Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's Kind of Like Speed Dating

Time really is flying by, because I feel like I just did a vlog, but alas, it's been a month, and it's time for The Girl Behind The Blog with Ashley at 5ohWifey and this month's co-host Nicole at Our Crazy Beautiful!


I learned a few things while filming this vlog:
  1. I'm feeling more comfortable recording vlogs.
  2. But it's still awkward, and I still hide away in a different room and close the door.
  3. I shouldn't record vlogs after 9:00pm on a work night, because I lose my pep.
  4. I need new scenery, because a white wall and artificial lighting are BORING.
  5. It's hard to answer four questions in 2-3 minutes.  And I'm sorry I went 15 seconds over, although I'm sure there is another blogger whose vlog is 4+ minutes long.
  6. I won't record another vlog with my laptop while wearing glasses.  Sorry for the screen reflection.
Anyway, on with the show!

** CORRECTION: Measure from thumb to pinky and multiply by 9.  I said 7, because my hand measurement is 7.5.  Oops!

Be honest.  Did you measure your hands to see if they're proportionate?  ;-)  I hope you guys link up so I can learn a little more about you through your own voice!

* * * * * * * * * *

Also, the winner of the Shabby Apple gift card giveaway is... *drum roll, please* ...

Michelle at Mish Lovin' Life!

Congrats, girl!  I can't wait to meet you during my next trip to San Diego!  


Jasmine said...

Haha! I am going to measure my hands really soon. I think my fingers are disproportionate to my palm so it all kind of balances out? We shall see!

Love your vlogs and learning about you! Particularly a fan of exploding eyeballs, ha!

Hope you're well :) xx

Lena B, Actually said...

Will totally have to measure my hands now! lol
You did a great job on the vlog! I get so nervous when I do mine! ;)
Newest follower! Have an awesome day!

Empirically Erin said...

You are so natural on the camera! I'm too scared to do a vlog because I sound so nerdy and like I have a really high pitched voice which I'm pretty sure I don't. Oh and my sister just said the same thing about centering the text the other day!

Unknown said...

I agree with the public restrooms for sure! Eww!

"Icecream, DUH" Exactly :)

Cute vlog!
xo Kayla

still being [molly] said...

not gonna lie i totally measured my hands when you said that! lol!! great vlog :)

Gesci said...

PLL- definitely my guilty pleasure. And... I use center-aligned text, but I do have a reason! Since my posts are so photo-heavy it seemed awkward when I posted my words in left-aligned and my images/captions in center... so I made it all center! Sorry it bothers you, though- I am the same way about frilly-font body text. I don't care if sidebar stuff or header stuff is frilly, but I want the body font to be normal and simple!!
Oh, and I hate toilet paper rolled over the top... hopefully we can work through this and still be friends ;)

Jess said...

Did I seriously miss this again?

But haaaay, my middle name is Marie, too :)
And now that you swayed me into using left aligned text, center text makes me cringe...truth!

And you can tell that you're getting more comfortable making vlogs!

Alyssa @ Sweet Shangrila said...

I LOVE Pretty little liars too! I can't help it.

I definitely center my text most of the time and never realized it wasn't reader friendly.. thanks for saying something! I think it looks better but can definitely understand what you're saying and as a new blogger I appreciate the tips!:)

Lisa @ MMT said...

Hahaha You are so adorable!

I think I'm going to stop centering my text, you can thank me later ;) jk

I love Pretty Little Liars too! Such a guilty pleasure of mine.

Lets be bff's? k?

Emily @ Emmy June said...

I love seeing your beautiful face!!!

And way to be so revealing, man hands. Well done.
I agree about the toilet paper...but am not sure I agree about center aligned text. I go back and forth about it (in my own mind, and my opinion of it on other blogs.) Sometimes the way I want to write seems suited toward it, and other times not. I'm riding the fence, baby!

Biiiig hugs,

Micaela said...

Okay I definitely just measured my hands. And unless I did it wrong, I'm supposed to be 4'7". I knew I had small hands but now I just feel like a freak. Thanks Linz! Haha.

I cannot imagine you being an Ashley. That's so funny. I was almost named Alexis, but my mom didn't want anyone thinking she'd named me after Dynasty.

Katelyn said...

Haha, I love your vlog! So cute! Thanks so much for sharing. :] I love that you said Pretty Little Liars, I don't watch it all the time, but if it happens to be on I ALWAYS...and I mean ALWAYS get sucked in. ha.

- Katelyn

Annie said...

I'm pretty sure my hands are proportional although I didn't measure them, because two of my best college friends and I used to talk about our hands all of the time. One of them was six inches taller than me with the same size hands and the other was a few inches shorter than me with longer hands. Haha!

You definitely look like a Lindsay Marie instead of an Ashley Nicole. In my opinion, anyway :]

Toilet paper that rolls from the back and center-aligned text drive me crazy, too. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Mish Lovin' Life said...

