Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wedding Weekend in San Diego


My five days in San Diego were good for the soul.  Not only was I there to celebrate the birthday and marriage of one of my best friends, but I also spent time with my family, saw a lot of relatives (albeit only for 30 minutes at an anniversary party), had sushi (faux-sushi for me) with a girlfriend, ate an In-N-Out grilled cheese, met a lot of wonderful new people, and sat next to my dream seat neighbor on my flight home -- the happiest, most well-behaved 18-month-old ever.  (It was such a fun three hours for Baby Elizabeth and me, and Grandma Lynae enjoyed the company and "babysitting" provided by Miss Lindsay!  Win-win!)

This five-day "soul food" of mine included three main ingredients.

I'm a lucky gal to have the family that I do! Going home to the house I grew up in and having dinner with my family is always fun.  We laugh about childhood stories which never seem to get old, and a get-together always involves a lot of picture-taking. 

I've written about the essence of people before, and being a part of Annie's wedding solidified in my heart that a girl's friends are a reflection of who she is and wants to be.  In the case of Annie and Kristian, they are beautiful people who will always be in the company of the talented, the giving, and the fun!  I felt so honored to be at their wedding.

The night of the wedding rehearsal bonded four of us for life, because we lived a scene straight out of a comedy.  Annie (the bride), Sara, Linda, and I were driving to our hotel suite after the party.  A short drive from downtown to Coronado island where the wedding would be the next day.  Annie and I were the last to walk out of the venue.  She profusely thanked the catering staff, and we merrily strolled out to the parking lot, arms full of decorations and purses.  Lisa and Sara were already at the rental car loading boxes of wedding decor and our seven boxes of delicious food that we planned to binge on in the morning.  At the last minute, another caterer approached the car with yet another box of food!  It was such a nice gesture, and it would have been rude to kindly decline, so Annie accepted it through the window, and we thanked them again for a wonderful night.  Annie had no idea that Linda, Sara, and I had already declined that food minutes earlier.

High off of the buzz of the rehearsal dinner party and the anticipation of Annie's wedding in less than 20 hours, we piled into the blue Chevy Cruze and began out ten-minute drive.  Little did we know it would take an hour!  None of us knew exactly how to get back to the hotel, and before we knew it, we were all talking simultaneously in the car.  Linda was asking questions, Sara was giving directions based off of memory, my GPS was speaking directions that sent us around the block, and Annie was on the phone with her mom and holding boxes of food on her lap.  (This is where I must tell you that all four of us are outspoken women.  It was not quiet in the car!)  Poor Linda was trying to make sense of everything she was hearing, and suddenly Sara said,

"There's the on-ramp!  It's back there.  Make a U-turn!"  Linda made a U-turn, and then, in mere seconds slowly running through molasses, we heard objects jostle around.  We heard plastic crack.  And then we heard Annie.

"Oh, shit!  It's everywhere.  It's everywhere.  It's everywhere!  Oh, my God, it's everywhere!"  I didn't know the extent of the damage, but I knew it was bad.

"Linda, pull over!  Pull over now!" I yelled.  I hopped out of that car like I was on fire.  Annie had already pulled her door handle, and as I opened the door, chopped chicken poured out like Old Faithful!  It was like lava searching for another valley to fill.  I jumped back as Annie's shovel-like hands started sweeping tiny pieces of chicken off the car floor, off the dashboard, and off of the car door.  I immediately grabbed the now-open boxes of chicken and placed them on the curb behind me and rushed to think of how to fix everything.  Meanwhile, Linda fell quiet once she saw the mess.  I later found out, she was silently praying, Please God.  Please don't let the car be ruined.  I don't have the money to cover a rental company's detailing fee!  Sara and I looked for something to wipe up with, but as any rental would be, it was empty.  In my haste to give grease-drenched Annie space to step out of the car, I stepped back... into an open box of chopped chicken.  Of everyone in that car, the vegetarian stepped into a box of meat!  Ahhh!  We were equal parts flabbergasted and ill with laughter.

