Monday, March 5, 2012

All The Ways Our Wedding "Went Wrong"

He doesn't make too many cameos on TBS, but this is Mr. TBS and I back in 2006, about six weeks into dating.


I was never the little girl who dreamed of her wedding day.  I played "house" but always jumped straight to the house with a husband, baby, dog, and cat.  Even as I got older, I had fun at weddings but didn't take any mental notes for my big day.

It wasn't until I was an Event Coordinator for a fancy, shmancy boutique hotel in San Diego that I really started to visualize decor and recognize my own taste for wedding elements.

Don't you love our shoulder-padded blazers straight out of "Who's The Boss?"  
That's Ace, now one of my best friends.  She's gettin' hitched next month!

By this time, I had been with my wonderful then-boyfriend for two years and was madly in love, marriage conversation included.  Although we talked about our future together, we didn't discuss wedding details.  But who cares!  I was independently whipping those up in my head!  It would go something like this:

What I Planned
Fall wedding (our favorite season)
Autumn colors
9-12 months of planning (My sister planned hers in 6, and that's just crazy talk!)
Guest list of about 200 (like my sister's)
Honeymoon in Europe
Or a destination wedding maybe?!
No strapless bridal gown.  Not my style.
Live music
I would probably be able to get all sorts of deals now that I was working in the event industry.

So there.  It was set.  I really know to get things done, people!  Fast forward to January 2011.  We're getting married!  And we just found out we're moving out of the state.  Wait, what?  What happened to my 9-12 months of planning?!  We were either having a wedding 1,500 miles away from (my) home in a city where we knew not a single soul OR having a wedding in four months.  Yes, sweet people.  Four months.

That single glitch threw in wrench in all of my gears.  We were packing up our home, downsizing our belongings, looking for a place to live, job hunting, and planning a wedding.  In four months.  

Ways Our Wedding "Went Wrong"
4 months of planning
No money saved up for a wedding
Our honeymoon was moving to Houston
Our autumn wedding was in May -- which changed the colors
Intimate wedding of less than 70
Surprise! Turns out a strapless gown looked way better on me than anything else!

After coming face-to-face with severe feelings of defeat, my mom and sister snapped me back to reality, and we got down to business!  On paper, everything went wrong.  And you know what?  

Our wedding was perfect.

With little money and time, my family pooled their talents to plan one heck of a wedding!  We got creative, and thus, our DIY wedding was born!  I'll be sharing our DIY projects and other wedding elements in my "DIY Wedding" series.  And really?  Who doesn't love wedding stuff?  It's like crack for bloggers.  Admit it.

I hope you'll stay tuned for all the wedding fun!


Cory J said...

I love it!

Micaela said...

Your wedding WAS perfect. And I'm so glad I got to be a part of it, even in a very small way.

Unknown said...

y'all are a BEAUTIFUL couple!

Unknown said...

just love.
i mean, how do you even start.


Emma said...

Perfect timing and so needed to see this! I have a year to plan and I am freaking out already. Is that normal? I sure hope it is normal! I feel like a crazy person :p You all are a beautiful couple and I love that picture of you all. Glad we are now following each other :)

Jess said...

it's finally happening :)
The always talked about wedding DIYS!

I am beyond excited!
And I adore that picture of you laughing!
You guys are the cutest!


Emily @ Emmy June said...

I love this post for many reasons.

1) Dreamboat feature
2) The shoulder pads. We had to do a fake newscast in high school government class--so of course, my fellow news anchor and I raided our moms' closets for the most awesome, padded blazers. Isn't that like Broadcasting 101?
3) Our wedding didn't go exactly according to plan either, so I always like reading about other peeps.
4) You guys are pretty effin' cute!

Kristen Victoria said...

I used to be the administrative assistant at a wedding reception center here in utah, and no matter how much planning the bridal party did, something ALWAYS goes wrong! The key is remembering the reason why you're getting married and having fun on your big day! You looked GORGEOUS by the way :)

Marissa said...

Love this Lindsay! You are so beautiful btw - I love the new profile pic. Keep it sweet sista!

Unknown said...

I was just pouting while looking at some of my friends recent wonderful weddings, and then I came here and cheered right up! My wedding also didn't go as planned. I had a choice of planning our wedding in 3 months, or waiting til the next year (with no family in attendance). So with the help of my mom, sister, and 2 friends we managed to pull everything together. There were a lot of mess ups and mistakes and things I wish we could do again, but it was an amazing wedding. I am glad I sacrificed perfection for having all of my family next to us on that day! It was so worth it!!! And you look stunning! I love your dress and the best part is that you look super happy! I love happy brides, they are the most beautiful! :-)

Lisa @ MMT said...

You look so beautiful and happy in your wedding photo! If you would have asked me, I would have told ya to elope in Vegas ;) that's what we did!
I forgot you are a Cali girl! See how much we have in common :)

Katie Price said...

I love that you were able to admit defeat and just move on with it! Such a great character quality to have.

Chandra said...

Go with the flow! Love that:D I'll be walking down the aisle in November...not stressing about anything bc I know the day will be just fine no matter what! Can't wait to read more....

Whitney said...

I can't wait to hear about your wedding! I can't believe you did it in 4 months... that's ridiculous!

Aunie said...

That picture of you two is so wonderful. you are amazing!!

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

I bet it was perfect! My wedding was so different than the original plan, and I wouldn't change a thing. You look gorgeous in a strapless dress! :)

hk said...

well-planned and well-funded or not...your pics look fantastic! xooxox lots of love!

Devon said...

I love this story. Sometimes things don't go according to plan, but it doesn't mean you won't still get the perfect end result. Congratulations! You look so happy and beautiful!

Laura said...

What a great story! I love hearing about all of the things that went "wrong" at weddings! It's actually what makes the day even more memorable :)

Rebecca A. said...

Love Hotel Del...have been able to visit a few times.

Simone @ Busy as a Honey Bee said...

Hey there! Love this post on your weding It looks like it was the perfect day! But I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I am giving you not one but 2 awards! Stop by and check it out!


Holly said...

Yay I cannot wait to read more about your wedding! I may be biased but small intimate weddings are the best :)

Unpublished Life said...

Awww - what a lovely post! I am so glad you were able to put aside the expectations, and make a wedding that was truly wonderful and magnificent in its own right!

Love that photo of your wedding day - so happy!

Breanna said...

Love your blog :) This was a great post!
Stopping by from VWB :)

Brett Rodgers said...

I really like this. I think that this is a beautiful reception centers in utah. I cant wait to get married in April. Its just going to be the best day ever!

Kristen Danielle said...

I saw you were featured on Kate's blog today and you included this post as one of your faves. I love it! I love how open and honest you are about how things didn't go as planned, but it still turned out wonderful. You are one gorgeous bride!!!!! :) Glad you moved to Houston! :)

Melissa said...

I'm just hopping around your blog and I love this post. It's so funny how things aren't what we expect sometimes but still so great. Also, I love Del Coronado. I haven't stayed there since I was a little kid but I loved it.