check, and check!  I am thankful for my clean bill of health.  Even better, I enjoyed the staff at each of those offices.  I actually received a handwritten Thank You card from my optometrist's office manager!  Talk about customer service.  She included snippets from our conversation as she helped me pick out my new glasses too.  The card was such a small gesture, but it made a big impression.  Welcome to a southern small town, Lindsay.  To all my friends back home in San Diego, going to a real doctor's office is so much better than Kaiser Freakin' Permanente!

TWO: My Monday Through Friday post was surprisingly popular, and I was excited that so many people said that they were going to post one of their own!  If you do, please send me the link to your post in a comment, by e-mail, or on Twitter.  I can't wait to catch a glimpse into your usual day-to-day.


THREE: When my friend Anna shared her review of the iPhone app Red Stamp, I knew I had to have it, but the app isn't available for Android.  As always, it only took 2.68 seconds on Google to find Sincerely Ink which is the same thing.  And then, I found Postagram which was touted as "Instagram by mail".  Snap a photo on your smartphone, put it on a postcard, and your loved one can pop out the picture!  I used the app for the first time this week to send Joy's family a card.

FOUR: In case you missed it, I co-hosted 5ohWifey's The Girl Behind The Blog link-up this week, and I vlogged! 

FIVE: I don't photographic evidence, but I was all up in the "catch up with friends" game this week!
  • Mr. TBS and I Skyped with his best friend, his wife, and their one-year-old daughter.  BABY FEVER.
  • Michelle and I Skyped last weekend, and that spilled into texting.  My grad school buddy, my smart ass, and an all-around bitchen (as in the '70s version of "cool") smarty pants.
  • Emily has not only concluded her three-week stint as world traveler extraordinaire, but she is back in the states!  We only have a two-hour time difference now!  We had a Google Hangout with Jenna, and time flies too quickly with them.  We have too much fun just keepin' it real with each other!  
  •  I caught up with one of my best friends, Annie, and it was the best 1 hour, 59 minutes, and 4 seconds ever.  I love her red hair, her freckles, her laugh, and her guts.  Yup, I just love her.

What are you doing this weekend?  I think this weekend's adventures will include the farmers market, the library, Hobby Lobby, and date night (read: grocery shopping).  PARTY MONSTERS.

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jami lynn said...

I read that same post on Rambly Blog and have fallen in love with RedStamp. Sent a thank you to friends that came to a baseball game for my birthday, everyone loved it and it served as a little memento of the night! Gotta check out Postagram for my Andrioid phone.

I really enjoyed your Monday-Friday post, and your lunch looked delicious!

Angie said...

Sounds like you have a great weekend planned. Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man!! I keep hearing about Postagram and thanks for the reminder!! i definitely need to hop on that!!



Jess said...

AHHH RHIANNA....that song is gonna be in my head all day...thanks A LOT!

You are just becoming quite the little blog socialite! I'm so lucky to have you in my life!

Have fun partyin it up with husband at the grocery store ;)

I LOVE YOU a ton!

Bre said...

1- I'm posting from my phone and I love your mobile view!
2- OMG I'm about to be all over that Instagram app! #teamdroid
:) have a great weekend!

Bev said...

we are totes living similar lives friend!! I made all three appts myself with the doc for a physical, dentist and optometrist in one day and have had my dental exam... Augusti will bring on my eye doc and physical! Not only for myself, but made the same appts for my hubs too! WOOOP!

LOVE the vlog series, and thanks again for hosting such a shindigg!

xoxo, Bev

Jenn said...

Doctors, dentist, and optometrist... brave girl! I need to get motivated like you and get my butt in one of the offices of the above three.

Anonymous said...

You sound like me with your dr's visits! congrats to the clean bill of health!

Alyssa Dawson said...

It's so nice when places have great customer service! So excited for you! Have an awesome weekend! You earned it! (:

applesandglue said...

postagram looks so neat! And wow, tons of doctors visits! Doctors scare me lol

Kristen Danielle said...

I'm checking out that app right now!! Looks fun! And perfect for our beach vacation next month.

I'm so so sad I didn't link up with the vlog post. I wanted to, but I didn't have a chance too. How long is the link-up up for? Maybe I still have time??

Erin James said...

okay i love the title of this post cause i LOVE that song :) happy weekend, cute girl!

Meg O. said...

I always appreciate a doctor's office that goes the extra step to provide really great customer service. It makes it so much more worthwhile!

And could you be any more blogger miss popular? I don't even know what a google hangout is! LOL

Michelle said...

So nice when you can get all the doctors appointments done all at once! Guess who finally caved and visited the eye doctor again ;)

YEAH skype! and texting! You are THEEE BEST! :) And your description of me just made my entire life.