Monday, June 4, 2012

5 Things I Learned From Mom & Dad About Life

I have one question for you.  Where does the weekend go?  Everyone says that come Sunday night, but this weekend flew by at ludicrous speed.  (Any Spaceballs fans out there?)  Last night my Twitter blew up with tweets about the Miss USA pageant and the MTV Movie Awards, neither of which we watched.  My brain checked out fairly early in the evening, but in truth, I was in a calm state all day.  PJs until noon.  No make-up.  Grocery store.  Couch potato existence.  But it's a new week, and I've decided that...

... it's time for another round of 5 Things I Learned From Mom & Dad!  If you missed the last one, here are 5 Things I Learned From Mom & Dad About Parenting

So without further adieu, here is more wisdom imparted upon me by those two lovely people I call Mom & Dad!

5 Things I Learned From Mom & Dad About Life

1. Family is created, and if you're lucky, you're born into it too. It's not enough to simply be a daughter, a sister, a cousin, or a niece.  Just like any other relationship, family requires work, attention, love, and respect.  Transcend the ties of DNA and create true bonds.  Also understand that "family" is not confined to blood relations.  Adoptive parents, mentors, and best friends are family too.  Take great care with all of the family in your life.

2. Independence is paramount.  As a father of two girls, my dad was relentless with this lesson.  I was reminded often that I didn't need a boyfriend to be happy.  I should join a new activity if I wanted to, regardless of whether or not a friend would sign up with me.  I should ask questions.  I should recognize my own talents and feel confident in who I am.

3. Opportunity is everywhere.  Seize it.  More wise words from my dad: "Don't be the victim."  Sometimes I don't get what I want, but that doesn't mean the world is over.  (Even though it seemed that way when I was 15, and I didn't the lead role in the musical.)  In small and large ways, I've realized that opportunity really is everywhere.  When I don't see any I'm thrilled to take, I can always create my own!

4. Be presentable.  Related to point #3, you never know who you may meet and when you may meet them.  First impressions matter, so put yourself together and take care of yourself.  Let make-up be natural-looking, and let your pearly whites shine.  Grab attention with a smile, so you can show off your personality immediately after.  I'd like to believe that looks don't matter, but I'd be kidding myself.

5. Life is sweeter when you're surrounded by great people.  People who praise your successes.  People who guide.  People who share.  People who challenge you.  People who celebrate what you bring to the world.

At 27 years young, I have a really close relationship with these wise folks, and I'm still learning.  Lucky me!

Happy Monday, fancy faces!


Gesci said...

Great advice, of course! Brilliant people, those parents of yours!
I did chuckle a little at #3, thinking of the recent work "opportunity" you seized... heh heh!

Jessi said...

I absolutely adore this post! What fabulous lessons from your parents!

Whitney said...

Your parents seem like really awesome people!

Anna {} said...

I really like this post! So so Kind and good lessons :) love your writing as always :)

Jess said...

#3...YES YES YES! My Granddad always tells me this and the older I get, the more I realize just how right he is :)

You have a beautiful family, Lindz...but you know this already!


deertale said...

These are FANTASTIC! Even as a 26 year old it's nice to remember these things. You must have some pretty speacil parents! I want to print them so I can remind myself and future kids these things.

deertale said...

Oops! Special! Bad spelling over here

Holly said...

This is wonderful! I love that you have a such a bond with your parents. I am very independent and I think that came from my parents, probably my dad.

And you're right. Family is more than blood and it is certainly something that can be created.

I think my parents helped me to always see the positive out of the negative, and to not, as your dad says, be the victim. To seize opportunities and to make the most out of them.

And I am definitely learning and have learned along the way that surrounding myself with people who make me better is the only way to go!

Great post, lovebug!

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados and the Bay said...

Such smart words =) Love.

and your parents? Well they're just adorable!