Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm moving!  Well, I'm not... but my blog is!

For the last month or so, I've thought about starting another blog in addition to this personal, private one.  I read so many blogs daily.  I've learned that the blogosphere really is a community, and it's hard to participate if one does not have a public blog.  It's like reading Facebook profiles without being able to comment, post, or "Like". And really, what fun is that?

Ultimately, I've decided to revamp "Being Mrs. K" and start using it as a public blog.  It will still be a lifestyle blog/journal, so I hope you'll continue to be a reader.  With that said, I'll be changing things around here:

Design (which I've already started fiddling with)

Possibly the title

Definitely the web address

Did you see that last one?  I'll definitely be changing the web address!

If you would like to follow me to my new blog home, please reach me by e-mail, text, call, comment on this post, or messenger pigeon.  I'll share the new web address with you as soon as I get it.  This change may happen as early as next week.

Cheers to my growing blog baby!


Anonymous said...

I am a 'follower'! Retain me on your list! Dad

Anonymous said...

Don't forget me!
~Aunt char