Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mind Tricks

I think I've lost my damn mind.  Isn't 27 too young for that?  Eeesh.

The first indication was that I couldn't find my camera when I packed for New Orleans.  Only three weeks earlier, I charged the battery for my trip to San Diego, but minutes before I left for the airport, I took it out of my purse, knowing that I'd probably use my phone for quick photos.  I still haven't found the camera.  Strike one.

I also forgot to mail the graduation cards I bought for two of my closest friends who finished graduate school.  Caitlin and Cory, I'm sorry!  I'm proud of you both, but sending the cards now feels more lame than forgetting to send them before I went on my trip.  Strike two.

And then at work I somehow volunteered myself to call all 101 of our patients every month.  I say somehow, because the words spilled out of my mouth before I had time to think.  Truth be told, it is the most efficient change we could make to our current system, but I just offered it up like it was a free puppy.  Strike three. 

Strike three, you're out, right?  Wrong.  My mind played the worst kind of trick on me the other night.  We typically spend the evenings in the living room with our laptops in tow.  I stayed up until the wee hours of the night, long after Mr. TBS went to bed.  I resumed my place on the couch with an episode of Ellen on low volume and my blog e-mail on high volume.  11:00pm.  12:00am.  12:30am.  The window.  I saw something move past the window, no more than ten feet away from me!  Was that a person?!  Was that a reflection from the TV?  Am I crazy? 

And then I did something unexpected.  My first instinct was to pretend like I didn't see anything.  The reason?  If it really was a person lurking around, I didn't want them to know that I saw him.  At the rate of approximately 12 gazillion thoughts per minute, I thought about nonchalantly turning off the lamp to pretend I was going to bed.  Then, I would peek through all the windows around the house to see if I could spot the person in case I needed to identify them later.  Then, I thought about how quickly I could do all of that before I woke up Mr. TBS.  Evidently, for a split second, I thought I was going to catch the Peeping Tom and serve up an order of justice.  Yup, I've lost it.

It is very clear now that I've watched 1,000 too many crime investigation shows.  This happened all because of a twisted mind trick.

All tricks aside, my mind is at peace on this Saturday afternoon.  My husband is napping in the bedroom, Amelie is dozing off by the (burglar sighting) window, and Boone is basking in the delight of a belly rub.

"Veronica Mars" on the tube.  Feet up on the ottoman.  Stillness in the house.  Ahhhh, yes.  Saturday afternoon.


Alana Christine said...

Oh no, you might be going crazy! haha jk

Katie said...

Haha! I feel the same way... I volunteer for things sometimes and I just think, 'why in the world?!' But, the whole window thing, it happens to me all the time too! It's scary, but for me, it usually just ends of being a moth or something :)

Tranae said...

lol Welcome to my world. So far this week, I have forgot to lock the door (twice) before going to bed. I prepared dinner two nights ago but forgot to actually put the pan in the oven. I didn't realize it until the timer was going off. And sadly, last month I left my keys in the car (with the car running and the doors unlocked). Thankfully my car was still there when I came out the store 10 minutes later.

Unknown said...

sounds like you really need a weekend!

Laura said...

Seeing "someone" in the window is the worst feeling EVER! It's so true your mind runs through every scenario possible. So glad you didn't have to use some super ninja fighting skills to save your life. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

hey Lindsay, this kinda stuff happens to me on a daily basis. Depending on the type of day Im having I blame it on a) tiredness b) business c) anything else ;)

Emily said...

Nope - you're not alone. I do this all the time. Especially the volunteering to do stuff at work. Literally as I am saying it - I am thinking "Yo Emily - shut your mouth woman"

This weekend we just got on the highway when I realized we never fed the cat. How will I ever be responsible for human babies when I am already losing my mind??

Aunie said...

if YOU , the most sane wonderful girl ever is losing her mind... we are all in trouble! love you girl! what a funny post :) I love your humor :)

Devon said...

I love your reaction to the supposed lurker, like you were on CSI or something. Im sure you'll find your camera sooner or later and it's the thought that counts with the cards. I say, send em anyway. The thing at work? Probably a good move in the long wrong. At least you can laugh about all of this (or make us laugh about it). :)