Monday, February 27, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Aunie Sauce

Do you know of the greatness that is Annelise aka Aunie?  You must know this saucy little lady!  Yes, she is gorgeous and stylin' and hilarious, but she is also a woman of many wonderful blogs!  Mainly, I see her on Aunie Sauce.  That's AUNIE Sauce, not Annie Sauce.  ;-)  Since I started Trial By Sapphire exactly four weeks ago, she has been incredibly supportive, and I can't thank her enough! Without further ado...

"Well herro there! I'm Annelise (it's Norwegian) and I blog over at Aunie Sauce. Apparently, though I still don't think so, I'm quite fashionable, and occasionally write things that are fun to read. I blog about style, life, love, and lots of lessons that I've learned along the way. Come give me a visit for some swanky, saucy fun."

Her other brain children are Bye Bye Beehive, No Naked Nails!, and Last Lash.  I don't know how she manages all of those blogs!  I have one, and I fall behind sometimes.

Obviously, I adore Aunie, and I invite you to join the cool club.  You can do so by visiting Aunie Sauce and showing her some love!  Tell her I sent ya!


Unknown said...

HOW WAS I NOT FOLLOWING HER!!! So much freaking fun!!


Jess said...

One of my favorites :)


Emily @ Emmy June said...

Done and done.

My BBFF has impeccable taste, so Aunie must be awesome.

Marissa said...

Annelise's is one of my fav blogs & she's right here in Boise with me! A local I can refer to for ANYTHING! Love!