Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday a.k.a. Moving Day Eve

My blog time has been cut short with our move.  
But it's Friday, and I wouldn't dare miss linking up with the beautiful Lauren!  

Here's the quick and dirty...

1) I went to my first H-town Blogger meet-up on Sunday.  It was great to meet my Houston favorites in person and to learn about other bloggers.  Looking forward to the next meet-up!  (I promise I'll post pictures as soon as I receive them!)

2) I signed up for, and it's already been a good yoga resource.

3) I picked up the keys to our new home yesterday!

4) Today is my last day driving 60+ minutes one-way to work.  (It took me 90 minutes to get home two days this week.  Yikes!)

5) I was so happy to read this LUSH review by Bobbi-Jo!  In my search for vegan beauty products, I came across LUSH and really wanted to try a few items.  Now that I've gotten a tried-and-true review from my fellow hair-needs-taming/not-naturally-straight-hair blogger, I'm buying some when my current products run out (which is soon!).

Enjoy your weekend, ladies and gents!
The Dreamboat and I are movin' our asses to a cute house! will be claiming new digs!
(That's what you call blog censoring.  *curtsy*)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Keys! {And the Missing Part 2}

Happy Friday Eve, y'all!

I hope you enjoyed the vlog yesterday, cheesy smile included!  I received quite a bit of peer pressure to sing, but the thought of singing to my laptop or phone feels... very odd!  Maybe I'll have one of the other bridesmaids record "At Last" at the wedding reception next month.  And maybe I'll post it.  Maybe.  I'm contemplating recording a Disney song as an (not-so-surprise anymore) audition video for Jamie to be Sabrina's "Mary Poppins" (her singing nanny).

More importantly, I'm picking up the keys to the new place today after work!  WAHOO!  I was going to take a blogging break due to time, but I realized that I never shared Part 2 of My DIY Wedding on my blog, because it was originally posted at 5ohWifey on March 8!  If you read my guest post over there, feel free to skip this.  I won't mind!  If you're a new reader, enjoy!  You can find all of my past wedding posts HERE.

Enjoy your day, my peeps (as Mr. TBS and I like to say, because we're gangsta).

High five,

Our Guest Tables

#1: My Sister's S'mores Favors
My sister is the crafty one of the children.  She put all of these individualized s'mores packs together by herself!  She used clear craft bags, graham crackers, Hershey's chocolates, large marshmallows, and cute printables!  They were so tempting that a lot of people starting roasting their s'mores over votives!  Tasty and personalized!

#2: Repurposed Jars & Bottles
Who needs to buy vases and votive candle holders when you can make them?  For months, family members saved baby food jars, large glass jars, and glass bottles for us.  After washing, soaking, and removing all labels and adhesive, we had a collection of about 70 to decorate.  Using a hot glue gun, we decorated them with ribbon, twine, and lace -- and voila!  They were perfect for our centerpiece flowers!  The baby food jars held votive candles.  Since tea lights would only last for 1-2 hours, I wrapped votive candles in foil so they wouldn't melt into a large pool and burn out quickly.

#3: Photos
We placed 15 pictures decorated with twine and ribbon on each table.  They included photos of us growing up and pictures of our 4.5-year relationship together.  These were a hit with our guests!  Every table had different pictures, and this encouraged people to mingle.  They depicted a lot of wonderful memories with friends and family, so we weren't surprised that our guests took their favorites home with them.  And after some deal hunting, our photo printing was 50% off through Walgreens! 

The end.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vlog Time!

You heard me!  It's time for another vlog!  
I'm linking up with Ashley and Andi for The Girl Behind The Blog #2: What I'm Learning!


I would love for all of you to link-up as well so I can put a voice to your names.  
Pretty please?

After viewing this, I have a few comments to add:

- I know the lighting is terrible.  I planned to film this before sunset, but my glorious commute home took 90 minutes yesterday, and I worked with what I had.  (I will not miss the commute or the I-45 after we move!)

- I noticed in this vlog (and in my last one) that my voice gets higher when I speak softly.  I don't know why.  I'm embarrassed to record vlogs when Mr. TBS is home, so I made him turn on the TV, and I closed the doors.  ;-)

- Go meet Ashley.  She's an awesome, independent, and strong-willed mama, and I'm all about her!

- It's hard to hear what I said at the end: "I hope you enjoyed seein' my smiley face."  Hence, the silly gesture!

