Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I don't shop, I wander.  I love wandering through stores, especially the ones that have more than just clothes.  Do you know how much time I can spend in Target by myself?  Or a thrift store?  There are so many things to look at.  Although I inevitably eye 20 things I want, I'm the girl that usually walks out with nail polish or stationary.  (I prefer a paid off credit card to a new wardrobe -- which really cramps my style.  Pun intended.) 

Whole Earth Provision Co. is a short walk from our place, and it's been added to my wandering list.  Clothing, yoga mats, jewelry, toys, shoes, camping supplies, books, knick-knacks, and really random things that amuse me.  Faves from my last Whole Earth stroll:

And guess what I bought after an hour?  Nothing.  I was just happy to play in the store for awhile.  At least Scott doesn't have to worry about me taking extravagant shopping sprees!

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