Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sapphire Sponsors Are A Girl's Best Friend

New month, new sponsors! 

I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing weekend free of work and full of play!  I don't know if you've noticed, but I've made many a new blog friend, and you can check them out on my right sidebar!  (Why, hello there!) Here are a few of them:

My name is Jessica, and I blog over at Lovely Little Things! I’m a 20-something just living and learning as I go and loving [almost] every minute of it. I have a passion for life, and I'm always up for an adventure! There is no limit to what you'll find on my blog. I like to share recipes that I try, product reviews, [wannabe] fashion tips, organization ideas, good books I read or music I listen to, my triumphs and failures, fun pictures from my everyday life - anything and everything. I hope that by continuing with Lovely Little Things that I will discover lots of fun new things about myself (and the not so fun things, too) so that I can grow as a person, and maybe even inspire one or two people along the way! Come visit and let’s do life together!

Note by Lindsay: Precious Jessica has been incredibly welcoming and helpful to me since starting Trial By Sapphire.  She's fun.  She's great.  She's pretty.  She's a hoot!

Hey guys! I'm Kristen; the girl behind Confessions of a Graphic Design Student. I'm 24 years old, raised in the east, living in the west, married to my best friend, fascinated with design, and figuring out life one day at a time! Come visit and laugh along through my learning curves as I attempt to transform my passion into a career... I promise to share my tips and tricks along the way!

Note by Lindsay: This beauty has got design skills (as you would expect from someone with that blog title)!  Check out her latest March desktop calendar freebies!

My name is Lot, I live in downtown Amsterdam (The Netherlands) with my lovely husband and wonderfully naughty son. I work in software development during the day and love to be creative in the evening, which comes in the form of all things Photoshop, web desgin/tutorials, and blogging about it on Cake Memoirs.

 Note by Lindsay: Lot's blog is the epitome of fresh, fun, and reader-friendly!  Stop by to read her guest posts about other people's talents and grab her wonderful free printables!

I'm Franchesca, and I blog over at Small Bird Studios, and run a little shop on etsy where I sell handmade subway art pieces with inspirational words and sayings. You can also cherish your instagram pictures even more (LURVE instagram!) by turning them into hanging canvases, as seen below. The inspiration for the studio pieces came from some of the quotes I've found over the past two years after our world changed forever. They have encouraged and strengthened my heart over the years. I hope to spread love, encouragement and inspiration with these pieces :]

Note by Lindsay: Fran's blog is one of my absolute favorites, because it is so grounded.  In a blog land that is primarily focused on pretty things and how to make them, I find that Small Bird Studios really bring attention to the natural beauty of life that we can all experience every day.  So powerful!

So head over to their blog homes and say hello.  And let them know the oh-so-wise Lindsay sent you!  (Ha!)  Happy week to you all!


Jess said...

Oh Lindsay - you are too good to meeee :)
Seriously, you make me smile on a weekly (maybe daily!) basis!

So thank you!
Oh and going to check out 2 of these ladies that I've never seen before. Yay new blogs :)


Emily @ Emmy June said...

You're pretty awesome, Linz. Good to see you spreading the blogger love :)

Franchesca said...

Wish I could hug you!!!! Thank you Lindsay!!! XO!

Lot said...

You really are very sweet for saying such kind things about me here. Thank you. I will be checking out the other blogs soon. Its so nice to meet friends of friend :)