Happy week to you lovely people!  
Please send Mr. TBS and I good vibes for our move.

* * * * * * * * * *

UPDATE: I got the most amazing shout-out in Ashley's vlog (at 3:20, to be exact!), and it MADE MY DAY!  I love my blogging community.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ASL & Baby Sign Language

I have always wanted to be bilingual.  For a short time, I was conversational in Spanish, but it's been years since I've spoken it, and I feel like I'm back at an advanced beginner level.   My husband's affinity for French rubbed off on me, but I haven't made it past numbers, colors, and basic greetings.

My first language love was American Sign Language (ASL).  In elementary school, we had a session called D.E.A.R., Drop Everything And Read.  It was 30 minutes of reading anything -- the student newspaper, a library book, or a book from the reading corner.  My friend, Trina, and I used to check out ASL books and sign to each other.


Our teacher loved what we were doing but didn't want us to distract the others, so she let us sign to each other in the teacher room or while sitting on the floor next to her desk.  We would pass the book back and forth, interpreting each other's sentences.  We used a lot of finger spelling, which isn't true ASL, but we were proud of ourselves.

When I got to high school, I was disappointed that ASL wasn't offered for the language credit.  I had hoped I was finally going to get real educational instruction.  I still haven't taken a formal class, but if I had the time and money to take a community college class for fun, I would take ASL!

I'm so fascinated by the language and deaf culture.  Have you ever watched ASL interpreters?  They're beautiful!  Interpreters are very animated.  It's almost theatrical which is probably why I love it so much.  ;-)

For two years I've been obsessed with watching Ally ASL.  You can read a bit more about her story on this ABC World News clip, or you can see her YouTube channel.  Here is one of my favorites:

That video led me to this one by CaptainValor on YouTube.  I'm not a Miley Cyrus fan, and I know this song is cheesy, but just look at him.  He's so stinkin' adorable.

Even though I won't be an old signing pro by the time I'm a mother, I still plan on using baby sign language.  I believe it works and that it gives babies a stronger opportunity to communicate before having verbal skills.  My favorite little signing baby?  Fireese.  Her mom started My Smart Hands after the success her family had.  Fireese is a big kid now, but look at these videos from the My Smart Hands YouTube channel!

Do you know anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing?
Do you know how to sign?
All my mama friends, did you try baby sign language with your little ones?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Update & My DIY Wedding, Part 4

Hi, friends!

I hope you had a marvelous weekend!  My weekend consisted of catching up on a sleep.  I slept in past 9:00am on Saturday and Sunday, and it felt so good!  Oddly, one of the things I look forward to most on the weekends is running errands with Mr. TBS on Saturday afternoons.  It's nice to get outside, not worry about any sort of schedule, and to stop somewhere for lunch (which we always do).  We also love catching Sunday matinees at the movies, but there isn't enough quality cinema to make that a weekly occurrence.

For the record: I have not read The Hunger Games trilogy or seen the movie.  I've heard great things, but they'll have to wait until I can get my hands on a copy at the public library.

I went to my first H-town Blogger meet-up yesterday, and it was so great to meet some other blogging gals!  I was most excited to meet Fran and Michelle, and they are just as wonderful in person.  Michelle will be e-mailing photos soon, but here is a gem of Fran and me!

Now we're trying to convince our other love, Jamie, to get out here, like, yesterday!  H-town gals, it was so great to meet you!  See you next month!

Mr. TBS and I are moving this weekend, so I'll admit right now that I won't be on top of my blogging and blog reading.  Please bear with me!

Until soon,

P.S. Moving put me in a really crabby mood tonight.  Maybe some wedding stuff will turn that frown up-side-down!

* * * * * * * * * *

Here are some things about my DIY wedding that I absolutely love:

Something Blue Girls

We skipped having a full wedding party and only had the Best Man and the Matron of Honor.  We were short on time, and I didn't feel like I could fully commit to organizing the bridal party details.  Also, half of my best friends lived out-of-state, and I felt like it would be that much harder to coordinate.  In the end, I couldn't go without recognizing my best friends in a special way, so they were my Something Blue.  My only request was, you guessed it, that they wear blue!


With Mom & Jake

One of my friends officiated the ceremony!  Yup!  His family has been in the B&B business in Lake Tahoe and Palm Springs for years.  They've hosted intimate weddings at their properties, and my friend is an ordained minister.  He offered to officiate the ceremony, and it was so special to have him contribute in that way.


