Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recipe: Homemade Lemonade

I'm not sure about your city, but Houston is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from summertime!  We're up to the 80s these days, so it's about time Mr. TBS and I break out our homemade lemonade.  (This lemonade adds serious flair to our refrigerator since we only every has water and rice milk.)  If you plan on having lemonade at home, too, don't waste your money on the store-bought, chemical-laden kind.  This is much simpler.  I promise.

This recipe uses stevia, not sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Friends, can you please do me a favor and never use Splenda, Sweet 'N' Low, Equal, or NutraSweet ever again?  (And stop drinking all of those diet drinks that have aspartame!)  Use stevia as your sugar substitute.  You can learn more about stevia at,, and


Stevia sweetener

Made By The Glass:
1) Squeeze 1 lemon into an 8oz glass.
2) Fill glass with drinking water.
3) Add stevia sweetener to taste.  (Note: I've found that the SweetLeaf brand pictured below is not nearly as potent as the Whole Foods and Trader Joe's store brands.)

To Fill a 42 oz. Pitcher:
1) Using a citrus press, juice 8-10 lemons and pour into pitcher.
2) Fill pitcher with drinking water.
3) Add stevia sweetener to taste.  (Note: Mr TBS and I make a pitcher of lemon water and then add stevia to our individual glasses.)

** If you're feeling extra fancy, add chopped strawberries and chill overnight.  You won't be disappointed!

Too easy, right?  Now go do it.  YUM!
Summertime, here we come!


Marissa said...

This sounds great! I'm going to make it today. :-) Hope you are doing wonderful!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

yum! i could drink lemonade every day ... but i use the crystal light packets. :) i'm lazy.

Bev said...

Those lemons scream summer to me! I'm so jay about your 80-degree weather!! My fam just loves to call me and boast about their HOT weather too in Cali..while I sulk in this rain and 40-50 degree weather :/ WOMP!!

I'm definitely trying Sweet Leaf in my lemonade.. never heard of that sweetener, but always up for some new products ;)

Gesci said...

I love homemade lemonade!! I usually make simple syrup for mine, though- I've got an insane sweet tooth, but I add enough lemons for a great tart/sweet balance!! Also, *high-five* on the get-rid-of-fake-sweeteners campaign- I am also on that platform!! I usually stick to raw sugar, but stevia is great, too!!

April said...

Im your newest follower...swoon.

April said...

Im your newest follower...swoon.

Jess said...

Ohhh make me this when I come visit?! ;)

I use Truvia as a sweetener...does that pass the big sister test?


christine donee said...

Obviously I need to do this immediately.

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

I wish we were close to summer. But Oregon is usually one of the last ones to recognize summer time. Hopefully by the 4th of July. :)

That lemonade looks SO GOOD!! And I love stevia. Absolutely no aftertaste. It is wonderful.

Michelle said...

I'll have five glasses, please. bought stuff is YUCK. I'm all about the natural these days.

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Yum. My mouth is watering. Literally. I just had to swallow a bunch of saliva. Haha.

Can that be my welcome drink?

Devon said...

I want this right now!! I've never used stevia (as you know, I am more into salt than sugar), but now I'm intrigued.

Lauren said...

umm...yum. must do this.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Fresh lemonade would be so divine right now!

Leanne said...

Sounds so yummy!! I can't wait to try this! Especially since my hubs and I have moved on from early death, er, I mean aspartame laden drinks. I can't wait to spruce up our fridge! Thanks again :)

Unknown said...

Well doesn't this look delicious. I am a new follower to your blog and I can't wait to follow along in the future. Have a great weekend!