Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nail No-Go (& One Heck of a Cheesy Moment)

Source/Credit: Chloe's Nails

Can I tell you something?  I love Pinterest, and I love trying out the ideas on my boards.

Do you know what makes me sad?  When I try one of those ideas, and it fails miserably!
Oh, yes, folks!  This is the story of a Pinterest Fail.  *collective gasp*

My finger nails aren't painted often, because it's too high-maintenance for me.  They're pretty for all of two days, and then they look drab, scuffed, and chipped.  However, when I finally do decide it's time to paint them again, it's really fun for me.

(Enter stage right: a Chloe's Nails tutorial with design scissors and tape found on Pinterest)

It seemed simple enough, and I had all the supplies already, so I gave it a whirl.  

I painted my nails the night before.

I cut the tape.
I applied the tape and painted with glitter polish.

I peeled the tape, and... it didn't work.  
The tape pulled up my base color and ripped along the glitter polish.
{No picture.  I was so disappointed that I immediately moved on before thinking to take one.}

Lessons learned:
- Make the tape less tacky by placing it on my skin first.
- Paint the glitter polish and then immediately remove the tape.

I still wanted to do something fun, so I added a darker color to half of my ring fingers.

Before it completely dried, I added glitter polish...

... and brushed it sideways to blend the colors in the middle.

The color is darker on the pinky-side.  I still wanted a slight two-tone effect.
And I changed my pinky polish while I was at it.

No tape.  No design scissors.  But good enough for me!  
And in my defense, I'm sticking to one of my reasons for writing this blog.  
I should try everything, even if I don't think I'll be good at it.  
Because I might be good at it!  (Just not this time.)

It's all Trial By  fire  Sapphire.  
** This cheesy moment brought to you by Lindsay's musical theatre roots. **

If you have any other tips on how to make this work, please tell me.  
I'm determined to get those nails!


Liz said...

oh shoot! good advice because I have this pinned and was gong to try it sometime..now I know how to proceed! They ended up looking great though! Have a great day!!

Amira said...

ooooo, thank you for sharing!!! This looks like it could be fun, and now I'll make sure not the tape isn't so tacky :-)

Jess said...

Hey your nails still came out good!
I only paint my nails like every other week (but my toes are ALWAYS painted).
When I do paint them, 1 glitter nail is about as crazzzyyy as I get ;)


Emily said...

I should really start doing my nails at home. I usually get them done with Shellac - because I hate all the chipping. But it really does take a toll on my bank account. Thanks for sharing this. I might just give it a try {maybe}

p.s. stopping by from Emmy June's blog.

Unknown said...

I am so not good at things like this! I think the design you ended up doing is gorgeous!! Way better than my normal mani. :-)

Emily @ Emmy June said...


I'm still on the "too high maintenance" bandwagon. But I think your end result is pretty rad. And we will totally do homemade mani-pedis during our real life girl's weekend.

Laura said...

Your nails look great either way. It's always a bummer when things don't go as planned.

Jenna // The Life of the Wife said...

Oh please post that to Pinterest as a FAIL :) HAHA I love ya!!


Aunie said...

Hey girl! I've done these manis a LOT!!! Definitely do put the tape on the back of your hand or palm first-- it always helps. And yes, take the tape off right after polishing... it's a must. Chloe always also uses Seche Vite topcoat between her polishing and taping to make sure that it is all the way dry... maybe that can help!