We almost went without a photographer.  I planned to get photos from my brother (who has a knack for photography) and whoever else took pictures at the wedding.  But my sweet parents didn't want him to feel pressured or to miss out on simply experiencing his sister's wedding, so they hired someone... on very short notice!  Alon David photographed my uncle's wedding four months earlier, and everyone loved the photos.  My dad put in a call, talked out some details, and now we have some amazing photos!  

Card Collection

I'm very sentimental and always save notes, letters, and cards with wonderful messages.  I love reading them years down the line.  Of course, I wanted to save our wedding cards, and I saw this simple way to bind greeting cards on Pinterest.

Materials I used:
Card ring
Hole punch
Scrapbooking paper and/or card stock
Paper doilies
Ribbon & twine

If you want to see the die-hard version, see the tutorial at Something Turquoise.  It's awesome!

Yup, that made me feel better!  I can't believe it's almost been a year!  Where did the time go?!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Abundance + A Giveaway Winner!

I was driving home yesterday and felt overcome with gladness.  For every one thing I am stressed or upset about, there are ten things I am so thankful for.  And suddenly, that one thing seems so insignificant.  (#firstworldproblems, anyone?) 

The older I get the more I believe that what I put out into the universe I will receive back in abundant ways.  Whether you call it God, karma, Buddha, living with intention, or (as I like to call it) being awesome at life, I'd like to believe that everyone believes something similar.   I must be doing something right, because I felt wonderful yesterday!  Nothing in particular was markedly extraordinary, but I felt light and happy.  (Still do!)  And if you read this post this week, you know that my heart felt anything but light. 

Life is beautiful!  The universe is abundant!

Highlights from this week:
Work has been busy!  (Hooray for job security!)
"My name is Lindsay.  I'm an adult, and I wear a suit to work."

Boone is developing a habit of sitting in the sink while I get ready for work.

Mr. TBS and I walked to dinner and Whole Foods on Wednesday in what felt like SoCal weather.

Free Starbs.

Knowing that I only have this commute for five more work days.
Farewell, I-45 that I've had to drive 2+ hours on every day.
I'm moving on to greener pastures, literally.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dear Houston, Thanks a lot for making me look like a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins with this humidity.  Frizz central over here!  (But I do enjoy driving with windows down!) 

Dear Boone, you are growing up so quickly!  You wild one, you.

Dear Belongings, Can you pack and move yourself next week?  Mr. TBS and I would really appreciate it.

Dear Universe, Thank you for providing so abundantly. 

Dear Mr. TBS, I know my road to being domesticated seems to have a pretty steep learning curve, but can you stop showing me up?  Thanks.  Oh, and I love you.

Dear Heather Mora, you are the proud owner of a brand-new bag from Missionary Kerrie's, because you are the winner of my celebratory giveaway!

(I intend to cloth diaper too!  
I've already gotten advice and feedback from many, including Heather!)


Thursday, March 22, 2012

My DIY Wedding, Part 3

This photo - Credit: Alon David Photography

Today's Blog Positivity Week word is Creativity.

Other blogs inspire this non-crafty lady to try being crafty.  (You can read the story behind my blog name HERE.)  And my blog is my space to share those adventures -- even the crafty adventures that are an epic fail don't turn out the way I planned.

I'll bet you thought I completely forgot about the rest of my DIY wedding posts, didn't you?  Well, I didn't!  But life happened, and then I never felt like I had enough time to compose a worthy post.  But alas, here I am.  I'm back with more about my DIY wedding!

And before I forget to mention it, 
you have until 11:59pm CST today to enter my giveaway!
(I wish I could enter it, because I want one of those bags!)

Okay, enough about that.  More about my wedding!
Need to play catch-up?  See:

* * * * * * * * * *

Gourmet Cupcakes

 This photo - Credit: Alon David Photography

My cousins make gourmet cupcakes that are to-die-for!  And look at that presentation!  They really pulled out all the stops for our cupcakes, and they were a hit (as always).  My personal favorite is their red velvet.  I can never eat one.  Never! Thank you, Sam & Sara!


This photo - Credit: Alon David Photography

Another cousin of mine is a floral designer!  We spent one hour at Wholesale Flowers picking out flowers.  I had only two requests: I wanted a lot of baby's breath, and I wanted it to look very natural -- like a ran through a field with open arms and scooped up the flowers.   Mission accomplished!  She worked wonders!  Thank you, Yvonne!