Sara noticed that we were across the street from a fire station, and then we all noticed that the garage door was open, and there were firemen on break sitting on lawn chairs facing the street.  They had seen everything unfold since the doomed U-turn!  They had been watching us in our dresses and heels running around a car with its emergency lights on as we filled an empty street with laughter sprinkled with an assortment of profane words.  We were sure we looked like four drunk girls on our way to a club on a Saturday night, but all we were focused on was cleaning Annie, the car, and rescuing a few key wedding items (ahem... the guestbook!).  Without warning, Sara marched her hot little body right over to those firemen and asked for paper towels.  I was so proud of her.  She worked it, and she got what she wanted.  In this time, Annie also stepped backward and into the same box of chopped chicken and almost slipped to the ground.  We were dying of laughter by this point!  Our giggling took a brief intermission when a cop pulled up to check on us.

After the car birthed enough meat to be baby animal and after we made a late-night trip to the Vons cleaning supplies aisle, we settled in at our hotel room and began spot-cleaning Annie's brand-new dress and jacket that we were hoping weren't ruined.  All I could say was,

"Ace, this is a special night!  How many brides can say she went swimming in chopped chicken and grease the night before her wedding?"  Although frazzled and a bit frustrated, we were able to laugh about it.  I only wish someone had caught the entire episode on film!  I'm pleased to say that we did a damn fine job of cleaning that car, and Linda was not charged a detailing fee.  'Tis the tale of four women from three states who bonded over chopped chicken and grease!

What an amazing trip.  I miss it already, but another trip to San Diego will come soon enough.  I urge you to check out my new friend Jayme's post about Annie & Kristian's wedding over at Wedding Voices!


Laminat said...

I love all your posts, very informational. I appreciate these tips because i'm just starting out as a blogger and not sure where to start. keep it coming........

Katrina S said...

awesome! looks like you had an awesome day :) first time visitor- yet very sophisticated blog! love it

followed! follow me back? :)

Annie said...

I love your pictures! I love your dress. And your friend was a beautiful bride!

The chopped chicken fiasco. Ahhhh. I don't even know what to say. That's crazy! But it sounds like it's already one of those things you laugh about in retrospect.

I'm glad you had a good trip to San Diego! It sounds like that's just what you needed. It's always so good to have that time with family and friends!

Jayme said...

This is WONDERFUL!!!! We were all so lucky to be a part of it and to get to spend time with each other. Thank you so much for the shout out :)

Emily @ Emmy June said...

What a story! The vegetarian steps into a box of meat. Classy ;)

And your dress is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

i absolutely love that dress on you! you look lovely in that color!

Katie said...

what a fun trip!! I LOVE your yellow dress - so cute!!

Katie said...

oh and love the new blog look too!!

Lisa @ MMT said...

You look so pretty! Cute pictures!

Glad you enjoyed yourself in San Diego! What a crazy chicken situation lol. At least you girls can laugh about it now and forever remember that night!

Jess said...

Hahaha YOU WOULD be the one to step in the chicken! Oh, the irony ;)


Heather @ The WholeHearted Wife said...

oh my gosh we were in San Diego at the SAME TIME?? I was down for a wedding - IN CORONADO no less! Well, we both were crazy busy being bridesmaids (and baby girl was the flower girl) but how crazy would it have been to run into each other? Love the new blog look btw!

Steph said...

Beautiful dress! I love that the firemen saw the whole thing :)

Marissa said...

Stepping in chicken? Really?!?! Only you. Hahaha! Great story Linds & I'm so glad you had such a good time in SD. You look so happy!


Laura said...

Laughing out loud!!!

Michelle said...

HILARIOUS! Oh man, I love it! What an awesome story you all have to tell of the wedding!! Hahahaha. I can just picture the whole thing.

Seriously, nothing better than going home! I visited my parents on Sunday and it was just good for the soul!

P.S. you look BEAUTIFUL!

Devon said...

Oh my gosh this is too much. I can't believe you didn't gag. The bride sounds like a good sport! At least you will always have this hilarious story. I know it made me laugh.

Empirically Erin said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Your family is such a good looking group! And you looked amazing at the wedding. Hilarious story too. I can just imagine four women on the side of the road trying to clean out the car!

Leanne said...

Wedding weekends never come without some sort of fiasco. It is inevitable. But, that means they alwasy make for wonderful memories :)

Bev said...

omgggggggggg you HAVE to tell me where the bride found those lace table mats that the centerpieces are on... ADORBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your dress and you look cute as ever!!

ummm HI! Your new design is bangin' goorl!! love the colors and your adorbs picture in the corner!!!

Katie said...

bahhahaha! That is the funniest story! I bet you will still be telling it in twenty years :) You have a beautiful family!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Funniest story ever!! Such a great memory to have!