Monday, February 13, 2012

Clock Hands & Distant Smiles

The blogosphere is a-flutter with red, pink, hearts, chocolate, and all things Valentine's.  Truth be told, my husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day.  We never have!  But I fully support others who do if it makes them happy!  While many people scrambled for the perfect gift or got gussied up for dinner reservations, my weekend was full of clock hands and dates with friends in other time zones.

What better way start and end the weekend than "hanging out" with friends?  I love Skype! I think I should be the first Skype spokesperson.  

Mr. TBS and I unknowingly spent two hours in Chappell Jordan, an antique clock shoppe.  Ten display rooms with over 300 grandfather, desk, wall, and cuckoo clocks.  What music!  To look at German and Dutch grandfather clocks made 300 years ago and hear about how they ended up in this shop was so fascinating.  If I ever get my hands on a piece of history in the form of a grandfather or cuckoo clock, I'm never parting with it!

What kind of heirloom or antique piece would you love in your home?


Alana Christine said...

You should totally be the Skype spokeswoman!!
I have a cuckoo clock that my grandpa when he was stations overseas. But it stopped working a few years ago : (

justjeannettey said...

Omg I want a cuckoo clock so bad...all I want is my house to look like geppettos in Pinocchio...happy valentines to the Kudias!!!

Unpublished Life said...

Skype is brilliant. I have so many friends scattered all over the globe and it is so great to be able to see and speak to them for free (although I do have a theory that the government is listening in, but that's beside the point:)

I love antiques - a massive antique writing desk would be amazing (one with secret compartments with hidden papers and nuggets from previous owners)

Whitney said...

Your kitten is so pretty! Looks a lot like my little Susie :) I've never really been into antiques, but then again I've never really gone looking before!

Ivy of Weather Station said...

If ask ask what piece of antique I want at home, that would be an antique clock. How I love to see antique clock hanging in my homes wall.