Mr. TBS worked in entertainment, and he treated our music like any other directorial endeavor.  He created playlists according to each phase of the day: "pre-show" (as we called it out of habit of working in theme park entertainment), ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner.  Just like a show, the music had to set the mood.  Every song was hand-picked and placed in a certain order.  He burned them onto CDs, gave them to our friend and DJ, Dave, and we were covered.  We left the dance floor to Dave!

I met Dave of Hit It Music Productions when we worked on a show together at SeaWorld in 2006.  He is fun to work with and an awesome DJ.  He quickly became a favorite of the company and continues to DJ everyone's wedding, and mine was no exception!  I cannot sing his praises enough.  San Diegans, this is your guy!

Decor Shout-Out: Photo Line

This photo - Credit: Alon David Photography

The photos displayed on the reception tables were of Mr. TBS and I growing up -- life before falling in love with each other.  Then, we displayed photos of us over our 4.5-year relationship on a twine-and-clothes-pin photo line!  

* * * * * * * * * *

It's so fun reliving my wedding.  Thanks for joining my trip down memory lane!  
It's almost our first anniversary!

And before I am inundated with questions about it, I'll just ask the question for you:

Q: "When are you going to have a baby?"
A: "I don't know.  Do you?"

Q: "So... when are you going to have a baby?"
 A: "Sometime in the next ten years."  ;-)

Peer Pressure: "Oh, my gosh.   Your kids are going to be so beautiful!"
Response: "How kind of you to say that! (pause) That's not going to make the baby come sooner."

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Five Ways to Conserve Water Every Day

Another day in Blog Positivity Week with Ashley at After Nine To Five!

Information & Learning

When I started reading blogs last year, I was hooked on The Kind Life and vegan lifestyle blogs!  Blogs were, and still are, a great source of information.  Different from websites that simply regurgitate information, bloggers can show that information in action.  It's brilliant!  I love blogging, because I learn so much from other bloggers.

I love the planet, and I think we need to protect it.  In the long run, it won't matter how pretty, muscular, smart, rich, or healthy you are if you don't have a planet to live on.  *Kapeesh?*  But it's a daunting task, isn't it?  There's a lot of room for improvement.  As our society advances intellectually, we seem to pollute the environment even more.  Disconnect?  I think so!

So let's start small.  Here are...

Five Ways to Conserve Water Every Day

1. Turn off the faucet when washing your hands and brushing your teeth.
Rinse the toothbrush.
Turn faucet off.
Brush teeth.
Turn faucet on.
Rinse mouth.
Turn faucet off.
(Same routine applies for hand-washing!)

2. Run only full loads of laundry.
Otherwise it's like paying full price for shoes on sale.
That's just plain silly.

3. Lower the shower head pressure.
Water doesn't need to reach the back of the shower stall.  
If I can still wash my crazy hair (It's not naturally straight, people!) with moderate water pressure,
I think you'll be just fine!  :-)

4. Immediately rinse dishes after use.
This will save the amount of water (and your time) used to scrape and scrub dried food off your dishes.

5. Dispose of leftover ice or water by watering a plant.
The ice leftover from your iced coffee?
The old water in your pet's bowl?
Use it to water a plant instead of throwing it in the trash or putting it down the drain.

You can find more ideas HERE and HERE!

So what do you say?  Let's protect this planet, so we can live on it, y'all!

P.S. THANK YOU for all the kind and thought-provoking comments, tweets, and e-mails regarding yesterday's post!

Reflection: The Trials of Others

Reflection & Forum

I am incredibly late in writing and publishing this post, and even though the day is over in less than an hour, I still feel compelled to write it!

This week has been crowned Blog Positivity Week by Ashley at After Nine To Five.  She had this great idea to celebrate all the reasons why being a part of the blogging community is awesome, and I love that!  I may be new to this, but I've gained a lot in such a short amount of time.  This week, I will be writing my posts with Blog Positivity Week (BPW) in mind.  With each post, I'll share one reason why I love blogging.

Today's post is about reflection and using my blog as a forum.  I use my blog as a journal.  I use it to reflect.  Since I started blogging publicly seven weeks ago, I've also used my blog as a forum.  I love getting e-mails and comments from all of you, and I feel like I'm constantly learning from you -- how you view the world, what you value in life, your responses to what I post.  Today my BPW key words are reflection and forum.

