Thursday, February 23, 2012

In The Absence of Grandiose Tales


Sometimes I don't have grandiose stories to tell friends when we catch up on the phone.  And with all of my friends living everywhere in the world except Houston, it makes for a more interesting phone date if I have a story.  Oh, well.  Please forgive me, friends, for my mediocre updates.  I like to just think I'm just low-maintenance/making your life easier.  ;-) 

For now, here are some little updates: The "Last 13 Things..." Edition!

The last Facebook status update I posted: "I had a dream last night about a mysterious yogi trying to swipe my new yoga mat right before class started.  What is wrong with me?!" 

The last time I talked to my awesome parents: TOO LONG!
I will fix that this weekend.

The last show I watched on DVR: The Ellen Show.
 I record and watch every single episode.

The last song I sang in public: "Grace Falls Down" at my bestie's wedding.
The next time will be at another best friend's wedding in two months!

The last blog I checked: 
The Kind Life
I've been hooked since June 2011!

The last film I saw that the movie theatre: Tinker Tailor Solider Spy
Honestly, I was disappointed.  Anyone else?  Superb acting, but this is obviously a movie I need to watch multiple times before I catch everything.  I'm all for psychological thrillers, but don't make it that hard to follow!

The last time I got really upset: Something cracked my windshield on the freeway yesterday.  It was the straw that broke the camel's back.  My poor Prius had already been victim to a hit and run last week, so this was one of those "Are you kidding me?!" moments.

The last person I phone dated: My co-worker-turned-beyond-awesome-friend Erin.
Wife, (almost) 31-year-old with to-die-for abs, stunning ginger (yeah, I said it), mom to a beautiful Husky, coolest step-mom, loyal friend.

The Three Little Pigs, Halloween 2010 (Erin, Laura, Linn)

The last dessert I had: Mint Cookies & Cream ice cream
I like mint.  Remember that cupcake last week?

The last time I used my credit card: Hubbell & Hudson
This one goes out to you, Miss Scholz!

The last piece of personal mail I received: A "just because" card from my former roommate and witty girlfriend Cory.  It doesn't matter how little we've seen each other in the last 3.5 years (meaning one time); she's a forever friend!  Lucky me!

She gave me a star in response to my post about my Gold Star Syndrome.

The last Etsy find I added to my favorites: Antique Bottle-Shaped Beeswax Candles

The last time I hit the snooze button: Let's get real, people.  This morning.  D-U-H.

How was that for a life update?  
You have Aunie and Jenna to thank for that! (Both of their pretty faces are on my right sidebar!)

The Last 13 Things


Eliza said...

I also record The Ellen show everyday! Thank heavens for the DVR :) xoxo! eliza

Lisa @ MMT said...

You are so cute and funny! I love to watch Ellen too! I started my last 13 post, but only got to number 8 lol. I ran out of things. Maybe I will steal some of yours :)

P.s. I awarded you a cute blog award. I think it would be fun if you filled out questions too! (it's on my blog)

Valerie Griffin said...

love that card, super cute!

Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

You are awesome... and goodness girl, look at those parents. No wonder you're a Pocahontas spawn! You're beautiful JUST LIKE THEM!

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

I agree with A! You are TOO GORGEOUS! LOVED your 13 dang awesome!

Thanks for linking up girlie!


Whitney said...

I can see where you get your looks from! Your parents are gorgeous too! and I am just like you, I hit my snooze at least twice every morning...

jami lynn said...

Love this link up! The three little pigs costumes are super cute :)

Darkside213 said...

I actually like tinker, tailor soldier spy. Anything having to do with espionage is my porn so I went in expecting a SLOW movie and i was not disappointed. :) Great update

Marissa said...

I love those beeswax candles. I want the owl one! And I hope one day you'll post you singing! Want to hear your beautiful voice. :-)

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Yay for:

1. Lists
2. Just because mail
3. Mint cookies & cream ice cream
4. And most importantly...the snooze button :)


Emily said...

Your fam is gorgeous!

Meg Cady said...

bahahahahahahaha!! Welp I think we need to have a blogger date at Hubble and Hudson.. minus the auto door… duh!!