Friday, February 10, 2012

High Five For Friday, No. 2

SHORT STORY: I love having weekends off.

VIP INSIDER STORY (read: LONG STORY): I've been at my job in Houston for almost eight months, and I still get giddy about having weekends off.  I've had an array of awesome and fun jobs, but they never guaranteed weekends off.  A brief history:
  • Singer/performer at SeaWorld
  • Promotions and entertainment for the San Diego Padres
  • Musical theatre
  • Designed community service events as a City Year corps member (One of the hardest but most rewarding jobs any 17- to 24-year-old could have)
  • Event coordination for Hotel Del Coronado (of Some Like It Hot fame)
  • Casting, training, and supervising performers and costume characters at SeaWorld (Hey, I came full circle on that one!)
While they were all extremely fun, not to mention great conversation starters, I never understood the joy of having weekends off.  (Sad!)

Let me just say that I love having weekends off!  I'm becoming known in my company as the one who wishes people a "Happy Friday Eve" on Thursdays.  I live for the countdown!  {The end.}

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I'm linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk to share my five highlights from the past week.

I cried tears of joyjoyjoy after getting the best possible health update about someone I love dearly.

Shout-out from Michelle of The Vintage Apple (How awesome is that?!)
I've received a good number of enthusiastic/positive/supportive e-mails, comments, and tweets from other bloggers.  AND I was highlighted on Texas Tanners on Tuesday.  Thank you, new friends!

Source: HERE
I watched the premiere of SMASH and fell in love.  It made my heart sing... in harmony.
I appreciate that they have actual musical theatre talent on the show.


I got the Liebster Blog award from Britney @ The Musings of a Twenty-Something Wife!  My post about that is to come this weekend.  Thanks, Britney!

I went to my first graduate school open house last Saturday.
I want to go to graduate school, so I'm doing my research!
Awkward moment: Watching both parents of a student lounging and closing their eyes during the Admissions presentation.  #embarrassingparents  <-- Yeah, that's Twitter speak.  I always swore I'd never have Twitter.  Talk about blogging broadening my horizons!

And because it's Friday, I'm also excited to link up with Hollie @ Hollie Takes Notes for Follow Friday #FF.  I can't wait to see how many new blogs I find!

Happy weekend-ing, y'all!


Unknown said...

You have had so many FUN jobs! :)

Liz said...

Omgee! You haven't got to enjoy weekends?! I don't believe it- I am only 22 and haven't have a 'real' job yet so you can maybe see where I'm coming from..I really hope you are embracing them!! Congrats on the awards and the shootouts! Have an amazing weekend!!

Unpublished Life said...

Hi there! Found your blog via Hollie's #FF link up and am a new follower!:)

Congrats on the Liebster Blog Award, I received one a few weeks back, it is so great to have the little thoughts and thinkings we write down be read and enjoyed by others... I can't wait to read more!!

Jess said...

Dang girl!
Your job list is crazy! Haha

I have to agree with Michelle!
You've become one of my daily reads :)
And I love our convos via twitter/email.

Have a wonderful, relaxing, super awesome weeeknd, okay?!


Unknown said...

Visiting from #FF and I love your blog! And I'm so jealous of your weekends right now. I work 40 hours plus do event coordination, so I pretty much work 7 days a week right now...{though hopefully I'll work full time for myself soon, so I'll have at least a few days off...}. So, congrats on getting time to yourself!

Good luck on the grad school research, and I'm heading over to follow you on Twitter now!


Sharde said...

having weekends off is the bomb! i used to have weekends off when i was a nanny, and it was awesome having two full days dedicated to whatever the hell I wanted it to be! I just followed your blog just for the pure fact that you're in houston. and you're pretty too- but I just moved from conroe/magnolia/thewoodlands to california, and i kinda miss it a little! :)

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