Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Denim Dilemma

Jeans: Macy's.  Tank top: Target.  Sweater: Kohl's.  Wedges: Aldo.  
Necklace: Boutique in Houston.  Cute bird bath: landlord.

** I'm not a fashion blogger, so I have no idea why I added the credits.  But they're already there, so I'm not removing them.  Oh, well.  Deal with it.  ;-)

Do you love shopping?  Most would answer "yes".  But do you love shopping for jeans?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  I don't enjoy shopping for more than one hour, and I gravitate toward individual stores instead of scouring department stores or malls.  My one exception is Kohl's.  I can do Kohl's, because I know exactly which section/clothing line I'm going to.  I get so overwhelmed by department stores and malls!  When I find a strip mall with a LOFT, Gap, Old Navy, Target, NY&Co., or Express in it, it's like I struck gold.

I had to find jeans this weekend.  I am the queen of keeping clothing for as long as possible.  My current pair of jeans were a hand-me-down from my friend Angela when I visited her at UC Santa Barbara in 2006.  Who knows how long she had them before that.  I borrowed them, I loved them, she didn't want them anymore, and I got them hemmed.  (Please note that this is how much of my closet has been built.  My fashionable sister and mom give me things when they don't want them or they don't fit.  Oh, the joy of being the smallest one in the family!  It's been this way since always.)  I've put off buying new jeans because of the great frustration I experience every time.  This past winter, I decided that come fall, I would buy new jeans.  Until then, I wouldn't need them in Houston's heat.  Well, I looked up San Diego's 10-day forecast for my trip this week, and...

... high of 62 degrees with few showers?  I'm perpetually cold, so I'm going to need some jeans, especially after living in the 80s here in Houston.  Luckily, Sunday has the best weather!  My hunt for jeans lasted all weekend.  Shopping with Mr. TBS on Saturday, and I headed out for two more hours that night.  No success on both accounts.  Evidently, I'm too small to wear adult clothes, but all of the teen clothes are super low-rise and overly embellished with a menagerie of rips, fades, and weird whiskers around the crotch.  (What the what?!)  And anything labeled "short" not included a shorter inseam but wider waist and hips.  I don't know why that is.

I hit the mall on my own on Sunday, and after two hours, I found a pair!  The last pair in my size!  I guess I shouldn't pass up the department stores anymore.  (Thank you, Macy's!)

Operation Denim Dilemma
Mission Accomplished
(photo above)

To all of my shopping addict friends out there, where do you buy your jeans?  Most importantly, if you are a "petite" (5'4" and under), where do you buy your jeans?  For reference, I am 5'2", and I weigh around 102-105 lbs.  After this weekend's research, I learned that I wear a 2P, 25 short/ankle, or 0 short.  I love a dark rinse, no embellishments, and a mid-rise.  I don't like my coin slot showing when I sit down.  ;-)

I bought the Esle Esme Bootcut in Dark Wash, but I love the look of the J. Crew Bootcut in Classic Rinse.

Fellow petites and others who wear "specialty sizing", where do you buy your jeans?


Angie said...

I absolutely despise shopping for jeans! I will go to the mall & come home with tons of tops, shoes, accessories, skirts, etc but never jeans. Glad you found some you liked :)

Katie said...

My jeans are always too long too! I've bought a few pairs of pants from Kohls and have liked them!

Holly said...

Ugh shopping for jeans! I'm around 5'9" with a looong set of legs so I need size long jeans. Well this can be difficult and even more so because I have a small frame. Some stores do not offer long sizes in anything less than a size 8, I'm a size 4. I've found American Eagle to be my favorite jean shop. Unfortunately they don't carry all washes in size long but I can usually try on regulars and order online. Jean shopping is definitely a frustrating task!

Jess said...

HAHAHA at your mention of "the coin slot"!

Those jeans that you found look AHmazing on you...forreal!

I just went an grabbed my favorite/best fitting pair of jeans and this is what they are:

They're from the LOFT petite section...holla!
Sz.24/00 Petite Curvy Boot

LOVE THEM and I always get compliments when I wear them!

I LOVE YOU SISTA...oh so much :)

Leigh Anne said...

