Friday, December 23, 2011


Cat lovers -- come one, come all!  This was such a darling book.  It speaks to cat parents, and Cooper so clearly explains the shenanigans that only cat parents know.  I haven't read Marley & Me; I've only seen the movie, but I imagine that Homer is to "cat lovers" what Marley is to "dog lovers."

Side note: I watched Marley & Me two years ago when Scott was out of town for work, and I cried my eyes out.  Tolly was sitting on my lap on the couch, and I felt compelled to kiss him and tell him I loved him... over and over and over again.  Warning: Do not watch Marley & Me by yourself.

Cooper's story begins with the adoption of her third feline kid against her better judgment.  She was in no position financially to support a third cat, but Homer was a scraggly, blind kitten who would soon be euthanized.  No one believed that a poor, helpless, eyeless cat could have a life worth living, and in truth, I don't think anyone wanted to be responsible for a "special needs" cat.  Thus began the adventures and life lessons of loving and living with Homer.  Cooper's memoir recounts Homer's fearless  discoveries of new territories, his open-hearted approach to new people, and even his heroic encounter with a burglar.  Cooper's cats affected her life in ways that most single 20-somethings don't experience.  Having three cats determined where she lived, who she lived with, and how she "baby-proofed" her home.  (Balconies were not an option for a brave eyeless cat that inevitably jumped on and climbed everything.)

Through moving to new homes, four lay-offs, living in downtown Manhattan on 9/11, and integrating her future husband into "their life," Cooper looks back on how saving a "poor blind kitten" changed her life in such positive ways.  Homer taught her what it means to accept, forgive, tolerate, love, thrive, overcome, and grow.

If you're not a "cat person," I wouldn't recommend this book.  The references and minutiae of feline ways many not speak to you the same way it did to me.  But if you love animals, especially cats, give it a go!  I found myself giggling as I read page after page of cat-isms that I understand and observe in my own furry babes, Tolly and Amelie. 

And with that, I have officially finished my December book for one of my anytime-of-year resolutions!

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Isolde said...

I loved this book, too. And HUGE props for naming one of yours Amelie: that's the name I've picked for my future daughter! ~ Missy holland