Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Very Skype-y Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!  I've spent the last 26 Christmas eves with my mom's side of the family.  (Dad's side is Christmas day.)  This year is my first Christmas away, but Skype has come to the rescue again!

Today's events:
Mr. TBS made yummy veg food.
We bought more firewood.
We watched football.
We Skyped.
We took 10 million pictures of Amelie sleeping by the fire.
We drank apple cidar.
We watched "It's A Wonderful Life."

Without further ado, I give you holiday cheer via Skype!

My nephew pug joined in on the fun!

My bro and his girlfriend were working.  Boo!  But the rest of us had a jolly ol' time!

We temporarily became ages 3 and 7 again.  This happens often.

ME: Dad, I had some work done. / MR. K: I didn't want her to, but she's her own woman. / DAD: I... I mean... I need some time to process this.  You don't even look like yourself anymore.  Scott, how could you let this happen?

He was talking to my mom who was standing at the top of the stairs.  I looked up to see if I'd see my mom too.  I didn't.

My mom's ugly sweater for the contest at my aunt's house tonight.  Please note the white dove on the left shoulder and the ornaments at the bottom.  If she doesn't win the contest, we KNOW it was rigged.

Dear friends, I send many hugs to San Diego, Boulder, NYC, San Jose, Palm Springs, Haleiwa, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Virginia Beach, Spokane, Orange County, Boston, Waukesha, Philadelphia, and Vilsek, Germany.  (I think that's everyone that I know of who reads this.)  I wish you the happiest of Christmases.  I love you guys!  I am so grateful for family and friends like you!


Anonymous said...

I have to say the sweater wasn't THAT ugly... she borrowed it from me! Ya gotta love the kitty on it, yeah?
~Aunt Char

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

The kitty is cute. The dove and the ornaments? Hilarious!