Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday a.k.a. Moving Day Eve

My blog time has been cut short with our move.  
But it's Friday, and I wouldn't dare miss linking up with the beautiful Lauren!  

Here's the quick and dirty...

1) I went to my first H-town Blogger meet-up on Sunday.  It was great to meet my Houston favorites in person and to learn about other bloggers.  Looking forward to the next meet-up!  (I promise I'll post pictures as soon as I receive them!)

2) I signed up for, and it's already been a good yoga resource.

3) I picked up the keys to our new home yesterday!

4) Today is my last day driving 60+ minutes one-way to work.  (It took me 90 minutes to get home two days this week.  Yikes!)

5) I was so happy to read this LUSH review by Bobbi-Jo!  In my search for vegan beauty products, I came across LUSH and really wanted to try a few items.  Now that I've gotten a tried-and-true review from my fellow hair-needs-taming/not-naturally-straight-hair blogger, I'm buying some when my current products run out (which is soon!).

Enjoy your weekend, ladies and gents!
The Dreamboat and I are movin' our asses to a cute house! will be claiming new digs!
(That's what you call blog censoring.  *curtsy*)


Kristen Danielle said...

Haha. Love that last part about blog censoring. You're too cute.

Moving is stressful, but it will ALL be worth it!!! :) Congrats again! :)


Erin said...

Good luck with your move, it will be worth it!

happy friday :)

Kara said...

So happy for your move! Can't wait to see pictures of the new home. Congratulations!

Valerie Griffin said...

happy moving day eve to y'all! SO EXCITING!

Lauren @ From My Grey Desk said...

good luck with the move! i'm moving in about four weeks and am already kind of dreading it. but, as you know, i have lists for everything that needs to be done so i'm hoping it will go smoothly :)

i'll miss you in the blog world but hope everything goes well!

xo lauren

Marissa said...

You are so funny I swear! Blog censoring. Oh to be a fly on the wall of your car driving home everyday. LOL!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I can't wait to see pictures of 2 things:

and of course pictures from the blogger meet up :)

I need to find my way to Texas for the next one because I need to meet you in real life. Serious.

Love you buttercup!

Miranda @ All Things Lovely said...

It was wonderful to meeting you on Sunday :) I'm glad you won't have to do that horrible commute anymore! You'll have to post pictures for us all when you get settled into the new place.

Xo!! Happy Moving-Weekend!

Beverly said...

New Home??? Blog meet up?? Sounds like a superb week girlie!! Congrats on LIFE :)

Saw your blog on Lovely Little Things, and glad Jess shared it with us.. your blog is adorbs!

Have a glorious weekend!

Devon @ TheMermaidChronicles said...

Stoked for you to have a shorter commute! What a relief! Good luck with everything!

Petchie said...

wow 60 minutes to work?! I would go crazy with that kind of commute! Congrats on the new home!


Simone said...

Hey there! I hope the move has been going well! I am excited that your commute will be so much less and I am looking forward to your next post!

Just FYI - You've been TAGGED! Come check it out!

PS Praying that you settle in well!

Unpublished Life said...

Hope the move went well! Here's to exciting new adventures!

Wow, I am always so jealous of you lovely ladies and your blog meet-ups. I need to move over to the States I think.

LeahJo said...

Hi Lindsay, I found your blog from The Girl Behind the Blog. I see you're moving to Houston, that's where I'm from and moved to Austin ten years ago.
Hope you enjoy it!

Anna {} said...

Praying for a smooth move for you!

I know isn't moving the worst? If I lived near I would so help you wrap up all your dishes, put them in boxes and tape them all shut!