Monday, February 6, 2012

Vlog: The Girl Behind The Blog

UPDATED 2/7/2012: 
I intended to include links to the stories I mention at the end of the video.  Here they are:
  1. Kale Chips
  2. Why I Hate Automatic Sliding Doors
  3. The First Time I Used A Fire Extinguisher... for real!

* * * * *

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  I spent the better part of last night recording a vlog to link-up with Ashley @ 5ohWifey and Erin @ Captivated By Grace for "The Girl Behind The Blog".  Between the lighting and my screen taking on a green filter (Does anyone know how to fix that?), it took, well... let's just say it took awhile to get a decent video.

If you're a regular reader, that means you already know me pretty well, but for those new to Trial By Sapphire, let this video serve as my invitation for you to visit often!

** Disclaimer: The audio is slightly off.  I haven't figured out how to adjust that yet.  :-)


Clearly, I need to hone my lighting and video editing skills!  Mother Nature provides this thing called natural light which I really need to take advantage of next time.  Lesson learned!  Also, do you have a recommendation for a free video editor?  There are so many, but which one is the best?

Thanks for watching, and let me know if you have any questions.  Cheers to a great week!


Jess said...

I love this! You have such a beautiful smile!
So glad you linked up :)

And I definitely feel you on testing out DIY/craftiness.
I feel like that gene kinda skipped right over me lol
We can learn together!

Happy Monday, girl!

Liz said...

So nice to learn a little bit more about you! a few things:
1) yay for first year of marriage
2) we did the same photo frame guest book thing (behind you)
3)really looking forward to reading about all of your adventures through this 'new' blog!!
Have a great day!!

Kerrie Williams said...

I love how so many of the vlogs say they started because they got married and moved somewhere (the same goes goes for me!). And I love the name of your blog and the meaning behind it :) New follower :)

... said...

Ahh you are so adorable! :) So poised on camera! I think the name of your blog is awesome and I just love your passion for blogging! :) I have such a hard time prioritizing my time's trial and error for sure!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I totally found this last night before I went to bed and I watched it early. You are just beautiful! Trial by error (or by fire!) is how I'm living my life too. So good to meet you!

Chaos and Coffee said...

Oh my heavens how cute are you?! LOVED it!!

Alyssa said...

Loved your Vlog! You did such a great job! Congrats on the first year of marriage!

Unknown said...

i love how you said "the better part of last night" you'd almost think it should take less time than typing a post but it doesn't! the first time i recorded one i spent forever on it...and of course i started over about five times!

Amira said...

How cute are you!? I'm bummed we missed you by a few months for the So Cal blogger meet-up! Dangit :-) I'm sure Houston has a great community of bloggers though!

Anonymous said...

you're super sweet and gorgeous. Sapphires are beautiful too.

Unknown said...

Oh! You did such a great job!
I love the story behind your blog name!!
Excited to follow your H-Town adventures!


Kate said...

I think my sister got all our family's DIY genes, too! So excited to have found your blog!

Annie said...

I love your blog name! I have the opposite problem as you, haha. I tend to put my focus into writing for my blog and then get ridiculously behind in reading everyone else's posts. I'm still working on how to prioritize blog time since I have classes and work and homework, but if I figure anything out, I'll let you know!

Unknown said...

I read your guest blog from Texas Tanners and it make me squeal when I read that you're from Houston! I'm from H, but currently in Mississippi for school, and I can't wait to get back. It made my day finding your blog! Have a great Tuesday!

Heather said...

Ya, I have the same problem...there are millions of blogs to read and in the process I forget to produce good content for my own sometimes. But one tip - use a kitchen timer! And only allow yourself a certain amount of time for reading and writing each day. it works!

Whitney said...

You have such a pretty smile! I am so glad to know someone else who moved to Houston from far away and is using blogging to connect with people here in town. I've been here for almost a month now and still don't know many people, so I love being able to hear about others in the area. I can't wait to read your blog and get to know you more!

Unknown said...

Oh, you are so cute! Loving your blog! I'm your newest follower! :)

Wanna stop by mine? :)

Holly said...

I love watching peoples vlogs, it's really interesting to see bloggers as actual people instead of just voices behind a keyboard. :)

Just dropping by from #FF :)

Franchesca said...

Oh loved watching your vlog!! You are gorgeous :) I am glad you decided to relaunch your blog, and wishing you all the best!

xx fran

Unknown said...

This is such a great link-up, I enjoyed learning more about you!

xo Shane

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Umm, can we be BFF's?!?!
Hehe :) I'm finally back from Thailand and getting caught up from the Vlog Link-up. You are freakin' gorgeous, girl. While scrolling down to get to your vlog, I saw your post about deodorant and using natural products. I'm feeling totally inspired by that! I'm a vegetarian and try to live a fairly "green" life...but need to make some bigger steps in terms of beauty and cleaning products.

Following you (of course!) Can't wait to read more.


Clare said...

I just watched this and I will admit - I used to think vlogging was super weird and awkward - but after watching Emmy June's vlog and now watching yours, I sort of love it! You are so well spoken! Awesome job!!!