Friday, April 13, 2012

My Favorite Day

Happy Friday the 13th!

My favorite day of the week has always been Friday.  Always, always, always!  The feeling of going home after work on a Friday feels extra refreshing, and it still has the promise of two full days of "freedom".  (There's nothing worse than sleeping in too late on a Saturday.  Does anyone else feel like you've missed half the day if you sleep in?)

Friday means linking up with the wonderful Lauren who has been an awesome help to me over the last week.  From My Grey Desk got a makeover this week which is why I've got a new snazzy H54F button today!


 Here are five of my highlights from the last week.

We went to the local farmers market & an awesome antique shop last weekend!  If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you probably saw these beauties:

My spontaneous post Before You Knew Me got a lot of sweet comments, and I loved checking out the links you left for me!  I read them all!   Emily at Hope Squared encouraged me to do a link-up for something similar.  Anyone interested in participating if I do that?
I told Mr. TBS that I wanted a free-standing mirror for our master bedroom, and this lovely piece showed up on Wednesday!  (Bought in Espresso on Amazon)
Major blogger love happened this week!
And both events were unplanned.  What sweet surprises!
I Skyped with my beloved Emily on Monday, and she is just as amazing as I had hoped!  We discussed all the normal Blog BFF things like online creepers, pregnancy/labor woes the magical experience of labor, ssssssnakes, and disturbing TV shows.  That's what you're supposed to talk about on a first blate (blogger date, for all you novices), right?
Yesterday, I met one of my favorite bloggers, Meg!  You can read yesterday's post for all the amazing details about how it happened and how we cheered up our dear Jessica!

I'm getting a new windshield today!  No more 24-inch crack for this girl.  :-)

I'm thinking this weekend will include the farmers market, an antique shop, swimming (in my backyard pool, y'all!), bike ride, QT with Mr. TBS and our kitties, and recording another vlog (for Jamie)!  
Singing may or may not be involved.
 What are you doing this weekend?


Katie said...

i lOVE fridays too! they are great! and how fun to have a skype date and another blog date too! I love meg's blog! have a great weekend lindsay!!

Allie @ Between Dreams said...

I hate sleeping in too late on a Saturday! Waking up earlier and getting things done always feels sooo good.

Happy Friday! :)

Emily said...

I am interested in hearing more about the online creeper convo!!

Erin said...

yay for blog friends, how fun!

happy friday :)

Jess said...

OKAY I can't wait any longer to see pictures of your new hommmeee :)

The picture of you holding the chick (?) is probably one of the cutest pictures ever! Side note: I've never been antiquing...

You & Emily are so cute on your blog date...we all need to make that cruise happen ;)

AND obviously I adore you & Meg :) I still smile BIG every time I see the picture you two took for me...which is a lot since it's one of the backgrounds on my phone!

of course, Happy Weekend! :)


Unknown said...

Wellllllll of course I love this post!!!
Inalso love that I knew that you got a freestanding mirror because Mr.TBS is pretty cool!!

Have a blast with all you very fun weekend-y things!!!


Again sooooo glad I got to see you
(I will send you the "real" pictures when I have my computer back Im on an iPad traveling this morning!)

Leanne said...

1. I'm so happy you go to meet Meg in real life, so cool!

2. I need to find a Farmer's Market in our area so that I can enjoy freshly grown goodies.

3. Sounds like a fabulous weekend & I also hate sleeping in too late on Saturdays. 9 am should do it (or earlier).

Happy Weekend! :)

Unknown said...

love that mirror!

Alexis @ ChristianWifeStyle said...

I think that would be a great link-up idea!

I have been wanting to go to a farmer's market SO bad, you just made me want to go even more!

Lot said...

Im with emily, more juicy updates on creeps needed. I dont have any, does that make me sucky blogger? Haha

Lauren said...

love it! SO awesome that you and Meg met!

Kerrie Williams said...

you should do the linkup! I've thought about that before, like a flashback fridays linkup or something where people can share posts from the past for those who missed them! Great idea:)

Michelle said...

Farmers market and antique shops?! JEAL-OUS! I can't wait until the farmer's markets open up in these parts. I'm anxious to check them out! And seriously, over the last year I've developed a new found love for antiques and old things that tell a story...but you know that :)also, BACKYARD SWIMMING POOL?! I'm coming over.

Yay for meeting a blogger!! Meg is so sweet. It seems like all the bloggers are in Texas or California...come to Ohio, people! I want some blog dates! :)

Erin James said...

You are so cute and so sweet! How fun that you and Meg got together to encourage Jess - I love when sisters come together!

Hope you have a happy weekend :)

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

I'd be down for a link-up! And I really like that stand alone mirror. I want one too, but our bedroom right now is too small. Sad.

Yay for Friday!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Looks like a fun convo!

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Dude you're such a bizzo. You had the audacity to {slightly} complain about the pic I posted...then you post that gem?!?!

One question: WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY FRONT TOOTH!?!?!? Bahahahha.

Hate you.

But still love you :)

Kim said...

YES, YES! I can't wait for your vlog with maybe singing.

Clare said...

Ahhh I love baby chicks! CUTE! If you do another "before you knew me" post I'd love to linkup/participate! Hope you have a great weekend! Mine has been good so far - brunch outdoors with my sweet husband, a baby shower for a close friend, and today I'm heading to the beach for a cookout... not bad!

lesley: the dream tree said...

Yes, sleeping in is such a waste of time in my eyes. Anything past 8 is bad!!!

Bev said...

I am DYING for a free standing mirror myself like that one you posted! I can't stand trying to see my whole outfit standing on a chair to look in the bathroom mirror! WOMP!!!