Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Friday!

Friends, I never know how this happens, but it’s Friday already?  I’ll take it!  

I’ve been without internet at home since Wednesday’s brief but strong storm, so writing posts in Word and transferring them to Blogger during a break at work has been my new process; hence, my late posts yesterday and today.  Keep your fingers crossed we get our internet back soon!  However, it’s been relaxing to be unplugged the last few nights!

Here are five highlights from my week!


It should be no surprise that every Monday through Friday, I look forward to getting home and changing out of a suit.  As sharp as a suit looks, PJs are more comfortable.  I know, shocker!  Now, add Andes mint chocolates, post formatting (that one is for you, Em!), and blog reading, and it’s a good night!


We’re got some beautiful stuff growing in the garden!  Parsley, basil, rosemary, squash, tomatoes, green beans, cucumber, and eggplant!  Now let’s hope that these babies can survive the encroaching summertime heat!


Speaking of summertime, the days may be in the 90s, but that means the pool is glorious in the evenings!  I couldn’t resist dipping my feet in!


I got a very sweet card in the mail from the one and only blogging rock star Jessica!  I love the lost art form of handwritten letters and cards, and when she blogged about your new cards last week, I loved them.  Little did I know, one of those cards would be sent to me!


We got a treadmill!  I haven’t worked out consistently since March.  (Shhh!)  I’m not a runner, but I’ve got to do something now that we moved far from my trusty studio with the toughest Pilates and yoga classes I’ve ever taken.  My first run pretty good, but I’ll amp it up soon enough.  Now that I have a consistent, healthy diet, working out again will get me to my best self! 

How was your week?

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Jess said...

So glad that you loved getting your snail mail, because I loved writing it! AND I'm so glad that you started working out I always say, GET IT GIRL!

I love you a ton and I hope you have a super awesome weekend...YES!


Elisha said...

That's so cool because I write letters!! Glad to see others do!! :)


Michelle said...

Love the pics!

Kerrie Williams said...

whew i will leave that tredmill for you! There is nothing i hate more than cardio. It's awful. Unless I can be distracted the whole time like in a zumba class or something. You've got will power I don't!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I haven't had an andes mint in ages. this makes me want one so bad!
It also makes me want to leave work and put on my pjs.

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Glad you had some time to read your own blog ;)

Michelle @Paintsley said...

Your smile is contagious! Have a wonderful weekend!

The Pink Growl said...

Oh my goodness I love those little Andes mints! I eat them like candy!

Michelle said...

You are such a good employee...I totally do most of my blogging at work :)Whoopsies!

Still jealous of your pool. I will visit you in Texas.

Oooo I want to send you a card! I love snail mail! :)

Empirically Erin said...

After being in Houston last week, I completely appreciate the swimming pool. Wish I had known where you live! :)

Truly Rachel said...

Hey Lindsay! I'm your newest follower. I love your pics. I simply adore getting handwritten notes. Great way to end the day- poolside. =)

Alyssa @ Sweet Shangrila said...

Andes mints.... now I want to go buy a pack asap, thanks a lot :P Have a great weekend!

Katie Price said...

I'm so jealous of that pool picture! You would think apartments in Dominica would have pools - no such luck!

RadiantKristen said...

Eggplant loves the heat. It should do great. Way to go on starting to run! I have started running, and even though it isn't my favorite, it does make my butt fantastic, so I think I'll keep doing it. I hope it works for you too!

Love the card. So cute. Glad you got some fun mail!

Laura said...

I love your dedication! My week was full but that's how I love it!