Remember how I mentioned that I had a heavy heart this past weekend?  I usually take the weekends off and use that time as "real life" time.  It's so easy for me to get caught up in blogs and Twitter during the week, and I like having the weekends away from that.  But this weekend, my time away was very intentional.

If you are a human being on planet Earth, I'm sure you have heard about all of the following in the last two weeks:

Kony 2012
Joseph Kony
The Invisible Children
Lord's Resistance Army
"Stop at nothing."
Jason Russell

I care not to spark a debate or discuss the efficacy of the movement.  What's been on my heart is that person I named at the end of the list, Jason. 

Jason had a breakdown last Thursday in the most public way possible.  He cracked.  He lost it.  He acted out in a way that is so out of character.  You're probably thinking, How would YOU know that, Lindsay?  Fair question.  I know, because I grew up with the Russell family.  I'm not best friends with them, but I grew up in the theatre arts program that his parents founded in San Diego, my hometown.  It was, and still is, an incredibly close community.  The kind of "nothing's a secret in this place" close.  So, yes.  I know that this public episode was out of character for him.

Again, I'm not here to express my opinion about The Invisible Children or Kony 2012, although I'd be more than happy to discuss it with you.  (Shoot me an e-mail!  I consider myself an open-minded person, and I'm interested to hear what others have to say.)  I want to discuss humanity, human failing, compassion.

I felt disappointed on Friday as I read article after article after article about Jason.  "News" articles were publishing incorrect information about the incident.  People quickly took it as truth.  People mercilessly attacked him, attacked his cause, and even childishly resorted to name-calling: "child molester," "the wannabe white American Savior," "sooo gay," and "a money-hungry phony." 

I'm not going to lie.  It was not his finest moment.  It was probably his worst, actually.  It was shocking.  But people seemed to love that he had fallen.  They reveled in his weakness.  They attacked a cause that means so much to millions. I was so angry that people glorify some of these "reality TV" celebrities who are famous for nothing other than being outrageous or being rich but are so quick to judge the goodwill of an everyman... from the comfort of their couches at home, no less.  Why work so hard to bring down a man who is trying to help others?  And I was annoyed to read some tweets from fellow bloggers that had a sharp "told you so / you shouldn't have jumped on the bandwagon" tone.  (For the record, speaking down to others doesn't make you wise.)

I've had a breakdown, but I was lucky enough to be "another statistic", an invisible nobody who could recover peacefully.  I can't imagine going through that and being the narrator of a video that was viewed 100 million times in two weeks.  Yikes!  Lucky me, huh?

So consider this.   

When you see someone fall, are you going to mock, ridicule, and call him names?  Or can you muster an ounce of compassion and offer a helping hand, an encouraging word, or some room to heal?

Be kind.  Show compassion.  Be humble.  
And remember that there is always a way to express individual opinion
with class, tact, and respect.  

* * * * * * * * * *

Thank you for letting me use my blog for reflection and as a forum tonight.  I extend my heart and love to the Russell family.  Brighter days will come!

If you have something to share, respectfully, I'd love to read it by comment or e-mail.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Bunch of Fine Ladies

I've had a heavy heart all weekend, and I will write about it soon.  I took the weekend off to just be home with Mr. TBS, eat delicious food he's been making, and prepare for our move.  I was offline, including personal e-mail.  But here I am Sunday night, and I'm playing some major catch-up!  And you know what I had waiting for me?  E-mails and ever-encouraging words from blogger friends!  Even when words aren't intended to be a pick-me-up, they can be.

I have a few more ladies I'd love for you to meet.  They're wonderful women and bloggers, and I think you should pay them a visit!  Say hello to a few more of my March sponsors!

Emily @ Emmy June Born in May

Yes, that is a fake flower attached to my nose ring.  So glad you asked.  It seemed like a grand idea after 3 10 vodka cranberries at my Bon Voyage party.  Who am I kidding?  I’d do it again.  Because I looked sweet.

I’m Emily and I blog at Emmy June {Born in May}.  I started blogging to capture my experience living Down Under {read: Sydney, Australia} and immediately became BBFF’s with Lindsay.  That’s Blogger BFF’s to the laywoman.  Since you’ve found Lindsay, you obviously have excellent taste!  Please come by and say “Hi” and let’s become BABFF’s {blogger almost-BFF’s, unless you plan on unseating Linz.}

 Note by Lindsay: If you're interested in unseating me as BBFF, good luck.  I put up a darn good fight.  :-)

Lisa @ Momma's Me Time

Hey there! I'm Lisa, the Momma behind Momma's Me Time. I created my blog as a way to grant me a little alone time. Because as we all know, life can get a little busy as a wife and a Momma.