I'm borderline petite but it's confusing. I'm 5'4" but I have a tiny torso. I am 90% legs. My legs are the same length of my 5'9" best friend. Yes I am disproportional! So I have the opposite problem, I ALWAYS need 'longs'. Regular/short are capris on me. And I have no shame in saying I wear "Teen"/"Young Adult" clothing. The only place that has jeans that remotely fit me and don't look horrible is Charlotte Russe. So random but it works for me (: They have such a variety of sizes which I love.

Lisa @ MMT said...

Okay so we might have identical bodies.... well maybe not identical, but I am a 00 or 0 short too! The only place I can find jeans that fit is American Eagle. I've tried on jeans everywhere and anywhere in hopes of getting out of the "teen clothing", but nope, only AE jeans fit. If you have an AE around, you must try their skinny's, artists, or jeggings. They are my favorite and the only jeans I wear. They have short for us shorties that are just the right length, or regulars fit just a tad longer, perfect for wedges or heels.

Unknown said...

Jean shopping is the worst! I'm 5'2 with massive thighs and butt but a smaller waist... I never find jeans that fit me perfectly! Just found your blog, love it, you have a new follower!

XO Lori

Gesci said...

I just bought my first new pair of jeans in 5 years. Usually when I find a pair I like I just buy 4-5 pairs in the same size, dark rinse, then stash a few and add them as the old ones wear out. I also REFUSE to pay over $75/pair... which is kind of unreasonable given how frequently I wear jeans. However, I knew I needed a new pair, and I can tell you- shopping for jeans in a country of flat-rear end women is not easy when you have a Georgia peach of a butt. I finally found a pair that wasn't covered in "decor" (what the WHAT indeed!) and fit my butt, only to wear them a few times and now they seem way too big. *sigh* Glad you found a pair!

Michelle said...

Just thinking about jeans shopping sends me into a fit of hysterics. The same with bathing suit shopping. *shudders*

I can NEVER find jeans that are the right length. Always too short or too long. And if they fit my waist, they're too big or too small in the thighs. It just never works! Now I'm all stressed out.

But I'm so glad you found some! I'm with you...mid rise and dark wash. Every time!

Devon said...

I'm pretty similar in size to you. Ive had luck with Roxy. I've also had some Abercrombie jeans that I love for like 8 years! It's tricky when your small. A lot of times I have to hem my pants. Glad you found some!

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Oh my God. What are crotch whiskers?!?!?!

You should have taken a few dressing room pictures in awful jeans. C'mon, think about the BLOG Linds.

Nonetheless, I'm glad you found a pair. And I'm laughing thinking of us going jeans shopping together. I have precisely the opposite problem. At least you can get jeans hemmed if they are too long. I cannot even shop at a few stores, because their Long is too short. Redonk!

Incidentally, my parents cared nothing about that and so I wore high waters during my middle school years. Awesome.

Frikken Duckie said...

I hate shopping for pants/jeans! That is the worst. Everything is always too long or too tight, or too "trendy". Haha. I tried looking for white jeans over the weekend with no luck. Everything I found had rips or lace cutouts and was bedazzled all over.

The FEW places that I've found perfect jeans are Macy's, Guess, and Wet Seal.

♥ Duckie.


RadiantKristen said...

I don't like shopping. In fact, I really only have 3 clothing stores I go to when I need clothes. I go to LOFT for just about everything, Ann Taylor for dresses, and Gap for jeans. I don't shop anywhere else, it makes me too frustrated.

Unknown said...

I normally end up in tears when i go jeans shopping. I am convinced i ave "in between" sizes for 20.4 years.

I AM glad however that you found some jeans for your TRIPPPPP!

Cant wait to hear about your trip!


Jami said...

I'm with ya, shopping for jeans is the WORST! I have a different problem though, big rear, small waist. I can never seem to find a pair that I absolutely love.

Unknown said...

I hate shopping for jeans! I'm 5'2" and so length is usually always a problem.. not to mention waist size and hip size being compatible! Argggh. It can definitely be frustrating! :-) I usually end up at Cato, Zara or H&M for jeans!

Katie said...

I despise jeans shopping too... I can't even give you any advice. I'm actually learning a lot from these comments! I usually end up with a pair of something that doesn't fit quite right and then end up getting rid of them.