Friday, February 24, 2012

Dear Friday

Dear Friday,

I adore thee!  I respect you too much to sing anything like Rebecca Black's "Friday," so don't fret.  Instead, I'd like to just pull up a chair and share something with you.

I didn't do anything extravagant in the last seven days, and I'm okay with that.  It's been mediocre aside from the fact that my car was hit, and I have a crack in my windshield (separate incidents!).  But forget about that for now.  Today I'm writing about my five favorite things about the last week!

Needless to say, for this week's addition of Lauren's High Five For Friday, I've had to focus on the small, yet still important, things.  And I'm using German numbers this week in honor of my friend Dixie who lives in Vilseck and Mr. TBS who longs for his next trip to Germany.

Husband + Cats
You know how men can't seem to stay organized, cook, wash the dishes, or clean the house? 
. . . . .
That is NOT my husband.  I married the exception!  Every woman's dream!
I live this, people.  It's real!  #1 Husband Award goes to Mr. TBS!
And then we just cuddle the sweet life out of the kitties.  Perfection!

Starbucks Hot Chocolate Packets
Go to the grocery store and buy these now.  You're welcome.

Phone Dates
The best way to pass the time on a one-hour commute is to catch up with friends!

Mr. TBS and I realized that we don't even know when our favorite shows air.
We just watch them on DVR when they show up.  Thank you, DVR!  

March Sponsors!
There will be at least 11 awesome ads on my right side bar next month!
I'm gettin' legit, y'all (or so I'd like to believe).

Day of Fri, you are both the day I long for and the last thing holding me back from my weekend.  I appreciate you and all you stand for, but git outta here already!  (At least the 7:50am-6:15pm part.)  

With a most stern but loving kick in the pants,

P.S. This is me walking (read: running) away to my weekend.  See how happy I look?  No offense.



Emily @ Emmy June said...

My hubs is great with the domestic stuff too! Maybe they would be BBFF's also?!?! Although I can't quite picture them bonding over their domesticity.

Mr TBS: I'm so good at cleaning the bathroom.
J: Me too! I'm all like "what up bathroom, my b*tch."
Mr. TBS: Let's be BBFFs.

Yeahhhhh no.

Unpublished Life said...

Oh my goodness, yes! The clock cannot hit 17:30 soon enough!

It's the small things that make life so special. Well done on the choice of hubby ... a cleaning one at that!:)

Happy Friday!

Jess said...

Oh you are far past legit, my friend! ;)
And thank you, oh so much for sparing us from the Rebecca Black "song" - you are too kind!

Love all of these pictures of you - so happy :)

Need to buy those hot chocolate packets - I'm a sucker for sweet, hot drinks!

Happy FRIDAY, girl :)

Unknown said...

oh i love dvr :)

Michelle said...

Haha I have no idea when anything comes on too. The DVR is my bff.

And now I HAVE to find those Starbucks packets. It's all I can think about.


Aunie said...

Congrats on the new sponsor and THANK YOU in advance for telling me about the hot chocolate packets. En route to the store this evening for those bad boys.

Lisa @ MMT said...

Bummer about your car! Funny thing is while we were driving to get one of our cars fixed, a van went by and shot up a rock and cracked the windshield of our other car! This was a couple months ago, but we still haven't fixed it. Thought it might make you feel better to know it happens to everyone haha.

Yay for March sponsors! I hope I am one of them :)

Have a great weekend girlie!

Kristen Victoria said...

starbucks hot chocolate packets?! how could i not have known about this! i always take advantage of long car rides- hence the reason why i love bluetooth! great job getting sponsors girl- you definitely ARE legit! xo

Kristen Victoria said...

p.s. i realized i wasn't following- quickly corrected myself. i forget to follow sometimes because i rarely read blogs off my reader- i'm usually reading by visiting and returning comments! sorry bout that- i'm a bad blogger friend :(

Holly said...

Boooooo I so wish my supermarket sold Starbucks hot chocolates! :(

Unknown said...

I am following your blog with GFC
now follow back me with GFC too

Crissy@ABerrySweetLife said...

I'm going to HAVE to go get those Starbucks hot chocolate packets, especially if they taste anything like the kind you can get at Starbucks stores! Loving your blog! New follower!

Jenna // The Life of the Wife said...

I mean, how ELSE do I watch my shows other than on DVR? :)

Like everyone else said (you've started a trend) I am going to go get some of those packets!!

Mwaaah!! Love ya girl!

deertale said...

Love your friday post. I might have to copy and start making a list of good things throughout the week. Hope you had a good weekend! xoxo

Devon said...

I loved your list! I also love your proposal on twitter to make Tuesday more like Friday. :)