Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fur Baby: Meet Boone

We adopted!  We didn't want Amelie to get lonely, and we wanted to get a young cat, so she could establish herself as the dominant cat.  And with so many animals up for adoption, we felt very strongly about giving another cat a great life with us.  I'd like to introduce to you...

5.5 months old
Incredibly adventurous
Loves to tackle (and cuddle with) Amelie
Eats... a lot

We changed his name to Boone (after Daniel Boone), because he is both an explorer and a hunter.  There is nothing cuter than watching this little guy walk around with a toy (his prey) in his tiny mouth.  And his little mew?  To die for!  He hasn't ruined a single piece of furniture, and he wiggled his way in Amelie's heart in a matter of days.  If you're a cat parent, you know that this is rare.  I call them "Mom-elie" and "Baby Booner".  It's a match made in Heaven.  Here's the proof.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the family - Boone Kudia! Grandpa Sablan

Erin Mottet said...

I think Auggie needs two more Skype buddies.

Anna {ramblyblog.com} said...

Congrats on the new family member!!! SO GREAT!!

ALSO, love love love the new look AND I want a link to your other new blog too ;)

love, Anna