Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Letter On Conquering By luluLindsay

Dear adults of the world,

I generally think of myself as an outgoing and independent person.  Growing up, my dad would tell me that he was so proud of me for pursuing new activities on my own and not waiting for a friend to do it with me.  Those words have stuck with me and have even been that final "push" to try something new when I wanted to back out.  Why is it that we get more self-conscious as we get older?

My friend Leah loves all things entertainment, and she recently told me that she would have liked to take dance lessons when she was younger, but she's too nervous to start now.  "But whyyyyyy?!  It's so fun!"  That's easy for me to say when I grew up dancing.  What I didn't realize was I was sabotaging myself with a different activity.

Since my first yoga experience back in September, I've done very thorough research of nearby studios, their classes, and their pricing.  I've also hunted down a handful of free and donation-based classes.  One of these wonderful FREE weekly classes is hosted at lululemon athletica, or as I called it "Rich Girl Athletica".  It was the battle of "How could I pass up a free class?" vs. "You're going to stick out like a sore thumb."  (For the record, my wallet would shrivel up and die if I bought lululemon gear; however, that is no reflection of my desire to buy everything in the store.)  I actually told my friend Cory that I was too nervous to go.  "I'd feel like the new kid going to the pretty, popular girls' sleepover."  As a lululemon yogi in a different state, she gave me the same "you should go" speech I gave Leah.  Fast forward to last Thursday.  I sent Cory this text message: "I might be going to my first popular girl... I mean, lululemon yoga class on Saturday.  I just might."  With the same philosophy as this blog, once it's written, there's no going back!

I did it!  I went to lululemon yoga on Saturday, and it was a really good class.  Sure, everyone else appeared to be "regulars", and they all came with at least one friend, but I still had a good, challenging practice.  SO WORTH IT.  Why did I waste all those weekends finding reasons to go to a different place (and pay) or not work-out that day?  No more of that!

Conquer whatever it is you want to do, and free yourself of useless adult inhibitions.  And like my wise pops says, don't wait for a friend to do it with you.  Get your conquer on, y'all!  (And Leah, take a dance class if you want to!)

Signing off,

P.S. Patrons of lululemon, I'm sorry I prejudged you.  Can we be friends?


Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

I love lululemon wear. I've got the yoga socks, the flared capri, and tank. I'm so glad you found your yoga home!

Anonymous said...

Your message is a good reminder to all of us.......Carpe diem! Seize the day! A blog follower