Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Smoky Adventure

I used a fire extinguisher last night.  True story -- of the non-"E! True Hollywood" variety.

Yes, it is true.  One year ago, my job included being a safety trainer and teaching employees how to use a fire extinguisher, and I proved that I retained that knowledge! I remembered to PASS.

P ull the pin
A im at the base of the fire
S queeze the handle
S weep side-to-side

Erin, we may not have loved that part of the job, but aren't you proud of me?!  ;-)

When I got home last night, we were doing our usual "How was your day/What do you want for dinner/We need to buy _____/You are awesome at life/I know, right?" chatter.  (Okay, so I added the last two.)  Also included, the tale of my lame lunch.  And then I said,

"Can we light a fire?"  We continued our conversation as I opened the iron curtain of the fireplace.  He sat down next to me and grabbed the log and lighter.  I moved back, trying to give him more room to be centered in front of the fireplace.  The log was lit.  Yay!  Fire!  I moved to the edge of the couch, and we stared at the fire while we talked.  Two minutes later, I said,

"The smoke is coming out."  In retrospect, it's such a vague, stupid comment.
Duh, Linz.  It's a fire.  It makes smoke.
What I meant was "The smoke isn't going up the chimney; it's coming out of the fireplace!"  We immediately realized that we thought the other opened the damper.  He reached for the damper lever, and all of the times it could have gotten stuck on the inside of the frame, it was then.  Grrreeeaaat.  He wasted no time to say,

"Get the fire extinguisher!"  And then I saved the day, all of our possessions, the cats, and our lives  put out the completely tame fire in our hazy living room.  The next several minutes included smothering the fire alarm, opening the windows and front door, turning on three fans, and using cardboard to wave away the evidence.  Needless to say, we'll never forget to quadruple-check the damper.

Remember to PASS if you have to use a fire extinguisher!

My closing statement: "Whenever we light a fire, we stop what we're doing and ask who opened the damper."
His closing statement: "Well, now you have a story for your blog."

Yes, honey.  Yes, I do!


Ryan said...

That is so cool Lindsay! Way to be safety conscious. :-)

Anonymous said...

Bahahaha.......I'm glad eveyone is okay, but this is such a Sablan Sister moment that I am surprised I wasn't there......brings back memories of "The Tale of the 4 Exploding Hard-Boiled Eggs", and many more. Love you! Summ

Michelle said...

Hahaha!! My husband and I had this exact situation last fall. I had a total heart attack over it because we didn't have a fire extinguisher then. But husband saved the day and all was well :)

Marie @ Life is a Highway said...

Such a funny story, Linz! I smoked out the house, too. The entire downstairs was hazy with smoke. Gary and I had to open all the windows (and we have lots of windows) and the freezing cold air came in. It was not fun.