Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Importance of Laughing at Yourself

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself!  It's healthy, and it's a good reminder to loosen up and not take everything so seriously.  Just the other day, I looked up the Search Keywords in my Blogger stats and saw this:

Some bloggers look at their Search Keywords and think, What in the world?  How did someone find my blog by searching 'And a pile of bandaids, thank you'?  Some people get really absurd keywords that do not relate to any of their posts whatsoever.  This is not the case for me with the keywords above.

HERE are the Pinterest babies.
HERE is the photo clothes line from my wedding.
HERE is my mention of my beloved Starbs hot chocolate packets.

And I hate to say it, but I do have a post about walking into an automatic sliding door!  I posted it in January before my blog was public, and I laugh every time I think about it!  The culprit:

You can read the story HERE.  Yes, it is very important to be able to laugh at yourself!  I'm just so thrilled that others can stumble upon this blog for a variety of reasons.  ;-)  Oddly, this is how Meg realized how close our worlds are.  It's her neighborhood Hubbell & Hudson!

I hope you're having a marvelous weekend!  I'm looking forward to another Houston blogger meet-up tomorrow night.  It's going to be a really fun one!  I'll be sure to post about it next week (and hopefully, some nice friends will share pictures with me since I still haven't found my camera).

Until then, peace out, my homies.


Whitney said...

We're actually moving pretty close to there in two weeks! =O

Laura said...

Funny! I'll have to check mine :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Jess said...

AH! Have a blast at the meet up - sometimes I wish my little behind lived in Texas!

Love you :)

Kerrie Williams said...

i love looking at the google searches that lead to my blog!

Meg O. said...

Haahaha I looooove stats!! The crazy ways people find your blog!!! The other day I saw someone searched "asian babies with swag" and I literally almost peed myself.

See you tomorrow!! YAAAAY!!!

Devon said...

Oh my gosh, I always find myself smiling when I visit your blog. That's hilarious that you actually have posted about all of those funny things! The sliding door? I'm laughing out loud! Have fun at the blogger meetup. I can't believe the camera is still missing. What a mystery.

Sienna said...

It is so crazy how people find your blog! And yeah, very important to laugh at yourself, haha

Emily said...

YES!! These traffic searches always amuse me. OK here are two of my recent favourites:

1. Love my cat pictures
2. Crazy ear muffs

I've had some better ones in the past. "old lady coughing" and "why is nancy botwin a ho?"

Laura said...

This is so right! It's so important to laugh at ourselves...the problem is we live in such a "serious" world...I love finding really weird things in my key-word searches as well!

Clare said...

This cracks me up, so funny. Last summer I had this weird skin rash that I posted about and that was the biggest search that led people to my blog, "white spot skin rash." I decided I just didn't want to be that girl so I had to delete the post. But if mine had been about something better like walking into a door I totally would've left it!

Julie Marie said...

lol. thanks for linking this up lindsay!! I gotta good laugh out of it.. its funny how random those search words are... why would someone google that anyways? haha