My blog gives me time to embrace the hobbies I love most, including crafts, fitness, and photography. it also allows me to share bits of my life as a stay at home mom of an adorable 3 year old boy, my views on faith, and our journey through life.

I hope you will come by and share life's journey with us!

 Note by Lindsay: I may not be a mom, but Lisa and I have found that we actually do have a lot in common.  And I think she's wonderful!  And she's one hot blogger mama!

Ashley @ 5ohWifey

 Hey y'all! My name is Ashley and I blog over at 5ohWifey: life as a mommy and cop's wife. I am amazed every day by what God is doing in my life. I am a southern girl now living in California against my will. I am the wife of 5ohHubby who is a police officer and wonderful man and no that's not mutually exclusive. I am a stay at home mom to an amazing little girl I call 5ohBaby and she is my whole world. We have probably the cutest, ugly dog out there (5ohPup). I want my blog to be a place where we can laugh together, cry together, and just be real with one another. I think I'm funny, and sometimes other people do, too. I try to blog about what I know. I love to blog about faith, life as a police wife, parenting, mommy style and fashion, DIY projects and recipes. I try to keep it as real as possible. I blog about everything from holding on tight to my little one to the time I accidentally fed her jalapenos. I write about both the joys and the stresses of being in a police marriage. I love to cook and even make my own baby food. Sometimes I get a little crafty and dabble in fashion posts.

 Note by Lindsay: A supporter from the beginning, Ashley has been so kind to me.  And I can't wait until her next vlog link-up!  And she's another hot blogger mama!

Jenna @ The Life of the Wife

Hello there, beautiful people!

**Can we just pause for a second (insert PAUSE HERE :) and talk about how amaaazing Miss Lindsay is?! I feel like I know her personally, even though it's just through the internet! I just love her!**

Ok, back to me (ha). I am Jenna, and I blog over at The Life of the Wife. It's my little corner of the world where I share thoughts on my life, beauty & makeup, recipes and some not-so-crafty crafts along the way! I am pretty sarcastic most of the time, and some people just can't handle it! If you can handle it, I love to hear from new people, I really really do! So stop by and say HI!

Note by Lindsay: Ginger bombshell, no?  I have no words for this beauty and her undying kindness.  Another hot blogger mama.  I'm beginning to think that the hottest mamas are bloggers. 

Kerrie @ The Williams' Post

Well hello there!

I'm Kerrie, and I blog at The Williams' Post: life on a mission, where I talk about how my husband and I strive to live our lives for Jesus - highlighting mission trips, married life, lessons from God, and even a few hobbies here and there.  I hope you stop by!

And while you're there, check out my online store where I'm selling bags to raise money for our mission trip to India!

 Note by Lindsay:  Kerrie's handmade bags are so chic! And you can enter to win one in my celebratory giveaway HERE!

So spread the love, and visit my blogger friends!  
I wish y'all a happy week!  Cheers!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fantastic Week: Rural Dream Come True

It has been a fantastic week for TBS!
In true Friday fashion, I'm linking up with Lauren and Ashley to tell you all about it!


TBS has over 110 readers according to Feedburner!  If you haven't already, enter my celebratory giveaway!  Dear Readers, You are so amazing, and I love getting to know all of you through your comments, e-mails, and tweets.  Thank you for being interactive and supportive to my "little blog that could".  Let's keep chuggin' along together!

Mr. TBS and I had dinner with my aunt and uncle on Tuesday.  We hadn't seen them since our wedding last May!  Dear Aunt C & Uncle M, Thank you so much for dinner!  You were our first familial visitors in Houston!  It was so fun to hang out with you and catch up.  I love you both so, so much!

I got my Prius back from the repair shop!  (Downside?  The rental got scratched in the same parking garage, so I have to file another claim.)  Dear Prius, Welcome back.  I missed you.  Dear Parking Garage Patrons, LEARN HOW TO DRIVE, or I will kick you in the shin.

The overwhelmingly positive response I got to my post about blogging vs. online dating.  Dear Fellow Bloggers, You are awesome at life.

