Friday, February 3, 2012

Link Up: High Five For Friday

I am on a roll with these link-ups!  Today's link-up is with Lauren at From My Grey Desk.  FMGD has been one of my favorites since the fall.  Check her out!


And without further ado, here are my five highlights from the last week:

#1: I got my first Anthropologie dress!  The color.  The cut.  The sale price.  YES!  The only thing that would make this dress better is if I could wear it as a bridesmaid for one of my best friend's wedding.  Oh, wait.  That's exactly what I'm doing in April in San Diego!  I took this baby to my tailor over the weekend!

#2: Here is the automatic sliding door that I did not get up close & personal with this week.  Success!

#3: I don't know if you've seen the Wishlist item I've had listed on my left sidebar this week, but it is the Manduka PROlite yoga mat.  And I got it on Wednesday!  My yoga practice was so much better for it last night, and the color just makes me happy.

#4: I got a letter telling me that my student loan interest rate was dropped 1%!  For anyone who has a mortgage, car payment or student loan, you know this is a big deal and a great surprise.  Making early payments literally paid off!

#5: And of course... *drum roll, please*... Trial By Sapphire was born on Monday!
'Twas a wonderful week, and I've already "met" some wonderful women for sponsorships!



I wish you all an excellent weekend!


Jami said...

Cute dress! Isn't the sale rack at Anthropologie the best?!

Megan Gillesby @ something beautiful said...

That dress is so cute! I love it! Just started following your cute blog!

with love ,

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Jess said...

I like #5 :)
So glad that you found my blog & we've been able to're awesome!

Happy weekend!

Andrea B @ Vegvacious said...

I'm so glad you popped by and found my blog! I am loving that yellow dress!!

Laura said...

Just started following! Love the yoga mat!

Liz said...

I LOVE the dress! you look amazing in it! great colour! and thanks for the shootout! I love meeting people through blogging!!

Jillian K. said...

Lindsay I love that yellow dress from Anthro! I work at the Anthropologie here in Nashville and it is so hard to not buy everything I see :) Love your blog!

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Annie said...

Uhhh.... Tears in my eyes.... Yes! Not only am I the proud bride to have you as a bridesmaid, I am literally obsessed with your blog. You ARE the cutest thing ever. I love you my Elle! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Great blog site! Something for everyone! I'm now a follower.