Yahoo! What a wy to start my morning :) Thanks girlfriend!! San Diegans, unite!

Anonymous said...

1. youre a brat for calling me out on my blog time! ;-)
2. ashley is an awesome name but there are seriously a million of us
3. my hands are freakishly small- like midget hands
4. i'm sorry for center aligning my text. Is right aligned terrible too? 5. my favorite thing to do is watch crime shows while eating ice cream. no lie

Nicole @ the style hatch said...

I'm cracking up- left align drives me crazy, I like to mix it up!! Wanna know something funny- my name is Nicole Marie, but I was suppose to be Melissa Marie.
Thanks for linking up!!

Shannon said...

Found you through GBTB link up! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

I am so guilty of the center aligned text. But starting tomorrow, left align only! haha :) You speak the truth though, it IS a little difficult to read.

I found myself watching law/criminal mystery shows simple to learn self defense techniques. Am I weird? My #1 thing if I ever get kidnapped: Leave my DNA everywhere! hahaha.

Ok, I'm weird.

Little Lady said...

Love your blog!! Super like the idea of mixing my blog and my vlog. Super cool!

Alli @ Brooks' Blog said...

I think I giggled through this whole vlog! Do centered pictures bother you as well as tet? It's funny to hear, because I'm exactly the opposite!

Also, I took the "who could hate ice cream?!" stance as well, until I married my husband. The man cant enjoy a simple ice cream cone. Living with an ice cream hater is awful.

Happy wednesday!Thanks for sharing :)

Kerrie Williams said...

GUILTY on the center aligning!! I will try to write more left aligned posts in the future for you ;) Loved watching you!

TicoTina said...

toooooooo funny about the Ashley Nicole thing! hahaha! agreed on the wrong rolling TP! I've changed it at my friends' houses before, LOL. center aligned text used to bug me but then I just figured oh well, it's a blog thing. sometimes I will do that for short posts =) I prefer full justified, tho.

Jenn said...

You are soo funny! haha I absolutely hate toilet paper that unrolls from the back too. Oh, the simple things can be so annoying.

Ellie said...

1.) Your hair is getting ridiculously long, but is oh so beautiful!

2.) I didn't measure my hands, mainly because I refuse to until I google the truth behind that statement of 7x. I'm skeptical and I'll admit it.

3.) Another pet peeve of yours (unmentioned in your vlog) is when there are grammatical errors in writing, and so I am going to be the friend who calls you out on your own grammatical error in your blog. Look for the "their" that you put instead of the "they're". You'll find it, so I'm not going to tell you where it is, because I love you :)

4.) I totally change the toilet paper roll as well.

5.) We need to figure out a Skype date.

Love you, Miss Lindsay!!

Unknown said...

I am totally measuring my hands later! And I love the title of your post!

Michelle said...


And that wasn't a short joke ;)

I love "I like ice cream. duh." AMEN.

Also, I'm with you on center aligned text. It's a recent pet peeve of mine :)

Allie said...

Lindsay Marie, you are too adorable!! Even after a work night and with glasses...the glasses actually probably add to the cuteness...but I may be biased because I wear glasses most of the time haha. Also PLL is a damn awesome guilty pleasure to have. The story is just riveting...and from what I head A was working for someone else so the story continues. I don't know though. I haven't caught up yet. Waiting for season 2 to get on Netflix.

Artista said...

Cute video!

Unknown said...

The Closer is also a really good crime show - i love those kinda shows. We watched PLL in the dorms all the time last year lol and my parents almost named me Ashley as well smh. My first cousin and I have the same birthday so we're exactly a year apart and guess what her name is? Nicole haha.

Lissa @ her + him said...

i've heard so many great things about pretty little liars- i should check it out! and ha i had to laugh about your "lost pep" lesson... i feel that way too after a long day! excited to follow along xo

Erin James said...

okay, you are the cutest :)
and i agree - i gravitate toward "poppy' music too.
girl, the toilet paper thing - SAME HERE! haha & you cracked me up about the public restroom.

just love you!!

Jamie said...

So funny! The toilet paper bit bothers me, too!! I don't let anyone in my house change the rolls because I'm afraid they will do it wrong and then I'll just have to fix it. :)

And yes, I prefer left-aligned text, too. :)

Such a fun link up!

Kristen Victoria said...

I love your vlogs! You are so dang cute! I love the crime shows too- especially Dexter- mostly because he's eye candy :) I also am not a huge fan of center aligned text, although sometimes I do it for design/balance purposes to break up the page... I can't help it! haha

Mackenzie (@pintsizedmama) said...

Awesome - I think my hands are giant too :) And I could eat more ice cream than my body weight, I'm pretty sure. So if you need an ice cream eating buddy, you know who to call! :)

Anonymous said...

Haha that's awesome! My hands are actually smaller than normal... which sounds fine. Except when learning to play guitar.

I love Criminal Minds! Crime shows totally suck you in.

Great to get to know you a little better :)