Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I've Gone Country

If you've followed this blog for more than a month, you know that I long for simpler and cleaner lifestyle.  If you've known me for more than two years, you're probably still shocked that I eat a plant-based diet and wash my clothes with soap nuts.  But alas, it's all true.

This past Saturday was painted with errands, but unlike our usual stops for necessities, we picked up some fun scores from antique shops and Hobby Lobby!  (Yes, my first Hobby Lobby experience started an inevitable love affair.)  As fun as that was, the unique thing about my weekend was that we visited the Sunshine Farm!  I knew Mr. TBS heard about a place we could buy farm fresh eggs from, but he didn't tell me that it was a full farm complete with a farm tour and shop!

What a fun morning!  I was giddy with delight as soon as I saw the donkeys, chickens, and goats!  Sunshine Farm is family-owned, and they work 'round the clock tending to all of their animals, crops, and shop (in which they sell soaps, lotions, lip balms, and other odds and ends).

 They had a lot of land to tend to at 12.5 acres!

Welcome to the chicken coop! 

This rooster was in the eldest coop.

The bunnies were well past their bedtime when we arrived.  The baby bunnies were cuddled up in a dark corner.  Simply adorable!

 I need to develop a green thumb, because that place looked like too much fun (and work)!

I always thought quail were much larger, but there they are in all their little glory.

I fell in love with two-week-old Daisy as she hopped around on her wobbly limbs.

 Oh, to have a home surrounded by natural beauty!

I want to learn how to make my own bath and beauty products!

I learned that luffas are harvested from gourds!  They always looked like a sea sponge to me, but they're from gourds that are dried and peeled!  Who knew?

Before we left, Lisa brought us to three large planter boxes, each with different mint leaves -- spearmint, wintergreen, and peppermint.  She handed us a small leaf from her stevia plant and instructed us to pick a mint leaf, and then... chew!  It tasted just like mint gum, but it was all natural!  Delicious!  It was just like a grabbing a parting mint at the hostess stand while exiting a restaurant.  I love anything peppermint.

It was such a fun surprise from Mr. TBS, and I can't wait to go back!

Have you ever been to real farm before?

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Emily @ Emmy June said...

Wow I never knew that about loofas either! I totally thought they came from the sea. Weird...and wonderful!

Unknown said...

Awww! What an adorable little baby lamb! (I hope that's a lamb, otherwise I'd feel really dumb!! baha)

Laura said...

My mom grew up on a farm so, when I was little we would go see my grandparents there. My uncle owns it now. I love all of the land!! Last summer I was "visiting" the cows and one took it upon herself to LICK my toes! Weirdest feeling ever. I couldn't stop laughing!! BTW, I love goats. So adorable.

How wonderful knowing there is a place to get farm fresh eggs close by you!

Unknown said...

ooooo how fun!!!!
I love going to places like this!
One of my students lives on a working farm similar to this! His mom always brings me homemade sopas and other goodies!

So great!!

Happy week!


Elisha said...

you are theee coolest. that is all. :)
proud of you!!


Jess said...

Daisy is seriously the cutest thing!

This place looks awesome :)
I'm curious to know all about your "clean & simple" life details, so when you have time, send me an email novel!


The Pink Growl said...

Some of my friends have their own chickens because they say that's better than buying eggs at the store. They are looking to get their own cow for meat too.

Michelle said...

LOVE!! Seriously, sometimes I wish I lived on a farm. My whole dad's side of the family are ranchers and farmers and sometimes I almost wish my dad had followed in his dad's footsteps so I could've been raised around all that stuff. Especially the farm fresh eggs! I've been looking for a place to buy those around here. It is Ohio, so I'm sure there's gotta be a farm like that nearby!

Gesci said...

Love this! Our country life here has inspired us to try to grow more and get our own egg chickens after we move- and now I think I'll have to grow gourds, I never knew that, either!

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

Cute Daisy! I always wish I lived in the country too. Like a 200 population town instead of the millions here!

Megan said...

Daisy is too cute! I can't resist smiling when I see a baby animal :)

I would love to try making my own soaps!

two birds said...

very interesting about luffah...i never knew that, either! and daisy is adorable...i would want to take her home! what a beautiful farm!

deertale said...

Lets all just move to farms and make things all day, and of course play with baby animals!