Friday, February 17, 2012

High Five For Friday, No. 3

Happy Friday, good-lookin'!

I hope you all had a wonderful week that will propel you into one fabulous weekend.  Let's get our weekend on!  I know I could use it.  I have to admit I was in a bit of a blogging rut  time management rut this week.  TBS is not even three weeks old, and I'm in a rut!  GAH!  *pathetic cough*  I need more time in the day (and I'm not even a mother yet).

Anyone have a magic wand I could borrow?  My childhood stole mine. 

I showered some blog love on some pretty special gals yesterday, but the comments I get from all of you make my day too.  And I don't know if you've noticed, but I reply to every single comment so long as an e-mail address is available to reply to!

But enough about my rut!  
On to my highlights for my link-up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk for...


This happened at work yesterday.  To turn down chocolate and mint would just be plain stupid, and I, dear readers, am not stupid.

I ended my three-week streak and made it to bed before midnight on Wednesday.

I adore my blog friends.  Please see my previous post.

My husband's wit.
We don't cuddle often, because he runs hot, and I run cold every minute of the day.  So I've gotten crafty with how I can cuddle.  I rest my head on a pillow next to him on the couch.  I can hold his hand and relax without making him hot and uncomfortable.  This was our exchange last weekend.

(setting up the pillows on my side of the couch)
ME: I'm going to faux-cuddle you.
(without skipping a beat)
MR. TBS: Faux-kay.

Did you happen to notice those new social networking buttons at the top of the page?  
I made those!
I'm no graphic design pro, so these made me straight-up GIDDY to the point of ridiculousness.  

* Feel free to forget my attempt at sounding cultured with my French numbering.
Now move along and enjoy that weekend that's calling your name!


Lisa @ MMT said...

Just came across your blog, so cute!
That cupcake looks delicious! It's past midnight here and I need to get on your rules and go to bed haha. Do I spot a Green Bay Packers blanket? Woop woop!

Jami said...

I feel you on the rut thing, I was in a rut big time last week and guess who pulled me out? YOU! Thank you for the encouragement and love you've given my little blog. Also, super slick there with the social networking buttons, they look awesome. I wish I were that savvy!

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Happy Weekend BBFF!

I've been staying up way too late this week as well....I'm blaming it on Thailand, even though I'm not sure it's truly to blame.

You know what I find with blogging? I also need to be ahead a post or two. Once I am, I want to blog all the time...but as soon as I feel like I *have* to blog, it's a struggle.

Yaaaaay weekend!

Unpublished Life said...

I would have judged you for turning down that cupcake! Delish! And good on you for getting to bed at such a reasonable hour. It's amazing how quickly the evening goes and before you know it, it's coming up to midnight ...

Happy Friday!!

Unknown said...

Hahaha you are too cute! I love your cuddle compromise

And I am so glad to hear that you are not stupid enough to turn down a cup cake ...not to mention a CHOCOLATE and mint cup cake :)

Happy Friday!!!!

donnalyn said...

Great high five u got there! Ur new follower here. I'd appreciate it if u can visit/follow my blog too. Thanks,:-)

Jess said...

That cupcake...oh, that cupcake!
I think I would send you an Internet slap if you would have turned it down ;)
I love, love, love those social media buttons - perfect!
#3 melts my heart every time I see it. You are a GEM (haha see what I did there?! ;))

Talk to you soon I'm sureeee :)
AND I can't forget, HAPPY FRIDAY!


Unknown said...

That is a Grasshopper cupcake is from Gigi's, yes? MY FAVORITE!

Michelle said...

I neeeeeed that cupcake! It's perfect! And those social media buttons...way to go! I need to make some. I say that, but I have no idea what I'm doing. At all.

I cracked up at your husband's comment! Mine is the same way and I love it.

P.S. I dig the francais.

Happy weekend!


Unknown said...

you can do it! blogging sounds hard - but you are doing great :)

Michelle @ The Vintage Apple said...

I just adore you L....Seriously. Can't wait to meet you in person!!!!!!!!!

undomestic mama said...

I think I gained weight just by looking at that cupcake! I would scarf it down so quick though. And, your husband sounds like a funny guy.

Laura said...

I would love to be able to make those social networking buttons! I haven't even made a button for my blog yet! Love your blog - Keep it up :)


Yvette | Classic Glam Blog said...

hi! nice blog! make sure to check mine out and follow if you like!

Best Wishes from, Classic+Glam

SeƱorita said...

Hi there :) Just stumbled upon your blog... Very nice :D That cupcake is insane. You are wise in not turning it down ;)

Chaos and Coffee said...

Um, I am thankful for YOU & I am LOVING those social media icons! Way to go chica!!

Kristen Victoria said...

Hey lady! Loving the new social media icons- nice job! :) I need to get myself in bed before midnight as well- I'm burning out quick! Hope you have a lovely week ahead :)

Katie said...

that cupcake looks awesome! And I'm impressive with the icons you made! Did you follow a tutorial? I need to make some and am not sure where to start!