This is the most exciting one!  Mr. TBS and I are moving into a new place!  It is the most charming place that is "out in the sticks"... and it's perfect for us!  We're talking 1.5 acres that is shared with one other house, huge trees, and space for days.  They're even adding two small gardens for us!  And we've been told that the pack of 14 wild deer visit often.  So cool!  Dear Mr. TBS, Our dream of a rural home came true!  High five.  This is going to be awesome!

The only pictures I have for this week are of our new home, but I'm not going to post those.    It's lovely, but you'll just have to take my word for it.  :-)

How was your week?  Do you have anything planned for the weekend?
I'll be home... packing.  :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's time for...

Trial By Sapphire's first giveaway!

I am so thankful for my readers, and I love the blogging community.  TBS has over 105 readers according to Feedburner!  Thank you so much for your support over the last 6.5 weeks.  It has been so fun to dive in head-first and learn so much from all of you.

To celebrate, I am giving you all a chance to win 
an envelope clutch of your choice from Missionary Kerrie's!  

Just look at these beauties!

You may submit up to five entries.

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The giveaway ends Thursday, March 22, at 11:59pm.
The winner will be chosen via next Friday, March 23.

GOOD LUCK, and thank you for reading!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Swag from isavirtue!

Did I tell you that I won a giveaway over at Miss Kait Online last week?  

Well, I did, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on my new stationary from isavirtue.  I was so excited when it arrived yesterday!  Check out my stationery picks!  

(For the record, my Droid phone camera does not do them justice.
I'm not one of those fancy DSLR-having bloggers... yet!)

They were the perfect picks for me!  I love snail mail, and I love note card sets.  
And I got a bonus sample of envelope confetti!  So sweet!

It was hard for me to decide what to get with my shop credit, but I fell for these precious cards and stickers.  The quality is that of a true paperie, and I love Kaitlyn's (a different person than Miss Kait) clean designs.  

I can't wait to use my new swag!  Thank you, Kaitlyn!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What Blogging Has Taught Me About Online Dating

We've all heard it before.  Love makes the world go 'round.  But I'm beginning to think technology makes the world go 'round.  It's become more and more common that people find love on the internet.  Do you remember when meeting someone online was taboo, a secret, and only spoken of when news stations warned women of the dangers of chat rooms?  As a teenager who loved Datline, 20/20, and 60 Minutes, I heard that message all the time.

Years later, dating websites like and eHarmony boomed.  I knew a lot of people who had profiles and went on dates, and I supported them as long as they were safe about meting these strangers, but I still didn't really get it.   

How could they possibly feel a connection with someone online.  
It's not like they can actually talk, so how does that work?
Isn't it awkward?

Well, welcome to 2012!  I'm officially convinced that people can genuinely connect over the internet.  I am six weeks into writing Trial By Sapphire, and I've connected... with more than one person!  No, not a romantic connection but a heartfelt "we need to be friends in real life (IRL) right now" connection.  I think that social media and the internet are so prominent in our culture that it's so much more likely to happen now.  

There are so many inspiring and talented people that I want to meet IRL, but there are four that I e-mail with (at length!) almost daily.  If I had trading cards for my blog loves, they would read something like this:

NAME: Emily (& her smarty-pants husband)
STATUS: Blog BFF (BBFF) & Blog Soulmate (BSM)
MATCH FACTOR: I don't remember exactly how we "met," (Em, do you?) but we clicked.  I think we connected over vegetarianism, our independence (need to question everything), sass, and optimism.  She's awesome.  You need to know her.

NAME: Jessica
STATUS: Partner & Mentor
MATCH FACTOR: She was the first blogger I reached out to when I started, and she is just as ultra sweet, ambitious, helpful, and giving as she appears on her blog.  I adore this girl!

NAME: Jamie
BLOG: The Letter 4, written by Jamie and her three sisters
STATUS: Role Model Turned Pen Pal
MATCH FACTOR: I started as a first-class blog stalker and serial commenter, but that has turned into the most hilarious e-mail conversations. And I still need to record my audition video to be her daughter's singing nanny.  (Just kidding... or am I?)

NAME: Bobbi-Jo
STATUS: I'm her (faux) Life Coach.  ;-)
MATCH FACTOR: My most recent match! I found her through Emmy June..., and she has been so helpful and supportive of TBS.  Bobbi-Jo, you are too wonderful!

So there you have it.  I get it now!  Online dating websites, I understand you a bit better now!

Have you ever tried online dating?
Do you have blog friends you would love to meet in real life?
Do I sound crazy obsessed with the talented ladies above?  I don't care.  :-)