Monday, January 16, 2012

Proof That I'm Making Progress, Y'all!

Today I'm thankful that I can successfully make it through back-to-back Pilates Ball and Vinyasa Flow yoga classes without falling over or passing out.  This is what progress looks like, baby!  I'm a sweaty monster after those 135 minutes, and it's amazing.

Favorite words: "Shaking is fear leaving the body."
-- Aline Houston (aka the best Vinyasa Flow instructor ever) at Your Body Center

I've never seen fear leave 20 bodies at once.  It's pretty crazy. 

Also, I can do the Side Crow pose...

Click to go to source: fitsugar

... and then she had me try the Scissor Legs Side Crow.

Click to go to source: fitsugar

That's when I lost my balance.  But I'm working on it!


Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

Congratulations on your yoga progress! You're right, it's crazy . . crazy-good! You're going to be as physically strong as Summer!

Leah said...

wow that is awesome girl! that's mean strenght right there!

Domesticable said...

that is awesome!!! You look great!